2018-11-14  Glynn Birdprepare for 7.1.1 (#133) master
2018-11-14  码日光Fix doc errors (#132)
2018-11-14  Sam SmithPass request agent to cloudant-follow (#128)
2018-11-14  Sam SmithOnly return Promise from `headDoc` when no callback...
2018-10-03  Frederik RingFix typo in README code samples (#125)
2018-09-18  Glynn Bird7.1.0
2018-08-21  Glynn Birdremoved spatial function - fixes issue #103 (#117)
2018-08-20  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate anchor tags to attachments documentation (#115)
2018-08-20  Glynn BirdStandard linter (#116)
2018-08-14  necipallefFIX update handler example code fixes #110 (#111)
2018-08-14  jlamiSome typescript fixes (#108)
2018-08-14  Jan Lehnardtfeat: remove endswith dependency in favour of ES6 Strin...
2018-08-14  Jan Lehnardtwip: stop depending on tape-it (#105)
2018-08-14  Glynn BirdPrevent callback users seeing Promise rejections (...
2018-07-24  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #80 from adamsaeid/multi-view-queries
2018-07-24  Glynn BirdPromise support for Nano - Issue 98 (#102)
2018-07-23  Adam SaeidFix merge conflicts for #80 80/head
2018-07-02  Glynn BirdFix JSON.stringify of start_key & end_key alias paramet...
2018-07-02  Glynn Birdclone user-supplied query string object prior to mutati...
2018-07-02  Glynn Birdadd TypeScript definition in this repo - issue #77...
2018-07-02  Glynn Birdfix link to cloudant-follow in the as per...
2018-07-02  Piotr ZarzyckiFix documentation url related to Attachment (#99)
2018-06-26  Piotr ZarzyckiFix in README name of the returned array when using...
2018-06-26  Thomas ToyeUpdate link to CouchDB bulk API documentation (#91)
2018-06-26  Adam Saeid(#70) Return error if db.get() called with no docName...
2018-05-14  Glynn Bird6.4.4 v6.4.4
2018-05-14  Rich Ellis63 update engine (#87)
2018-05-14  David HallsUpdate cloudant-follow to bring in fix for Node 9.8...
2018-03-22  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #83 from ricellis/multipart-accept
2018-03-22  Rich EllisMultipart get should Accept multipart/related 83/head
2018-03-11  Adam SaeidAdd tests for PR #56 (support multiple query view)
2018-03-08  Dain LiffmanAdded support for multiple view queries
2018-02-27  Garren Smithremove underscore and use lodash.isEmptry instead
2018-02-27  Garren Smithupdate travis.yml file
2018-02-27  garren smithadd basic license details (#75)
2018-02-27  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #74 from apache/release-notes
2018-02-27  Garren Smithadd notes on how to release 74/head
2018-02-27  Garren Smith6.4.3 v6.4.3
2018-02-27  garren smithUpdate cloudant-follow and request (#73)
2018-02-23  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #57 from jekrb/patch-1
2018-02-23  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #62 from apache/requestver
2018-02-23  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #64 from affinespaces/patch-1
2018-02-23  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #69 from xMartin/patch-1
2018-02-23  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #72 from angelodlfrtr/index_method
2018-02-12  Angelo DelefortrieFix table links in 72/head
2018-02-12  Angelo DelefortrieAdd couchdb 2.* index support
2017-11-20  xMartinfix typo in README example 69/head
2017-10-02  Hugo SaavedraUpdate 64/head
2017-09-25  Glynn Birdfix request dependenct to ~2.81.0 to avoid later versio... 62/head
2017-09-20  Glynn Bird6.4.2 v6.4.2
2017-09-20  LoayUse cloudant-follow (#60)
2017-09-20  Glynn Bird6.4.1 6.4.1 v6.4.1
2017-09-20  Glynn Bird6.4.0 mismatch
2017-09-19  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #51 from apache/feat/cloudant-follow
2017-07-20  Jacob Burdenremove extra apostrophe 57/head
2017-07-05  Jan Lehnardtfeat: switch from follow to cloudant-follow, which... 51/head
2017-07-04  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #50 from apache/feat/find
2017-07-04  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #39 from slang800/remove-version...
2017-07-04  Jan Lehnardtfeat: add _find 50/head
2017-07-04  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #49 from apache/fix/happy
2017-07-04  Jan Lehnardtfix: happier language 49/head
2017-07-04  Jan Lehnardtchore: whitespace
2017-05-31  Glynn Birdcapitalised sentences, acronymns and added a note about...
2017-05-18  Garren Smith6.3.0 v6.3.0
2017-05-18  Joan TouzetAdd/update contribution guidelines, issue/PR templates...
2017-05-18  Glynn Birdremove unsupported versions of Node.js. (#45)
2017-04-08  Sean Langremove version and path export 39/head
2017-03-29  Tanner(#38) - Updated documentation for clarification
2017-03-02  Carlos Manuel... Adding replication using the "_replicator" database
2017-02-11  idearatEnsure 'qs' is real whenever qs will be manipulated. 5/head
2017-01-17  Glynn BirdNano improvements
2017-01-11  Dominic Barnesadd reference to server in doc scope 3/head
2016-10-27  Glynn Birdensure CouchDB 2.0 Docker is stopped after each test run 1/head
2016-10-27  Glynn Birdmodify tests to work mocked and unmocked with CouchDB...
2016-10-26  phil manijakUpdate express.js example for nano 6 and express 4
2016-10-26  Rami AliaValidate docName parameter to avoid db delete
2016-10-26  Chris Taylorct: Fix mocks.
2016-10-26  Chris Taylorct: Allow body to be optional in db.atomic.
2016-10-26  Chris Taylorct: Test for optional body in db.atomic
2016-10-26  André CruzEnsure fetch params is optional, fixes #319.
2016-10-26  André CruzAdd doc.
2016-10-26  Brian DelahuntyUpdate
2016-10-26  Pedro Narciso... removed the osx target since it is not supported by...
2016-10-26  Pedro Narciso... Test with 4.2 (LTS) and 5.5 (Stable)
2016-10-26  Glynn Birdmodified tests to work with latest dependencies and...
2016-10-26  Glynn Birdfix mocked tests
2016-10-26  Glynn Birdversion bump for dependencies
2016-01-20  Jason Smith... Fix links to the new project home; closes #119
2015-10-22  Jason SmithEncode search parameters which must be JSON-encoded v6.2.0
2015-10-22  Jason SmithWorking on v6.2.0
2015-09-13  Jason SmithMerge remote-tracking branch 'glynnbird/scrubauth'...
2015-09-20  Jason SmithNano is now the official CouchDB client!
2015-09-20  Jason SmithSet the project author to the CouchDB project
2015-09-20  Jason SmithRemove pre-commit requirements
2015-09-10  Glynn Birdscrub authentication details from the error response
2015-08-17  Johannes J... Correct link for request
2015-08-11  Jason Smith... Correct links and docs for Follow
2015-08-03  Johannes J... 6.1.5 v6.1.5
2015-08-03  Johannes J... Webpack support
2015-06-29  Johannes J... 6.1.4 v6.1.4