2011-06-23  Tim FletcherCombine modules and refactor
2011-06-23  Tim FletcherMove oauth_client module to
2011-01-29  Tim FletcherBump version to 1.1.1.
2011-01-29  Tim FletcherUse correct request parameter normalization algorithm.
2011-01-29  Tim FletcherUpdate copyright date.
2011-01-24  Tim FletcherBump version to 1.1.0; at least R14B now required for...
2011-01-24  Tim FletcherList public_key application in .app file.
2011-01-24  Tim FletcherMerge branch 'r14b'
2010-11-26  Tim FletcherUp version to 1.0.2.
2010-11-26  Tim FletcherAdd THANKS.
2010-11-26  Tim FletcherUse public_key-0.8 API (R14B).
2010-11-26  Tim FletcherFold oauth_unix module into oauth module.
2010-11-26  Tim FletcherFix formatting of exports (be consistent).
2010-11-26  Tim FletcherAllow httpc options to be passed through.
2010-11-26  Tim FletcherMove .app file to ebin; update Makefile.
2010-11-26  Tim FletcherCall this 1.0.1; update the .app file.
2010-11-26  Jan LehnardtAllow parsing of requests with no OAuth headers.
2010-06-25  Tim FletcherUse httpc module instead of http module.
2009-10-06  Tim FletcherMention that percent encoding/decoding functions are...
2009-10-06  Tim FletcherAdd improved implementation of percent encoding/decodin...
2009-09-26  Tim FletcherMove compile options to Emakefile; simplify Makefile.
2009-09-26  Tim FletcherFix oauth_client for missing content type response...
2009-09-26  Tim FletcherAdd option for sending protocol parameters in either...
2009-09-26  Tim FletcherAdd gen_server based oauth_client module.
2009-07-19  Tim FletcherREADME updates.
2009-07-19  Jason DaviesAdd handy params_from_header_string/1.
2009-07-19  Jason DaviesFix suspected bug in PLAINTEXT signature.
2009-06-04  Roberto AloiSpecifying version key, to help automatic building...
2009-03-20  Tim FletcherUse the public_key API; not the helper modules.
2009-03-14  Tim FletcherFix README quick start prompt numbering.
2009-03-14  Tim FletcherLowercase the host part when normalising URI.
2009-02-25  Tim FletcherUpdate README.
2009-02-25  Tim FletcherMove signature verification code into helper modules.
2009-02-25  Tim FletcherRemove oauth_signature from module list.
2009-02-25  Tim FletcherAdd signature verification.
2009-02-25  Tim FletcherRSA-SHA1 keys are the consumer secret.
2009-02-25  Tim FletcherIntegrate oauth_signature module with oauth module.
2009-01-26  Tim FletcherUse correct HTTP method in oauth:post/5.
2009-01-13  Tim FletcherRemove old test macros.
2009-01-13  Tim FletcherUpdate README.
2009-01-13  Tim FletcherUpdate copyright date.
2009-01-13  Tim FletcherAdd an application resource file.
2009-01-13  Tim FletcherAdd rewritten code.
2009-01-13  Tim FletcherRemove the test code.
2009-01-13  Tim FletcherSimplify the Makefile.
2008-12-12  Tim FletcherDon't autoredirect.
2008-11-07  Tim FletcherUpdate README.
2008-11-07  Tim FletcherAdd Google contacts example.
2008-11-07  Tim FletcherRemove unused proplists_merge.
2008-11-07  Tim FletcherAdd support for RSA-SHA1 signing.
2008-11-07  Tim FletcherFix Makefile so that test modules recompile when changed.
2008-11-07  Tim FletcherCombine oauth_hmac and oauth_plaintext into oauth_crypto.
2008-11-07  Tim FletcherRework oauth_request (again).
2008-11-07  Tim FletcherAdd oauth_base module.
2008-11-06  Tim FletcherRemove oauth_http.
2008-11-06  Tim FletcherRework oauth_request.
2008-11-06  Tim FletcherRework oauth_token_pair.
2008-11-06  Tim FletcherIntegrate oauth_signature with oauth_request.
2008-11-06  Tim FletcherMove proplists_merge into oauth_util.
2008-11-06  Tim FletcherRework oauth_params.
2008-11-06  Tim FletcherRework oauth_plaintext to use oauth_util:esprintf.
2008-11-06  Tim FletcherAdd oauth_util:esprintf/2.
2008-11-06  Tim FletcherRemove b64 function.
2008-11-06  Tim FletcherSimplify normalize by adding to_string function.
2008-11-06  Tim FletcherImport fmt:percent_encode.
2008-11-06  Tim FletcherAdd oauth_uri module.
2008-11-06  Tim FletcherMake export attribute style consistent.
2008-11-06  Tim FletcherDefault to application/x-www-form-urlencoded in oauth_h...
2008-11-06  Tim FletcherMove test code to separate directory; rework Makefile.
2008-11-06  Paul Bonserturn atoms into strings before sorting, since erlang...
2008-11-06  Paul Bonserbuild the header in http:request format
2008-11-05  Paul Bonserskip test code
2008-10-23  Tim FletcherRemove .gitignore file.
2008-10-23  Tim FletcherAssorted Makefile tweaks.
2008-10-23  Tim FletcherUse correct capitalization for Emakefile.
2008-08-26  Tim FletcherEnsure there is never an empty URI path component when...
2008-08-24  Tim FletcherAdd oauth_http module.
2008-08-24  Tim FletcherStyle tweak.
2008-08-24  Tim FletcherDon't convert response parameter keys to atoms.
2008-08-24  Tim FletcherUpdate README.
2008-08-24  Tim FletcherAdd new oauth_token_pair module.
2008-08-24  Tim FletcherExtract another module from oauth_request.
2008-08-24  Tim FletcherDon't use atoms to represent the HTTP method at all.
2008-08-24  Tim FletcherThe oauth_request module shouldn't need to know about...
2008-08-24  Tim FletcherReplace oauth_params:explode with call to string:tokens.
2008-08-24  Tim FletcherRefactor into more modules.
2008-08-13  Tim FletcherSwitch to using eunit for the unit tests.
2008-06-22  Tim FletcherSmall correction to the README.
2008-06-22  Tim FletcherFix broken post functions.
2008-06-22  Tim FletcherAdd functions for extracting actual token and token...
2008-06-15  Tim FletcherRemove implode/2; use string:join/2 instead.
2008-06-15  Tim FletcherFix bug in URL generation.
2008-05-20  Tim FletcherFix typo.
2008-05-16  Tim FletcherAdd functions for generating an Authorization header.
2008-05-16  Tim FletcherInitial commit.