2015-08-06  Anthony Molinaroadd trace to pid other than group_leader()
2015-08-06  Fred HebertMerge pull request #27 from cloudant/custom-formatters
2015-08-06  ILYA Khlopotov[fixup] Rename incorrectly named variable
2015-08-06  ILYA KhlopotovSupport 'iodata()' as a return type from 'formatterfun()'
2015-07-23  ILYA KhlopotovRemove trailing spaces (style)
2015-07-23  ILYA KhlopotovAlign types (style)
2015-07-23  ILYA KhlopotovUpdate `formatterfun` type to be `iolist()`
2015-07-22  ILYA KhlopotovAdd an ability to pass custom formatter function
2015-06-26  Fred HebertFixing trace disconnection race condition
2015-03-30  Fred HebertDoc fixes, preliminary 2.2.2 bump
2014-11-24  Fred HebertMerge pull request #21 from silverbuddy/master
2014-11-24  silverbuddySpelling fix in recon_alloc doc
2014-10-31  Fred HebertMerge pull request #20 from wmalik/docfix
2014-10-31  Wasif MalikSpelling fix in recon_alloc doc
2014-10-28  Fred HebertBump to 2.2.1 2.2.1
2014-10-28  Fred HebertDoc fixes, and travis bump to 17.3
2014-10-21  Fred HebertMerge pull request #18 from silverbuddy/master
2014-10-21  silverbuddyAdd application modules
2014-06-26  Fred HebertBumping travis to include 17.1
2014-05-22  Fred HebertMerge branch 'lucafavatella-fix-port_types-type-spec'
2014-05-22  Fred HebertUpdate README with changes
2014-05-22  Luca FavatellaFix type spec of recon:port_types/0
2014-05-21  Luca FavatellaPolish readme. Usually '.' is not in the PATH
2014-05-13  Fred HebertMove to 2.2.0 2.2.0
2014-04-23  Fred HebertSmall doc/README fixes
2014-04-23  Lukas LarssonExpand docs about what allocated contains and what...
2014-04-22  Lukas LarssonInclude mbcs_pool in all mbcs values
2014-04-02  Fred HebertBroadening recon_trace:calls/2 to allow >1 tspec
2014-03-25  Fred HebertAdd Scheduler usage metrics
2014-03-07  Fred HebertMerge pull request #12 from proger/docsite-pattern
2014-03-07  Vladimir Kirillovdocsite: make the pattern fail when ./rebar doc spits...
2014-03-07  Fred HebertBump to 2.1.2 2.1.2
2014-03-07  Fred HebertFixing more tests
2014-03-07  Fred HebertAdding travis support
2014-03-07  Fred HebertAdd stricter matching for inexisting allocators
2014-03-06  Fred HebertBump to 2.1.1 2.1.1
2014-03-06  Fred HebertMerge pull request #10 from robertoaloi/mfa-builtin...
2014-03-06  Roberto AloiImprove indentation.
2014-03-06  Roberto AloiDo not redefine built-in mfa/0 type. Use tspec/0 type...
2014-03-05  Fred HebertRemove invalid test assertion
2014-03-05  Fred HebertFix failing test case in R16B03-1
2014-03-04  Fred HebertBump to 2.1.0 2.1.0
2014-03-04  Fred HebertMerge branch 'tracing'
2014-03-04  Fred HebertDocs overhaul for recon_trace
2014-03-01  Fred HebertDocs & Cleanup
2014-03-01  Fred HebertAllow multiple pidspecs to be specified
2014-03-01  Fred HebertBe flexible on traceable pid input format
2014-02-28  Fred HebertAllow customizations and options for traces
2014-02-28  Fred HebertAllow multiple patterns to be traceable
2014-02-27  Fred HebertInitial tracing helpers commit
2014-02-10  Fred HebertMerge pull request #8 from nox/docs-overview-fix-code...
2014-02-09  Anthony RamineFix code block syntax in overview.edoc
2014-02-05  Fred HebertAdding script to match funcalls & msg queues
2014-01-29  Fred HebertBump to 2.0.2 2.0.2
2014-01-29  Michal PtaszekMake recon_alloc:allocators/0 more efficient
2014-01-28  Michal PtaszekDo not crash when allocator info is missing
2013-12-13  Fred HebertBump to 2.0.1 with R16B03 support 2.0.1
2013-12-13  Fred HebertMerge pull request #6 from garazdawi/master
2013-12-12  Lukas LarssonUpdate for R16B03
2013-11-21  Fred HebertOf course, I make a typo on the 2.0.0 changelog! 2.0.0
2013-11-21  Fred HebertBump to version 2.0.0
2013-11-21  Fred HebertFix division by zero on usage/2 call
2013-11-21  Fred HebertAdding binary_memory handling for recon:info/2,4
2013-11-21  Fred HebertAdding binary_memory handling for proc_attrs
2013-11-21  Fred HebertAdd recon:get_state/2 to allow custom timeouts
2013-11-21  Fred HebertTrailing whitespace removal
2013-11-21  Fred HebertDoc fixes
2013-11-21  Fred HebertDropping parallelism from port_info
2013-11-21  Fred HebertNewest rebar version
2013-11-21  Fred HebertExpanding tests for v2.0
2013-11-21  Fred HebertAdd shorthand recon_alloc:memory/1
2013-11-21  Lukas LarssonAdd unit conversion for easier comparisons
2013-11-21  Lukas LarssonAdded current and max options to sbcs_to_mbcs
2013-11-21  Lukas LarssonRewrite of recon_alloc:memory
2013-11-21  Lukas LarssonUpdate docs for sbcs_to_mbcs
2013-11-21  Lukas LarssonChange average_sizes to average_block_sizes
2013-10-26  Fred HebertAdding recon suite
2013-10-25  Fred HebertAdding recon_alloc tests
2013-10-15  Fred HebertBump to 1.2.0 -- Adding snapshots to recon_alloc 1.2.0
2013-10-14  Lukas LarssonAdd snapshot functionality for offline inspections
2013-10-07  Fred HebertMerge pull request #2 from alco/patch-1
2013-10-07  Alexei SholikRemove the dot after "vs" for better doc output
2013-09-23  Fred Hebertv1.1.0 no longer a WIP
2013-09-23  Fred Hebertbump vsn to 1.1.0 1.1.0
2013-09-23  Fred HebertMerge branch 'allocators'
2013-09-21  Fred HebertFixing doc format for edoc
2013-09-21  Fred HebertUpdating docs for port_info/1-2 functions
2013-09-21  Fred HebertAdding port_info/1-2 to recon
2013-09-20  Fred HebertImproved documentation and glossary
2013-09-19  Fred HebertMerge pull request #1 from garazdawi/patch-1
2013-09-19  Lukas LarssonThe "main carrier" normally refers to the initial stati...
2013-09-19  Fred HebertImproving documentation for recon_alloc
2013-09-10  Fred HebertCorrecting calls usage
2013-09-10  Fred HebertAdding sbcs_to_mbcs/0 function
2013-09-10  Fred HebertAdding docs, fixing APIs
2013-09-10  Fred Hebertadding recon_lib:term_to_port/1
2013-09-08  Fred HebertPrototype memory allocator analysis
2013-09-05  Fred Hebertbump to 1.0.0: adding info/2, info/4 1.0.0
2013-08-30  Fred HebertMaking app_deps.erl script support releases
2013-08-15  Fred Hebertbin_leak issues over long process lists solved. 0.4.1