2012-11-12  Dave SmithBumping to 2.1.0-pre 2.1.0-pre
2012-11-12  Dave SmithMerge pull request #15 from rebar/dss-restore-ports
2012-11-11  Dave SmithRestore support for so_name, port_envs and port_sources
2012-11-11  Dave SmithMerge pull request #14 from tuncer/fix-list-keysort...
2012-11-10  Tuncer AyazFix Dialyzer warning in rebar:run/2
2012-11-10  Tuncer Ayazrebar_erlydtl_compiler: fix incorrect lists:keysort...
2012-11-10  Dave SmithMerge pull request #328 from saleyn/depcheck
2012-11-10  Dave SmithMerge pull request #327 from saleyn/erlydtl_compiler
2012-11-06  Dave SmithExpose Erlang API for invoking rebar
2012-11-05  Dave SmithAdd comment to explain why we're using sub_dirs by...
2012-11-05  Daniel LunaAdd all subdirs to xref library path
2012-11-05  Daniel LunaAdd email address to my name
2012-11-01  Dave SmithMerge pull request #5 from tuncer/zsh-typos
2012-11-01  Dave SmithMerge branch 'master' of
2012-11-01  Tuncer Ayazzsh completion: fix typos
2012-11-01  Dave SmithMerge pull request #293 from Motiejus/skip_deps
2012-11-01  Dave SmithMerge pull request #4 from shkumagai/feature/add-zsh...
2012-11-01  Arjan Scherpenissect: skip instead of halt on missing/unknown suite
2012-11-01  Shoji KUMAGAIAdd zsh completion script
2012-10-31  Dave SmithUpdate travis-ci link.
2012-10-31  Dave SmithUpdating .travis.yml for new primary repo
2012-10-31  Dave SmithVarious updates for README to reflect new home for...
2012-10-31  Dave SmithMerge remote-tracking branch 'basho/master'
2012-10-31  Dave SmithMerge pull request #243 from evanmcc/pevm_min_otp_version
2012-10-29  Dave SmithMerge pull request #1 from tuncer/ta-old-arch_string
2012-10-29  Tuncer AyazRevert arch string changes
2012-10-25  Serge AleynikovFix erlydtl dependency check
2012-10-22  Tuncer AyazAdd Magnus Henoch to THANKS
2012-10-22  Magnus HenochFix rebar_base_compiler:format_errors/3 for errors...
2012-10-22  Serge AleynikovMade more readable printout of the erlydtl compiler...
2012-10-22  Serge AleynikovSpecify multiple locations of DTL template files
2012-10-21  Dave SmithMerge pull request #217 from alavrik/raw_deps_new
2012-10-21  Dave SmithAdding Serge Aleynikov to THANKS
2012-10-20  Dave SmithMerge pull request #325 from saleyn/reltool
2012-10-20  Dave SmithMerge pull request #326 from saleyn/hostname_var
2012-10-20  sergeFix return value of rebar:overlay/2
2012-10-19  sergeAdd hostname variable to reltool overlay templates
2012-10-11  Anton LavrikAdd support for non-Erlang/OTP (raw) dependencies
2012-10-03  Tuncer Ayazrebar_edoc: use correct proplist() type (Reported-by...
2012-10-03  Dave Smithnoshell/noinput should NOT be the default emulator...
2012-09-28  Tuncer AyazFix whitespace errors
2012-09-28  Tuncer AyazAdd Martin Schut to THANKS file
2012-09-28  Martin Schutdeps: add fossil scm support
2012-09-26  Tuncer AyazFix fprof use (-p/--profile)
2012-09-21  Tuncer AyazRevert 15b7798e4 and restore old git-describe call
2012-09-20  Tuncer AyazAdd Daniel White to THANKS file
2012-09-20  Dave SmithMerge pull request #316 from danielwhite/document-rsync...
2012-09-20  Daniel WhiteDocument availability of rsync for fetching deps in...
2012-09-15  Tuncer Ayazrebar_deps: fix whitespace errors
2012-09-15  Yurii RashkovskiiRestore ability to specify deps_dir on the command...
2012-09-13  Shunichi Shinoharaeunit: analyze coverage only for cover compiled modules
2012-09-13  Daniel Lunaxref: allow multiple behaviours and ignore_xref pragmas
2012-09-07  Eric MerrittAllow script to be evaluated when app file is loaded
2012-09-05  Tuncer AyazUse R15B02 EUnit {test,M,F} primitive as suggested...
2012-09-04  joewilliamsCorrectly use release_handler:create_RELEASES
2012-09-04  Tuncer AyazUpdate custom xref query
2012-09-03  Tuncer AyazAdd Ryan Zezeski to THANKS file
2012-09-03  Ryan ZezeskiPass compile flags to protobuffs
2012-09-03  Tuncer AyazFix inttest/ct2 ct spec file location (Thanks Peter...
2012-09-03  Tuncer Ayazinttest/ct2: enable rebar DEBUG log level
2012-09-03  Tuncer Ayazrebar_ct: ?DEBUG log ct_run command
2012-09-02  Tuncer Ayazrebar_ct: do not export variable from case
2012-09-01  Tuncer AyazUpdate port_env for Mountain Lion (Noticed-by: Tony...
2012-09-01  Tuncer AyazComment eunit_test:function_wrapper/2 TODO
2012-08-31  Tuncer AyazUpdate custom xref query (eunit_test calls)
2012-08-31  Tuncer Ayazrebar_eunit: adapt to R15B02 changes
2012-08-30  Tuncer Ayazrebar_reltool: remove blank lines
2012-08-30  Tuncer AyazAdd Dmitriy Kargapolov to THANKS file
2012-08-30  Dmitriy KargapolovAdd dynamic .script support for overlay vars file
2012-08-30  Tuncer AyazAdd Markus Nasman to THANKS file
2012-08-30  Markus NäsmanStop cover server between eunit runs for speed
2012-08-22  Tuncer AyazFix whitespace error in rebar_eunit
2012-08-22  Tuncer AyazFix whitespace errors in rebar_ct and rebar_eunit
2012-08-20  Tuncer AyazCleanup and comment
2012-08-20  Roberto OstinelliFix tests= option not running generator tests
2012-08-20  Roberto OstinelliAdd experimental tests= filter without eunit suites
2012-08-19  Tuncer AyazFix #295 (consider *_SUITE.beam in ct skip check)
2012-08-18  Tuncer Ayazinttest: remove superfluous blank lines
2012-08-18  Tuncer Ayazinttest: fix whitespace errors
2012-08-18  Tuncer AyazAdd Joe DeVivo to THANKS file
2012-08-18  Tuncer AyazFix whitespace error
2012-08-18  Joe DeVivoAdd erlc override from erl_opts: outdir
2012-08-12  Tuncer Ayazbootstrap: fix and enhance VCS_INFO handling
2012-08-12  Tuncer AyazUpdate .gitignore (add .eunit and deps)
2012-08-12  Tuncer AyazClarify comments
2012-08-11  Tuncer AyazAdd Roberto Ostinelli to THANKS file
2012-08-11  Tuncer Ayazrebar_eunit: add tests= TODO item
2012-08-11  Roberto OstinelliAdd experimental tests= filter for eunit suites
2012-08-11  Tuncer AyazChange escript zip archive creation as suggested by...
2012-08-11  Tuncer AyazNew upstream mustache.erl
2012-08-10  Tuncer Ayazrebar_eunit: fix typo
2012-08-10  Tuncer Ayazrebar_utils: refactor get_experimental and get_deprecat...
2012-08-09  Tuncer Ayazrebar_qc: ensure_dir/1 the same way as in rebar_eunit
2012-08-09  Tuncer AyazUse separate dirs for eunit and qc
2012-08-09  Tuncer AyazFix rebar_core:restore_code_path (Reported-by: Siri...
2012-08-09  Tuncer Ayazrebar_utils: fix whitespace error
2012-08-09  Tuncer Ayazbash completion: remove duplicate cmd
2012-08-09  Tuncer AyazSeparate eunit and qc compile options
2012-08-09  Tuncer AyazReplace test-compile with compile_only=true option
2012-08-09  Tuncer AyazFix version string