Merge pull request #241 from mochi/rebar3
[couchdb-mochiweb.git] /
2022-05-10  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #241 from mochi/rebar3 main v3.0.0
2022-05-10  Bob IppolitoUpdate
2022-05-06  Bob IppolitoStart on rebar3 support
2022-05-06  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #239 from mochi/minimum-otp-18
2022-05-06  Bob IppolitoSet minimum OTP to 18
2022-05-05  Nick VatamaniucMerge pull request #238 from nickva/use-shutdown-for... CouchDB-v2.22.0-1
2022-05-04  Nick VatamaniucUpdate changes log about the potential exit(normal...
2021-08-23  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #235 from mochi/automate-hex-publish v2.22.0
2021-08-23  Bob IppolitoAttempt to automate hex publish
2021-08-05  Bob IppolitoRename master to main
2021-06-07  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #232 from mochi/v2.21.0 v2.21.0
2021-06-07  Bob Ippolitov2.21.0 and try github actions
2020-02-03  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #228 from mochi/changes-v2.20.1 v2.20.1
2020-02-03  Bob IppolitoUpdate CHANGES for v2.20.1
2019-07-15  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #226 from mochi/otp-22 4/head v2.20.0
2019-07-15  Bob IppolitoUpdate CHANGES and add OTP 21.3, 22 to travis matrix
2019-03-04  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #213 from mochi/lego12239-master
2019-03-04  Bob IppolitoUse more direct translation of RFC 6265 grammar
2019-01-17  Bob IppolitoAdd missing issue URL to
2019-01-17  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #210 from mochi/otp-21.2 v2.19.0
2019-01-17  Bob IppolitoUpdate with release date
2019-01-16  Bob IppolitoNote this PR. Still have to wait a day for Travis-CI...
2019-01-15  Bob IppolitoUpdate vsn and CHANGES in prep for a release (waiting...
2018-05-12  Bob IppolitoUpdate for v2.18.0 v2.18.0
2017-08-12  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'master' of v2.17.0
2017-08-12  Bob IppolitoUpdate for v2.17.0
2016-12-19  Bob Ippolitov2.16.0 v2.16.0
2016-06-24  Bob IppolitoUpdate and version to v2.15.1 v2.15.1
2016-05-09  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'lego12239-master' v2.15.0
2016-05-09  Bob IppolitoUpdate for v2.15.0
2016-04-12  Bob Ippolitov2.14.0 v2.14.0
2016-04-12  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'master' of
2016-03-18  Bob Ippolitov2.13.2 v2.13.2
2016-03-13  Bob IppolitoFix mochiweb_html missing charref error #167
2016-02-09  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #165 from mochi/codepoint-to-bytes... v2.13.0
2016-02-09  Bob IppolitoSupport parsing UTF-16 surrogate pairs in mochiweb_html...
2015-09-09  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #159 from robertkowalski/bench-mochi
2015-09-09  Bob Ippolitoupdate changelog for #161
2015-08-31  Bob Ippolitoensure correct ordering of Set-Cookie output headers...
2015-08-31  Bob Ippolitoupdate CHANGELOG for #158
2015-02-21  Bob Ippolitoexit when setopts result is {error,closed} #152 v2.12.2
2015-02-01  Bob Ippolitoupdate CHANGES for v2.12.1 v2.12.1
2015-01-24  Bob Ippolitoupdate CHANGES for 2.12.1
2015-01-17  Bob Ippolitosend "Connection: close" header when the server is... v2.12.0
2015-01-16  Bob IppolitoFix range parsing regression introduced in #147 v2.11.2
2015-01-16  Bob Ippolitoupdate CHANGES for 2.11.1 v2.11.1
2015-01-16  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #147 from kuenishi/ku-range-fix
2015-01-12  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #145 from mochi/ssl-transport-accept v2.11.0
2015-01-12  Bob Ippolitomitigate SSL and emfile related conditions per #138
2015-01-11  Bob Ippolitoupdate CHANGES for 2.10.1 v2.10.1
2014-12-17  Bob Ippolitoupdate CHANGES for v2.10.0 #134 v2.10.0
2014-10-16  Bob Ippolitoupdate CHANGES and README for v2.9.2 #140 v2.9.2
2014-09-29  Bob Ippolitoupdate version to 2.9.1 v2.9.1
2014-06-24  Bob Ippolitoupgrade rebar to v2.5.0 and upgrade app template #131 v2.9.0
2014-01-03  Bob Ippolitoupdate CHANGES
2014-01-02  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'websocket' v2.8.0
2013-12-25  Bob Ippolitoupdate CHANGES and bump to 2.8.0
2013-08-01  Bob Ippolitoupdate CHANGES for v2.7.0 release v2.7.0
2013-08-01  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #87 from pmundkur/fix-zero-length...
2013-08-01  Bob Ippolitoadd some test coverage for #114
2013-08-01  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #114 from omarkj/decode_packet_support
2013-08-01  Bob Ippolitobring up to date
2013-05-29  Bob Ippolitochange stop from cast to call
2013-05-08  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'html-regr-110'
2013-05-06  Bob Ippolitobump version and CHANGES
2013-04-15  Bob Ippolitobump version to v2.6.0, make check_for_gen_tcp_fix... v2.6.0
2013-03-20  Bob Ippolitofix #105 with {branch, "master"} in skel
2013-03-15  Bob Ippolitoadd a base64url codec and use it in mochiweb_session
2013-03-07  Bob Ippolitonote mochiweb_session compatibility and reduce test...
2013-03-04  Bob Ippolitoupdate CHANGES and version for v2.5.0
2013-02-20  Dmitry DemeshchukMerge pull request #94 from lhft/master
2013-02-06  Bob Ippolitoupdate CHANGES, tag v2.4.2 v2.4.2
2013-01-30  Bob Ippolitotag v2.4.1 v2.4.1
2013-01-26  Bob Ippolitofix mochiweb_request regression #97
2013-01-24  Bob Ippolito#96 - mochifmt_records regression
2013-01-23  Bob Ippolitoupdate CHANGES and bump vsn to 2.4.0 v2.4.0
2012-12-15  Bob Ippolitoprep changelog for 2.4.0
2012-07-28  Bob Ippolitobump to 2.3.2, Case insensitive match for "Connection... v2.3.2
2012-03-31  Bob Ippolitoremove template_dir from rebar.config and update change... v2.3.1
2011-12-17  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'edoc-warning-gh63'
2011-12-17  Bob Ippolitofix edoc warnings
2011-12-17  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'html-amp-gh69'
2011-12-17  Bob Ippolitobump to 2.3.1 and fix & handling in mochiweb_html
2011-11-02  Bob Ippolitoadd garbage collect on keep-alive sockets
2011-10-15  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'html5-gh64' v2.3.0
2011-10-15  Bob Ippolitoversion bump
2011-08-31  Bob Ippolitoupdate CHANGES and version v2.2.1
2011-08-30  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'start-vs-start_link-gh58'
2011-08-30  Bob Ippolitoadd a, about time