2010-11-12  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'master' into rebarify-15688
2010-11-12  Bob Ippolitobump version to 1.4.1 1.4.1
2010-11-12  Bob Ippolitoincrease time for cmd_port_test_spool to allow for...
2010-11-11  David ReidIf we're going to hide rebar from the user for make...
2010-11-11  David ReidMerge branch 'master' into rebarify-15688
2010-11-11  David ReidBetter rebar templating support. Including makefile...
2010-11-11  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'pu'
2010-11-11  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'accepts_content_type' into pu
2010-11-11  Adam Kocoloski5 minute default idle timeout
2010-11-10  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'pu'
2010-11-10  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'master' into pu
2010-11-10  Filipe David... Corrected comment and added more tests to mochiweb_util...
2010-11-10  Filipe David... Added mochiweb_request:accept_content_type/1 function.
2010-11-10  Bob Ippolitoedoc cleanup
2010-11-10  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'pu'
2010-11-10  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'master' into pu
2010-11-10  Jeroen KoopsFix for error in parsing particular incorrect singletons.
2010-11-09  Dmitry DemeshchukMerge branch 'master' of
2010-11-08  Filipe David... Corrected comment and added more tests to mochiweb_util...
2010-11-08  Filipe David... Added mochiweb_request:accept_content_type/1 function.
2010-11-02  Dmitry Demeshchuk{active, false} -> {active, once}
2010-11-01  Emad El-Haratyrun userdefined profile_fun for accept timing, handle...
2010-11-01  Emad El-Haratythis is going to be a lot of data, so we need to make...
2010-10-20  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'master' into pu
2010-10-20  Jeroen KoopsFix for parsing broken processing instructions.
2010-10-18  David ReidLots of work on using rebar templates for creating...
2010-10-13  David ReidUse rebar to build and test mochiweb
2010-10-13  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'pu'
2010-10-13  Jeroen KoopsFix for bug when parsing attributes without a name
2010-10-12  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'pu'
2010-10-12  Bob Ippolitofix vsn in pu
2010-10-12  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'pu'
2010-10-12  Bob Ippolitopass _ instead of empty string for make_app argument...
2010-10-12  Bob Ippolitotag 1.4.0 1.4.0
2010-10-12  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'master' into pu
2010-10-12  unknownFixes a bug when parsing an unquoted attribute value...
2010-10-12  Bob Ippolitoclear ?SAVE_BODY_LENGTH
2010-10-08  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'pu'
2010-10-08  Bob Ippolitotest for
2010-10-08  unknownThis is a fix for mochiweb_html:parse/1 getting in...
2010-09-29  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'pu'
2010-09-29  Peter LemenkovFix ambiguity when calling of overridden auto-imported...
2010-09-21  Bob Ippolitointeger-only frexp path, fix for github issue 10
2010-09-20  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'pu'
2010-09-20  Peter LemenkovSecure fdsrv invocation.
2010-09-19  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'pu'
2010-09-19  Richard Jonessupport get_modules request in socket_server, since...
2010-09-17  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'pu'
2010-09-17  Bob Ippolitotail call on timeout
2010-09-05  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'pu'
2010-09-05  jloremove redundant call to norm().
2010-09-05  jclopesMake tokenizer case insensitive. Output tokens in lower...
2010-09-05  Adam Kocoloskivalidate input strings containing escape characters
2010-08-23  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'pu'
2010-08-23  Filipe David... Use constants instead of hard-coded values.
2010-08-17  Peter LemenkovFix improper conversion from int to string (should...
2010-08-14  Bob Ippolitonotes about compatibility
2010-07-24  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'pu'
2010-07-24  Bob Ippolitofix implementation of
2010-07-23  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'pu'
2010-07-23  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'html-71' into pu
2010-07-23  Bob
2010-07-23  Bob
2010-07-18  Silas SilvaMake work on BSD systems
2010-07-12  Bob Ippolitoadd _test to gitignore
2010-07-12  Chris Andersontest and fix for json encoding of large integers
2010-07-12  Peter LemenkovFix for Erlang/OTP R14A
2010-07-02  David ReidMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-07-02  David ReidHandle enotconn when doing Req:get(peer)
2010-06-22  Bob Ippolito
2010-06-09  Bob
2010-06-09  Bob
2010-06-07  Bob Ippolito.gitignore and Makefile fix
2010-06-07  Bob Ippolitomochilogfile2 module
2010-05-21  Bob Ippolitore #13527 cmd_status should clean up port
2010-05-18  Bob Ippolitoadd back binary support to mochiweb_util:join/2
2010-05-17  Bob Ippolitochange nodelay default to false
2010-05-14  Bob Ippolitosvn merge
2010-05-10  Bob Ippolitoreload_modules/1
2010-05-10  Bob Ippolitoreloader:all_changed/0 reloader:is_changed/1
2010-05-07  Bob Ippolitoset vsn to 1.3
2010-05-07  Bob Ippolitouse for rebar tip compatibility
2010-04-29  Bob Ippolitore #13095
2010-04-22  Bob
2010-04-12  Bob (minor...
2010-04-03  Bob Ippolitoadd crypto and inets to the application list
2010-03-30  Bob
2010-03-30  Bob
2010-03-28  Bob Ippolitonew mochiglobal module to exploit sharing
2010-03-27  Bob Ippolitomore utf8 functionality
2010-03-27  Bob Ippolitomore coverage, new mochiutf8:codepoint_to_bytes/1
2010-03-25  Bob Ippolitomore coverage for mochiweb_html
2010-03-25  Bob Ippolitomore coverage for mochiweb_multipart
2010-03-25  Bob Ippolitomore refactoring, new mochitemp module for creating...
2010-03-24  Bob Ippolitoadd mochilists module and a few more tests
2010-03-22  Bob
2010-03-13  Bob Ippolitosanitize UTF-8
2010-02-26  Bob
2010-02-26  Bob
2010-02-19  Bob