Update Erlang/OTP versions and os/dist in Travis (#17)
[couchdb-snappy.git] / c_src / erl_nif_compat.h
2014-11-20  Alexander ShorinDrop support of R13
2011-06-19  benoitcupgrade to 1.0.3
2011-04-05  Filipe David MananaUpdated license for erl_nif_compat.h
2011-04-03  Filipe David MananaUpgraded erl_nif_compat.h
2011-03-27  Filipe David MananaOn realloc error, release previously allocated memory
2011-03-26  Filipe David MananaFix cursed copy-paste error
2011-03-26  Filipe David MananaAdded definition for enif_realloc_binary_compat
2011-03-25  Filipe David MananaInitial import