Merge pull request #241 from mochi/rebar3
[couchdb-mochiweb.git] / Makefile
2022-05-10  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #241 from mochi/rebar3 main v3.0.0
2022-05-10  Bob Ippolitobuild is a phony target as well
2022-05-10  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #243 from nickva/rebar3-improvements
2022-05-09  Nick VatamaniucSimplify Makefile and update CI
2015-09-09  Bob Ippolitomove to the template instead
2015-09-09  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #159 from robertkowalski/bench-mochi
2015-07-28  Robert Kowalskiremove detached
2015-07-28  Robert Kowalskiadd benchmarking for mochiweb
2015-01-16  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #147 from kuenishi/ku-range-fix
2014-09-12  Christopher ZornMerge branch 'issue-135'
2014-09-12  Christopher Zornhave edoc build things before generating docs. re:...
2014-06-27  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #132 from tuncer/rebar-recursion
2014-06-27  Tuncer AyazMakefile: adapt rebar calls to new behavior
2014-06-24  Bob Ippolitoupgrade rebar to v2.5.0 and upgrade app template #131 v2.9.0
2013-08-01  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #87 from pmundkur/fix-zero-length...
2013-08-01  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #114 from omarkj/decode_packet_support
2013-07-30  Dmitry DemeshchukMerge pull request #116 from doubleyou/makefile-fix
2013-07-30  Dmitry DemeshchukMade all the targets phony
2011-03-02  David ReidMerge branch 'webmachine-compat'
2011-02-13  Bob IppolitoMerge remote branch 'jj1bdx/makefile-fix'
2011-02-13  Kenji Rikitakerebar commands fixed for make build_plt and make dialyzer
2010-12-17  Dmitry DemeshchukMerge branch 'master' of
2010-11-12  David ReidMerge branch 'rebarify-15688'
2010-11-12  David ReidRemove trailing whitespace
2010-11-12  Bob Ippolitoruns tests with skip_deps=true and cleaning .eunit
2010-11-12  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'master' into rebarify-15688
2010-11-11  David ReidIf we're going to hide rebar from the user for make...
2010-11-11  David ReidMerge branch 'master' into rebarify-15688
2010-11-11  David ReidBetter rebar templating support. Including makefile...
2010-10-18  David ReidLots of work on using rebar templates for creating...
2010-10-13  David ReidUse rebar to build and test mochiweb
2010-07-02  David ReidMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-06-22  Bob Ippolito
2010-06-07  Bob Ippolito.gitignore and Makefile fix
2010-01-18  Bob
2010-01-02  Bob Ippolitorefactor to use eunit, generate code coverage, update...
2009-02-16  Bob use...
2008-02-15  Bob Ippolitotest target for makefile
2007-12-18  Bob Ippolitoget rid of unused targets in the makefiles
2007-11-06  Matthew Dempskyfirst post