2016-09-19  Jan Lehnardtfeat: clean up download section, fix links 2.0
2016-09-19  Jan LehnardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'lornajane/developer-previ...
2016-09-19  Jan LehnardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'sebastianrothbucher/patch...
2016-09-19  Jan Lehnardtfix: capitalisation, release date
2016-09-19  Alex Feyerkefix: update all favicons to correct red colour 15/head
2016-09-19  Alex Feyerkechore: tidy up and optimise all images
2016-09-19  Alex Feyerkefix: add 2x versions of logos for header and nav
2016-09-19  Alex Feyerkefeat: updated favicon for more platforms 14/head
2016-09-19  Alex Feyerkefix: shorten download button version line to fit small...
2016-09-19  Alex Feyerkefix: logo positioning in all viewport sizes
2016-09-19  Alex Feyerkefix: make new couch logo same size as old one
2016-09-18  Sebastian RothbucherUpdate index.html 13/head
2016-09-03  Jan Lehnardtfix: punctuation
2016-09-03  Jan Lehnardtfeat: illuminati conspiracy chemtrails
2016-09-03  Jan Lehnardtfeat: dont link to the wiki(s) when we have a better...
2016-09-03  Jan Lehnardtfeat: more links
2016-09-03  Jan Lehnardtfeat: link a few more things
2016-09-03  Jan Lehnardtfeat: menu ~= s/mailing lists/news/ -- link to blog...
2016-09-03  Jan Lehnardtfix: GitHub spelling
2016-09-03  Jan Lehnardtfeat: remove headline, add features section
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2016-09-03  Jan Lehnardtfeat: speed up load time
2016-09-03  Jan Lehnardtfeat: fix footer logo
2016-09-03  Jan Lehnardtfeat: first draft of design update
2016-06-22  Lorna Jane... Fixing some minor typos I noticed 12/head
2016-02-17  Bradley HoltFix Fauxton URL 11/head
2016-02-16  Torsten Walterupdated introduction link tp point to new location 10/head
2016-01-20  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/7' into asf...
2016-01-01  Alexander ShorinHappy New 2016 Year!
2015-12-27  Jan LehnardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'cmnstmntmn/asf-site'...
2015-12-24  Jan Lehnardtremove debugging leftover
2015-12-24  Jan Lehnardtfix tarball sorting: latest on top
2015-12-21  Constantin... add CouchDB Logo, and brand book 9/head
2015-12-06  Daniela Borgesfix documentation link 8/head
2015-11-24  Jan Lehnardtlink to professional services wiki page
2015-11-10  Alexander ShorinAdd couchapp mailing list
2015-10-12  michellephungAdd Design ML 7/head
2015-09-18  Alexander ShorinDo not list root as well
2015-09-18  Jan Lehnardtdo not list index.html
2015-09-18  Jan Lehnardtremove debugging, add config option
2015-09-18  Jan Lehnardtadd RC file listing
2015-09-01  Andy Wenkfix download link
2015-08-12  michellephung... Add fauxton-visual-guide 4/head
2015-07-14  Adrian PhilippFixes link to install file. 5/head
2015-05-21  Andy Wenkchange wording for documentation section
2015-05-18  Robert Kowalskiadd couchdb-www mailing list
2015-05-18  Robert Kowalskimention haproxy config
2015-05-18  Robert Kowalskireinvent the contribution section
2015-05-11  Robert Kowalskiconvert tabs to spaces
2015-04-30  Jan Lehnardtlink to https downloads
2015-04-30  Alexander ShorinNow you need to commit to the git repo in order to...
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2015-04-30  Alexander ShorinFix closing tag
2015-04-30  Alexander ShorinErlang ML has gone
2015-04-30  Alexander Shorin<br> is not allowed in <ul>
2015-04-30  Alexander ShorinAdd notifications mailing list
2015-04-30  Alexander ShorinTabs vs spaces. Spaces won!
2015-04-14  Robert Newsonuse bintray for mac and windows binaries
2015-02-22  Andy WenkThis is another google verification file. This time
2015-01-04  Alexander ShorinRemove Perl from programming languages, add C++
2015-01-04  Alexander ShorinReplace SVNRepository with GITRepository
2014-12-16  Robert Kowalskideprecate erlang mailing list
2014-11-17  Alexander ShorinThe canonical repository for rebar is https://github...
2014-11-17  Jan Lehnardttypo
2014-11-17  Jan Lehnardtelipsis
2014-11-17  Jan Lehnardtspacing
2014-11-17  Jan Lehnardtlink developer preview page from downloads section
2014-11-17  Jan Lehnardtadd developer preview 2.0 landing page
2014-11-13  Robert Kowalskitracking: fix typo
2014-11-13  Robert Kowalskireadd tracking with events
2014-11-13  Robert KowalskiGA: change domain name to
2014-10-08  Jan Lehnardtre-add docs to main nav
2014-10-03  Joan TouzetAdd a JIRA "Submit a Bug" button
2014-09-19  Noah SlaterUpdate bit about wanting help with Fauxton
2014-09-15  Dave CottlehuberSoft launch of 1.6.1 mac binaries
2014-09-03  Dave Cottlehuberannounce ubuntu packages for 1.6.1 release with a less...
2014-09-03  Dave Cottlehuberannounce ubuntu packages for 1.6.1 release
2014-09-03  Dave Cottlehuberupdate for 1.6.1 release
2014-09-01  Andy Wenkminor typo fix
2014-09-01  Noah SlaterFixed typo
2014-09-01  Noah SlaterCopyedit
2014-09-01  Noah SlaterCopyedit
2014-09-01  Noah SlaterBetter bolding
2014-09-01  Noah SlaterTerminology change
2014-09-01  Noah SlaterBold some bits, copyedit, etc.
2014-09-01  Noah SlaterUpdate contribution section
2014-09-01  Noah SlaterRe-indent HTML
2014-08-17  Noah SlaterAdd link to the CoC from the homepage
2014-08-17  Noah SlaterSmall fix for CSS
2014-08-17  Noah SlaterFinal clean-up
2014-08-17  Noah SlaterMinor formatting changes
2014-08-17  Noah SlaterFixed links to point to correct internal anchors
2014-08-17  Noah SlaterAdd id attributes to headings
2014-08-17  Noah SlaterRemove br elements
2014-08-17  Noah SlaterReplace all &nbsp; entities
2014-08-17  Noah SlaterRemove spans
2014-08-17  Noah SlaterRemoved data- attribute
2014-08-17  Noah SlaterRemoved (unnecessary) style attribute
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