2022-03-18  Kian-Meng AngFix typos main
2022-02-09  RonnyUse https as default protocol for links
2022-02-09  RonnyAdding commit message conventions and update links
2022-02-09  Ronny- rename master to main
2022-02-05  Adam KocoloskiFix publication of nightly packages (#3926)
2022-02-01  Adam KocoloskiRandom bits of cleanup (#3914)
2022-01-29  RonnyFix typos (#3916)
2022-01-20  Adam KocoloskiApply new formatting from erlfmt Jenkins
2022-01-20  Adam KocoloskiForward port erlfmt improvements from #3837
2022-01-20  Adam KocoloskiRefactor Jenkins build to dynamically generate test...
2022-01-20  Adam KocoloskiTweak Elixir formatting
2022-01-20  Adam KocoloskiDecompose scripts into specific steps
2022-01-20  Adam KocoloskiStart stage-specific timers after acquiring agent
2022-01-20  Adam KocoloskiBump Credo to 1.5.6 for Elixir 1.12 support
2022-01-20  Adam KocoloskiUse specific images for each Erlang version
2022-01-15  Adam KocoloskiRemove CI support for Ubuntu 16.04
2022-01-13  Adam KocoloskiUpdate Jenkins Erlang versions, add 24 (#3892)
2022-01-12  Will YoungFeat/support sm91 4.x from lostnet (#3884)
2021-12-17  ncshawRemove ERL_OPTS
2021-12-17  WillAdd rebar3 and erlfmt install commands to configure...
2021-12-11  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #3870 from apache/always-send-all...
2021-12-10  Robert NewsonAlways send all cookie attributes 3870/head
2021-12-10  Will Youngwget pull cleanup and downgrade fdb
2021-12-06  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #3862 from apache/delete-session...
2021-12-06  Robert NewsonAdd SameSite setting when clearing session cookie delete-session-cookie-samesite-main 3862/head
2021-12-02  Will Youngfeat(couchjs): add support for SpiderMonkey 91esr ...
2021-11-23  Nick VatamaniucFix Jenkins email quoting failures
2021-11-15  Adam KocoloskiPort changes from Makefile to
2021-11-15  Adam KocoloskiClean up mango-test
2021-11-15  Adam KocoloskiFix Python formatting, restore python-black target
2021-11-15  Adam KocoloskiRemove config.erl target dependency
2021-11-15  Adam KocoloskiReorder tests for clarity, reduce dependencies
2021-11-15  Adam KocoloskiConsolidate ExUnit integration test configuration
2021-11-15  Adam KocoloskiRegenerate suite.elixir
2021-11-15  Adam KocoloskiDo not start test name with "test "
2021-11-15  Adam KocoloskiUse tags in .exs file as exclusion source of truth
2021-11-10  Glynn BirdProtect release branches with .asf.yaml config (#3285)
2021-11-09  Adam KocoloskiTemporarily exclude failing tests
2021-11-09  Adam KocoloskiExclude _show/_list/_rewrite tests
2021-11-09  Paul J. DavisRe-enable most elixir tests
2021-11-09  Paul J. DavisRemove quorum tests
2021-09-27  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #3764 from apache/changes_duration
2021-09-24  Robert Newsonsupport maximum changes_duration configuration option 3764/head
2021-09-16  iilyakMerge pull request #3753 from cloudant/fix-ensure_exuni...
2021-09-15  ILYA KhlopotovFix logic in ensure_exunit_started 3753/head
2021-09-09  Jay DoaneSeparate bad_config_test into multiple tests
2021-09-09  Jay DoaneIncrease timeout for couch views active tasks tests
2021-09-07  Jay DoaneSet structured logger to info level for exunit tests
2021-09-07  Jay DoaneSuppress compiler warnings
2021-09-07  Jay DoaneReplace couch_js with js_engine in exunit pagination...
2021-09-04  Jay DoaneIncrease timeout for multiple ddoc indexer test
2021-09-02  Jay DoaneFix 'clause cannot match' compiler warning
2021-08-17  garren smithUse couch_eval for changes filtering
2021-08-10  ncshawImprove handling of + in URLs
2021-08-05  ncshawBump mochiweb version
2021-08-04  ncshawRemove emilio
2021-07-31  Nick VatamaniucPort attachment deletion fix from 3.x
2021-07-29  Jay DoaneUse correct fabric function names in elixir tests
2021-07-22  garren smithAdd in option to run different js engine for tests
2021-07-22  garren smithmove validate doc update to go through couch_eval
2021-07-17  ncshawFix response code for nonexistent attachment
2021-07-13  Nick VatamaniucFix "error":"case_clause" using latest=true
2021-07-12  Jay DoaneFix __MODULE__ compiler variable warning
2021-07-02  jiahuilicomment out max_document_size
2021-07-02  iilyakMerge pull request #3637 from noahshaw11/remove-case...
2021-07-01  ncshawFix FDB max_document_size, binary_chunk_size, and max_a...
2021-07-01  Bessenyei Balázs... Fix CI (#3650)
2021-06-30  Nick VatamaniucUse correct socks5 proxy ibrowse options
2021-06-28  ncshawRemove case sensitivity for basic auth and modify tests 3637/head
2021-06-28  ncshawAdd rebar3 to .gitignore
2021-06-28  Bessenyei Balázs... Format all erl files (#3639)
2021-06-28  Bessenyei Balázs... Fix formatter python compatibility (#3640)
2021-06-24  Bessenyei Balázs... Reformat src files with erlfmt (#3568)
2021-06-24  iilyakMerge pull request #3636 from jiahuili430/normalize...
2021-06-23  jiahuiliComment out some config options in the main branch 3636/head
2021-06-10  Adam KocoloskiRemove attempt to download GeoTrust CA (#3616)
2021-06-07  Nick VatamaniucBump ibrowse to 4.4.2-5
2021-06-07  Nick VatamaniucBump ibrowse to 4.4.2-4 and mochiweb to v2.21.0
2021-06-04  Nick VatamaniucBump ibrowse to 4.4.2-3
2021-06-04  Nick VatamaniucImprove basic auth credentials handling in replicator
2021-06-02  Jay DoaneDocument aegis.cache_deletion_grace_sec
2021-06-02  Jay DoaneGrace period before deleting aegis cached items
2021-06-02  Jay DoaneImplement aegis:key_manager/0
2021-06-02  Jay DoaneFix get_db_info aegis server test for operational key...
2021-06-02  Jay DoaneEnable aegis eunit coverage
2021-06-02  Jay DoaneImprove stability of couch_js_proc_manager_tests
2021-06-01  Jay DoaneDelete unused chttpd_show:apply_etag/2 function
2021-05-31  Jay DoaneDo not warn for invalid offset with spidermonkey 60...
2021-05-27  Jiahui Limove couch_httpd_auth options to chttpd_auth main
2021-05-27  Bessenyei Balázs... Re-enable more elixir tests (#3572)
2021-05-26  Nick VatamaniucBump hyper dependency to 2.2.0-7
2021-05-24  Jay DoaneDelete unused variables
2021-05-24  Jiahui LiMoved some config options from httpd to chttpd
2021-05-21  Nick VatamaniucUse the last commit result even when there are intermed...
2021-05-15  Bessenyei Balázs... Re-enable skipped ConfigTest elixir tests (#3564)
2021-05-15  Bessenyei Balázs... Add error propagation to couch_eval and couch_views_ind...
2021-05-14  Nick VatamaniucErlang 24 support
2021-05-11  Nick VatamaniucHandle disabled retries in restart_tx logic
2021-05-10  Nick VatamaniucIntroduce buggify integration test mode
2021-05-10  Nick VatamaniucBump ibrowse to 4.4.2 + couchdb patches