fix release date
[couchdb-mochiweb.git] / test / mochiweb_html_tests.erl
2017-08-12  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'master' of v2.17.0
2017-08-12  Ben OliveHandle missing closing tag for all empty elements ...
2016-04-12  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'master' of
2016-04-12  vvoznesenskymochiweb_html tags must start with a letter (#171)
2016-03-13  Bob IppolitoFix mochiweb_html missing charref error #167
2016-02-09  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #165 from mochi/codepoint-to-bytes... v2.13.0
2016-02-09  Bob IppolitoSupport parsing UTF-16 surrogate pairs in mochiweb_html...
2015-01-16  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #147 from kuenishi/ku-range-fix
2013-08-01  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #87 from pmundkur/fix-zero-length...
2013-05-08  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'html-regr-110'
2013-05-06  Bob Ippolitocreate <html> if we see a HTML5 doctype
2013-05-06  Bob Ippolitofailing test for #110
2013-05-06  Bob Ippolitomove tests into separate module