2021-08-23  Bob IppolitoAttempt to automate hex publish
2021-08-05  Bob IppolitoRename master to main
2021-07-28  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #234 from noahshaw11/add-unquote... CouchDB-v2.21.0-1
2021-07-28  ncshawAdd unquote_path/1 for separate + encoding
2021-06-07  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #232 from mochi/v2.21.0 v2.21.0
2021-06-07  Bob Ippolitov2.21.0 and try github actions
2021-06-04  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #231 from noahshaw11/upgrade-crypto...
2021-06-01  ncshawUpgrade crypto functions to support OTP 23
2020-02-14  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #229 from mochi/fix-release
2020-02-14  Benoit Chesneaufix release number
2020-02-03  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #228 from mochi/changes-v2.20.1 v2.20.1
2020-02-03  Bob IppolitoUpdate CHANGES for v2.20.1
2020-02-03  Benoit Chesneauremove deprecated metadata
2019-07-15  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #226 from mochi/otp-22 4/head v2.20.0
2019-07-15  Bob IppolitoUpdate CHANGES and add OTP 21.3, 22 to travis matrix
2019-07-15  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #225 from djnym/support-samesite...
2019-07-12  Anthony Molinaroadd support for SameSite=none in cookies
2019-05-26  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #220 from penhs/master
2019-05-22  Bob IppolitoUse https for URLs in
2019-05-22  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #221 from mochi/fix-travis-build
2019-05-22  Bob IppolitoUse a matrix to get an older dist for old releases
2019-05-22  Bob IppolitoDebug Travis, it seems like older releases are not...
2019-05-22  penhsUpdate
2019-05-22  penhsUpdate
2019-03-12  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #215 from mochi/remove-tuple-calls
2019-03-12  Bob IppolitoRun erl_tidy on modified source files
2019-03-12  Bob IppolitoRemove compile(tuple_calls) from test/mochiweb_request_...
2019-03-12  Bob IppolitoRemove compile(tuple_calls) from test/mochiweb_tests
2019-03-12  Bob IppolitoRemove compile(tuple_calls) from test/mochiweb_websocke...
2019-03-12  Bob IppolitoRemove compile(tuple_calls) from test/mochiweb_http_tests
2019-03-11  Bob IppolitoRemove compile(tuple_calls) from examples/keepalive
2019-03-11  Bob IppolitoRemove compile(tuple_calls) from examples/https_store
2019-03-11  Bob IppolitoRemove compile(tuple_calls) from examples/hmac_api
2019-03-11  Bob IppolitoRemove compile(tuple_calls) from the template
2019-03-11  Bob IppolitoRemove compile(tuple_calls) from mochiweb_websocket
2019-03-11  Bob IppolitoRemove compile(tuple_calls) from mochiweb_response
2019-03-11  Bob IppolitoRemove compile(tuple_calls) from mochiweb_request
2019-03-09  Bob IppolitoRemove compile(tuple_calls) from mochiweb_multipart
2019-03-09  Bob IppolitoRemove compile(tuple_calls) from mochiweb_http
2019-03-09  Bob IppolitoRemove compile(tuple_calls) from mochiweb_acceptor
2019-03-09  Bob IppolitoRemove compile(tuple_calls) from mochifmt
2019-03-04  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #213 from mochi/lego12239-master
2019-03-04  Bob IppolitoUse more direct translation of RFC 6265 grammar
2019-03-04  Oleg Nemanovfix cookie value parsing
2019-01-17  Bob IppolitoAdd missing issue URL to
2019-01-17  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #210 from mochi/otp-21.2 v2.19.0
2019-01-17  Bob IppolitoUpdate with release date
2019-01-16  Bob IppolitoNote this PR. Still have to wait a day for Travis-CI...
2019-01-16  Bob IppolitoConfirmed that 21.2.3 is compatible
2019-01-15  Bob IppolitoUpdate vsn and CHANGES in prep for a release (waiting...
2019-01-15  Bob IppolitoUpdate
2019-01-15  Bob IppolitoAdd a runtime SSL compatibility check for OTP 21 releases
2019-01-12  Bob IppolitoConditional ssl:handshake/2
2019-01-10  Bob IppolitoUse ssl:handshake/2 unconditionally to see when it...
2019-01-10  Bob IppolitoAdd 21.1 and 21.2 to otp_release matrix
2018-12-18  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #208 from nickva/add-buffer-setting
2018-12-13  Nick VatamaniucAllow setting {buffer, Buffer} socket server option
2018-12-03  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #206 from lego12239/master
2018-12-03  Oleg Nemanovadd map support for mochijson2:decode/2
2018-09-26  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #205 from choptastic/exit_if_inval
2018-09-26  Jesse GummDon't crash of a socket is closed server side
2018-09-26  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #204 from nickva/fix-erlang-21-compa...
2018-09-25  Nick VatamaniucFix Erlang 21 compatibility
2018-09-22  Robert NewsonAdd support for SameSite cookie setting (#203)
2018-07-24  Benoit Chesneauadd OTP 21 to CI
2018-07-24  Benoit ChesneauMerge pull request #198 from gdamjan/master
2018-06-25  Дамјан Георгиевскиadd tuple_calls compiler flag for erlang 21
2018-05-12  Bob IppolitoUpdate for v2.18.0 v2.18.0
2018-05-12  GeraldXvAdd the Shared Address Space address range (#193)
2017-08-12  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'master' of v2.17.0
2017-08-12  Bob IppolitoUpdate for v2.17.0
2017-08-12  Ben OliveHandle missing closing tag for all empty elements ...
2017-08-12  Robert NewsonSend 400 Bad Request if request line exceeds recbuf...
2017-08-12  Bob Ippolitoremove remaining export_all
2017-08-12  Bob IppolitoGetong erlang 20 fix (#192)
2016-12-19  Bob Ippolitov2.16.0 v2.16.0
2016-12-19  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'TheProductWorks-map_support_on_json_parsing'
2016-12-19  Bob IppolitoRefactor #184 for less redundant code
2016-12-19  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'map_support_on_json_parsing' of git:...
2016-12-18  kyletrueexadding the other RFC1918 addresss space to the allowed...
2016-12-17  Máté MarjaiAdded conditional map support for mochijson2:encode.
2016-06-24  Bob IppolitoUpdate and version to v2.15.1 v2.15.1
2016-06-24  Bob IppolitoAdd Erlang 19.0 to travis test matrix
2016-06-24  Umberto CorponiFix otp19 deprecation (#177)
2016-06-18  Benoit ChesneauMerge pull request #176 from benoitc/master
2016-06-18  benoitcadd metadata for mochiweb
2016-05-09  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'lego12239-master' v2.15.0
2016-05-09  Bob IppolitoUpdate for v2.15.0
2016-04-27  Oleg NemanovRemove duplicate slashes from an uri path.
2016-04-27  Oleg NemanovAdd normalize_path/1 function to mochiweb_util.
2016-04-12  Bob Ippolitov2.14.0 v2.14.0
2016-04-12  Bob IppolitoMerge branch 'master' of
2016-04-12  vvoznesenskymochiweb_html tags must start with a letter (#171)
2016-03-18  Bob Ippolitov2.13.2 v2.13.2
2016-03-18  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #169 from mochi/mochijson2-utf8...
2016-03-18  Bob Ippolitomochijson2: fix utf8 edge case in #168, use unicode...
2016-03-13  Bob IppolitoUpdate travis config v2.13.1
2016-03-13  Bob IppolitoFix mochiweb_html missing charref error #167
2016-02-09  Bob IppolitoMerge pull request #165 from mochi/codepoint-to-bytes... v2.13.0
2016-02-09  Bob IppolitoSupport parsing UTF-16 surrogate pairs in mochiweb_html...