Merge pull request #74 from gomoripeti/trace_fmt_extra_msg
[couchdb-recon.git] / src / recon_trace.erl
2019-06-15  Fred HebertMerge pull request #74 from gomoripeti/trace_fmt_extra_msg main master upstream
2019-06-14  Péter GömöriSupport extra message in traces
2019-05-16  Fred HebertMerge pull request #73 from ferd/various-fixes 2.5.0
2019-05-16  Fred HebertFix bugs in maps and records printing
2019-05-16  Fred HebertRemoving opacity violation in sets printing
2019-05-07  Fred HebertMerge pull request #71 from bartekgorny/format_maps
2019-04-16  Bartek Gornyuse sets module to identify sets
2019-04-16  Bartek Gornyno magic values if no pattern matched
2019-04-16  Bartek Gornyuse different marker for records
2019-04-16  Bartek Gornybugfix
2019-03-22  Bartlomiej Górnyimproved process management
2019-03-06  Bartlomiej Górnysetting limits for maps, with map type recognition
2018-10-08  Fred HebertFix linking mechanism in record formatting
2018-08-30  Bartek Górnyuse OTP_RELEASE to safely switch to lists:join/2
2018-08-21  Bartek Górnyrecurse into maps
2018-08-21  Bartek Górnyfix code layout
2018-07-25  Bartek Górnybetter cleanup
2018-07-25  Bartek Górnyuse special formatting only if rec module is activated
2018-07-25  Bartek Górnyimplemented some comments
2018-07-21  Bartek GórnyFormatting records according to their definitions
2017-06-20  Fred HebertMerge pull request #57 from garazdawi/lukas/allocators_...
2016-08-29  Fred HebertMerge pull request #51 from ferd/evanmcc-trace-fn
2016-08-29  Fred Hebertpatching up shorthand for return_trace
2016-08-29  Fred HebertMerge branch 'trace-fn' of
2016-07-22  Evan Vigil-McClanahanadd trace helper
2016-05-18  Fred HebertAllow return_to option in recon_trace calls
2016-04-05  Fred Hebertdocs patch up
2015-11-23  Fred HebertMerge pull request #36 from garazdawi/lukas/fix_gc_prin...
2015-11-23  Lukas LarssonFix gc_* trace message information
2015-08-10  Fred HebertRework custom formatter
2015-08-10  Fred HebertMerge branch 'djnym-master'
2015-08-10  Fred HebertFix up io_server trace docs
2015-08-07  Anthony Molinarocode review comment fixes
2015-08-06  Anthony Molinaroadd trace to pid other than group_leader()
2015-08-06  Fred HebertMerge pull request #27 from cloudant/custom-formatters
2015-08-06  ILYA Khlopotov[fixup] Rename incorrectly named variable
2015-08-06  ILYA KhlopotovSupport 'iodata()' as a return type from 'formatterfun()'
2015-07-23  ILYA KhlopotovRemove trailing spaces (style)
2015-07-23  ILYA KhlopotovAlign types (style)
2015-07-23  ILYA KhlopotovUpdate `formatterfun` type to be `iolist()`
2015-07-22  ILYA KhlopotovAdd an ability to pass custom formatter function
2015-06-26  Fred HebertFixing trace disconnection race condition
2014-10-28  Fred HebertDoc fixes, and travis bump to 17.3
2014-04-02  Fred HebertBroadening recon_trace:calls/2 to allow >1 tspec
2014-03-25  Fred HebertAdd Scheduler usage metrics
2014-03-06  Fred HebertMerge pull request #10 from robertoaloi/mfa-builtin...
2014-03-06  Roberto AloiImprove indentation.
2014-03-06  Roberto AloiDo not redefine built-in mfa/0 type. Use tspec/0 type...
2014-03-04  Fred HebertMerge branch 'tracing'
2014-03-04  Fred HebertDocs overhaul for recon_trace
2014-03-01  Fred HebertDocs & Cleanup
2014-03-01  Fred HebertAllow multiple pidspecs to be specified
2014-03-01  Fred HebertBe flexible on traceable pid input format
2014-02-28  Fred HebertAllow customizations and options for traces
2014-02-28  Fred HebertAllow multiple patterns to be traceable
2014-02-27  Fred HebertInitial tracing helpers commit