2018-05-28  Joan Touzetdeb: Add bionic repo definition
2018-05-28  Joan TouzetStop removing js pkgs for centos7
2018-05-28  Joan Touzetrpm: remove erlang version pinning
2018-05-28  Joan TouzetRemove shunit2 dependency, add bionic
2018-05-28  Joan TouzetUse our own couch-js/couch-libmozjs185 pkgs
2018-05-27  Joan Touzetremove 32-bit symbols
2018-05-27  Joan Touzetrename debian control files correctly
2018-05-26  Joan TouzetUse gz compression for bintray's sake
2018-05-25  Joan TouzetUnify SpiderMonkey1.8.5 build across .deb and .rpm
2018-05-25  Joan TouzetDon't bother with JIT tests on Debian
2018-05-24  Joan TouzetMove rpm js build to new js directory
2018-05-19  Joan Touzetbump JS_VERSION
2018-05-19  Joan TouzetAdd platform suffix for Debian js pkg
2018-05-19  Joan TouzetFix js debian control file
2018-05-17  Joan TouzetAdd support to build libmozjs185 on debian with our...
2017-12-03  Joan TouzetApply changes from apache/couchdb#446
2017-11-09  Joan Touzetdebian: fix typo
2017-11-07  Joan TouzetEliminate duplicate symlink, fixes #7
2017-11-07  Joan TouzetAdd stretch, fix precise
2017-10-14  Joan Touzetdebian: fix lintian error on lsb-base dependency
2017-10-14  Joan Touzetdebian: Allow either esl-erlang or erlang-dev split...
2017-10-13  Joan TouzetAdd support for Debian 9 (stretch)
2017-07-27  Joan TouzetRefine snap build process
2017-07-27  Joan TouzetREADME typo
2017-07-27  Joan TouzetAdd script to build all packages for a release
2017-07-21  Joan TouzetSupport use of fake libmozjs185 pkg in automated pkg...
2017-07-20  Joan TouzetDo not create build directory in ~
2017-07-19  Joan TouzetFix trusty/precise repo definitions
2017-07-19  Joan TouzetAdd support for repository building
2017-07-14  Joan TouzetUse $VERSION for version name (RPM); append -platform...
2017-07-13  Joan TouzetRemove js-185 packages on CentOS 7
2017-07-13  Joan TouzetFixes for Ubuntu 14.04 pkg builds
2017-07-13  Joan TouzetMakefile.nightly -> Makefile
2017-05-20  Joan TouzetAdd/update contribution guidelines, issue/PR templates...
2017-05-18  Joan Touzetreally stop using hipe for snap-builds
2017-05-18  Joan TouzetDrop HiPE dependency (unused by CouchDB) for snap build
2017-05-15  Joan TouzetRestart=always for systemd
2017-05-07  Joan TouzetRemove 2.0.0 patches (all on master)
2017-05-06  Joan TouzetAdd RPM support, top-level Makefile 2.0.0
2017-04-25  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #4 from apache/debian_2.0
2017-04-23  Joan Touzetinitial debian/ubuntu 2.0 support 4/head
2017-04-17  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #3 from mhall119/add-snap-packaging
2017-04-17  Michael HallUpdate header description for snap_run 3/head
2017-04-17  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #2 from mhall119/add-snap-packaging
2017-04-17  Michael HallAdd APL header to snap/snap_run 2/head
2017-04-07  Michael HallAdd snap packaging that was previously in the main...
2017-04-05  Joan TouzetCreate
2017-04-05  Joan TouzetAdd initial LICENSE, .gitignore