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2 days ago  Nick VatamaniucUpdate vm.args for Erlang 23+
10 days ago  RonnyMerge pull request #4079 from apache/backport-from...
10 days ago  Ronny BerndtBackport commits from fdbmain into main (old 3.x) 4079/head
2022-06-17  Nick VatamaniucEnable replicating purge requests between nodes
2022-05-19  Nick VatamaniucDefault rexi use_kill_all to true
2022-05-19  RonnyMerge pull request #4027 from apache/big-r81-patch-1
2022-05-19  RonnyMerge branch '3.x' into big-r81-patch-1 4027/head
2022-05-18  RonnyFix typo
2022-05-11  Nick VatamaniucReduce smoosh compaction log level to debug
2022-04-28  Nick VatamaniucImprove index building during shard splitting
2022-04-26  Nick VatamaniucBump version to 3.2.2
2022-04-26  Robert NewsonBind locally by default
2022-04-26  Robert NewsonRemove the default "monster" cookie
2022-03-29  Jay DoaneImplement configurable compaction log levels
2022-03-15  iilyakMerge pull request #3766 from noahshaw11/add-smoosh...
2022-03-14  ncshawAdd smoosh queue persistence 3766/head
2022-03-08  James Coglanfeat: make the timeout for receiving requests from...
2022-02-11  Nick VatamaniucTrack libicu collator versions in the view header
2021-12-08  Nick VatamaniucFix TLS custom (couch) dist for Erlang 20
2021-11-22  Nick VatamaniucApply erlfmt formatting to source tree
2021-11-03  Nick VatamaniucBump version to 3.2.1 and update dependencies 3.2.1 3.2.1-RC1
2021-10-30  Jay Doanefix(local.ini): straggling s/couch_httpd_auth/chttpd_auth/
2021-09-27  Nick VatamaniucBump version to 3.2.0 and update dependencies 3.2.0-RC1
2021-09-09  Nick VatamaniucImprove fabric_util get_db timeout logic
2021-09-08  Jan Lehnardtfeat: add more fine-grained CSP support
2021-08-20  Nick VatamaniucFix fauxton_root templating in bin/couchdb script
2021-08-10  ncshawImprove handling of + in urls 3.x
2021-07-28  jiahuiliContribute Custom Erlang network protocol to Apache
2021-07-09  Tony SunPort prometheus 3.x (#3506)
2021-06-21  iilyakMerge pull request #3609 from jiahuili430/normalise...
2021-06-21  jiahuilinormalize some config options 3609/head
2021-06-03  Joan TouzetImprove smoosh defaults for slack channel (#3600)
2021-05-27  Jiahui Limove couch_httpd_auth options to chttpd_auth 3.x
2021-05-24  Jiahui LiMoved some config options from httpd to chttpd
2021-04-20  Jay DoaneMerge pull request #3312 from apache/weatherreport
2021-04-20  Jay DoaneBuild and escriptize weatherreport 3312/head
2021-04-20  Jay DoaneMerge remote-tracking branch 'weatherreport/riaknostic...
2021-04-19  Christopher AstfalkAdd password validation
2021-04-01  iilyakMerge pull request #3489 from cloudant/configurable_fil...
2021-04-01  ILYA KhlopotovMake silly list configurable 3489/head
2021-04-01  ILYA KhlopotovDocument strip_last_msg in default.ini
2021-03-14  Simon KlassenAdded override for COUCHDB_FAUXTON_DOCROOT (#3335)
2021-03-11  Nick VatamaniucFair Share Replication Scheduler Implementation
2021-02-23  Jay DoaneConfigure sensitive config values for redaction
2021-02-12  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #3366 from apache/couch_server_sharding
2021-02-12  Robert NewsonShard couch_server for performance 3366/head
2021-02-01  Bessenyei Balázs... Set a finite default for max_attachment_size (#3347)
2020-12-14  Jay DoaneMerge pull request #3296 from apache/custodian-merge
2020-12-14  Jay DoaneBuild custodian and include in releases 3296/head
2020-12-13  Jay DoaneMerge remote-tracking branch 'custodian/master' into...
2020-10-06  Robert Newsonsimplify max_document_size comment
2020-09-21  Robert Newsonfeat(auth): Allow a custom JWT claim for roles (#3166)
2020-09-21  Robert Newsonallow configurability of JWT claims that require a...
2020-09-10  Joan Touzetbump version to 3.1.1 (#3143) 3.1.1-RC1
2020-09-07  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #3132 from apache/delay_until_end_3.x
2020-09-07  Robert NewsonAdd option to delay responses until the end 3132/head
2020-08-03  Joan TouzetWindows: provide full path to epmd
2020-04-30  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #2854 from apache/3.x-backports...
2020-04-30  Joan TouzetBump version number to 3.1.0
2020-04-28  Joan TouzetDrop os_mon from dependencies
2020-04-22  Joan TouzetReplace VM_ARGS with ARGS_FILE which is set as it is...
2020-04-02  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #2645 from danielbarbarito/users...
2020-04-02  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #2742 from apache/backport-jwt-3.x
2020-04-02  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #2732 from apache/jwt-controls-2 2742/head
2020-04-02  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #2727 from apache/jwt-kty-check
2020-04-02  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #2687 from apache/jwt-enhancements
2020-04-02  Alexander TrauzziFeature - Add JWT support (#2648)
2020-04-02  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #2658 from apache/import-jwtf
2020-03-23  Joan TouzetEnsure clean PATH for Windows couchdb.cmd (#2710)
2020-03-20  Joan TouzetUpdate smoosh defaults, default.ini (#2679)
2020-02-19  Jan Lehnardtfeat(breaking): make _all_dbs admin-only by default...
2020-02-05  Nick VatamaniucAdd a warning about Erlang VM versions where high prior...
2020-02-01  Joan TouzetAdd recon for user convenience (#2511)
2020-01-31  Jan Lehnardtfix: re-allow spaces in startup paths (#2504)
2020-01-29  Joan TouzetFix ini file setting for #2296 (#2463)
2020-01-25  Joan TouzetRevert prio flag in default.ini (#2488)
2020-01-17  Nick VatamaniucAdd a few missing settings to the default.ini file
2020-01-17  Will HolleyWarn on mango index scan
2020-01-15  Will HolleyAdd SameSite support to auth cookie
2020-01-09  Will HolleyFix missing parentheses in
2020-01-08  Jan Lehnardtfix(#2143): allow env var overrides for js query server...
2020-01-08  Joan TouzetUncomment COUCHDB_FAUXTON_DOCROOT for couchdb.cmd ...
2020-01-08  Jan LehnardtBypass authentication check for /_up (#2411)
2020-01-08  Kyle SnavelyMake the rexi:stream2 interface unacked message limit...
2020-01-08  Jan Lehnardtfeat: remove couchup (#2399)
2020-01-06  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #2408 from apache/ioq-in-tree
2020-01-06  Adam KocoloskiRemove ioq/hqueue dependencies, add ioq as subdir 2408/head
2020-01-06  Adam KocoloskiConfigure IOQ defaults
2020-01-06  Adam KocoloskiAdd 'src/ioq/' from commit 'e641a740978447f0b29785580e4...
2020-01-05  Paul J. DavisSet a high priority on couch_server
2020-01-05  Дамјан Георгиевскиa systemd-journald compatible log output on stderr...
2020-01-05  Grzegorz AbramczykFix/1977 (#2296)
2020-01-04  Jan LehnardtFeature/user db security obj readonly (#2395)
2020-01-04  RonnyFixes #2151 - start CouchDB from symlinks (#2152)
2019-12-18  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #2339 from apache/admin-only-by...
2019-12-18  Robert NewsonAll databases now admin-only by default 2339/head
2019-12-18  Adrien VergéAllow override of `-couch_ini` parameter
2019-12-16  Will HolleyMerge pull request #2352 from apache/remsh
2019-12-16  Will HolleyRemsh: attempt to auto-locate Erlang cookie 2352/head
2019-12-16  Will HolleySanitize `ERL_FLAGS` in remsh