25 hours ago  Nick VatamaniucAvoid unconditional retries in replicator's http client master
2 days ago  Jan Lehnardtfeat: update mochiweb to 2.17.0
7 days ago  Nick VatamaniucUse callbacks for couch_event_listener behavior
7 days ago  Nick VatamaniucBump config to 1.0.2 for dialyzer related fixes
7 days ago  Nick VatamaniucAdd config app to couch_replicator app dependencies
8 days ago  Jan Lehnardtfeat: add ./configure --dev as alias for -c --disable...
9 days ago  Joan TouzetSimplify make dist approach
2018-02-06  iilyakMerge pull request #1143 from cloudant/issue-820-remove...
2018-02-06  jiangphcnRemove queries for _all_docs 1143/head
2018-01-31  Juanjo RodriguezFix for issue #1134 clean up dev/lib before run mango...
2018-01-31  Jan Lehnardtfeat: add quorum tests to make check
2018-01-31  JuanjoFix for issue #603 - Error 500 when creating a db below...
2018-01-29  iilyakMerge pull request #1082 from cloudant/issue-822-all...
2018-01-29  jiangphcnIntroduce new _dbs_info endpoint to get info of a list... 1082/head
2018-01-26  jiangphcnMake _design_docs to respect query parameters
2018-01-26  Joan TouzetRemove 'smartquote' from default.ini, broke the build
2018-01-26  jiangphcnDecode destination header for doc copy
2018-01-26  jiangphcnHide Auth information in replication document for reader
2018-01-24  Adam KocoloskiRemove outdated docker targets and docs (#1109)
2018-01-23  jiangphcnMake peruser database prefix configurable
2018-01-23  Eric AvdeyMerge pull request #1123 from apache/fix-create_delete_...
2018-01-22  Eric AvdeySet eunit timeout on a whole test object 1123/head
2018-01-18  jiangphcnAdd support for queries in /{db}/_all_docs POST
2018-01-17  Adam KocoloskiCreate all needed directories to build docs (#1115)
2018-01-16  Eric AvdeyMerge pull request #1085 from cloudant/issue-969-update...
2018-01-16  jiangphcnReturn null for update_seq and offset if update_seq... 1085/head
2018-01-15  Eric AvdeyFix couch_peruser_test
2018-01-14  Edwin FineAllow override of `-args_file` and `-config` parameters...
2018-01-12  Eric AvdeyRemove warning on `couch_epi_codegen` compile
2018-01-12  Nick VatamaniucSimplify couch_key_tree test setup
2018-01-09  Will Holleyfallback to "selector" on empty "partial_filter_selecto...
2018-01-06  Peng Hui JiangReturn friendly error message when creating user with...
2018-01-04  Eric AvdeyMerge pull request #1091 from apache/better-mango-test...
2018-01-04  Eric AvdeyMake sure mango tests's recreate fun creates db 1091/head
2018-01-04  Eric AvdeyMerge pull request #1092 from apache/use-uuid-in-eunit...
2018-01-04  Eric AvdeyUse uuid in tmp db names in unit tests 1092/head
2018-01-04  Eric AvdeyMerge pull request #1090 from apache/cleanup-on-setup_eunit
2018-01-04  Eric AvdeyCleanup data dirs in eunit_plugin before test run 1090/head
2017-12-21  iilyakMerge pull request #1078 from cloudant/issue-832-couch_...
2017-12-20  jiangphcnRefactor couch_log 1078/head
2017-12-20  Eric AvdeyFix mango native proc crash (#1067)
2017-12-19  Will HolleyMango: change catch-all field range priority (#1069)
2017-12-15  Geoff CoxFix haproxy stats (#1039)
2017-12-15  Peng Hui JiangAdd couch_stats tracking back to couch_log (#1064)
2017-12-11  Nick VatamaniucAdd coverage reports to more applications
2017-12-11  Eric AvdeyMultiple fixes and refactoring of couch tests. (#1062)
2017-12-11  Will HolleyAllow to use index with or (#1038)
2017-12-08  jiangphcnMake q configurable for peruser dbs
2017-12-05  Nick VatamaniucFix replicator create target options test
2017-12-01  Adam KocoloskiRemove references to etap
2017-12-01  Adam KocoloskiRemove Bob's 2.0 TODO list
2017-12-01  Adam KocoloskiRemove Spidermonkey as an "optional" depedency
2017-12-01  Adam KocoloskiFix eunit "suites" example
2017-11-30  Will Holleywarn instead of error when use_index not valid (#962)
2017-11-30  Eric AvdeyRemove invalid meck unload
2017-11-30  Eric AvdeyAdd missing methods to fake index
2017-11-28  jiangphcnAllow replicator documents to include params for db...
2017-11-28  Will HolleyFix _explain for sort descending (#1025)
2017-11-23  Will HolleyTest duplicate fields in Mango selector (#998)
2017-11-23  Will HolleyFix index validation for nested $and (#1014)
2017-11-22  Nick VatamaniucFix replicator cluster stability race condition
2017-11-21  Diana ThayerUpdate
2017-11-17  Nick VatamaniucMove cluster_start_period and cluster_quiet_period...
2017-11-17  Diana Thayer(typo) fetchig -> fetching
2017-11-16  Will HolleyImprove Mango test suite performance (#995)
2017-11-15  Will HolleyThrow error on invalid use_index value (#989)
2017-11-14  Tony Sunfix exists false when field is explicitly defined ...
2017-11-14  Will HolleyFix Mango text index tests (#971)
2017-11-12  Joan TouzetRevert to ubuntu Jenkins label, uids now standardised
2017-11-09  sts404 status for non using uri in _scheduler (#953)
2017-11-06  Joan TouzetVersion bump to 2.2.0 for future release
2017-11-06  Joan TouzetFix EUnit test suite on Windows
2017-11-03  Will HolleyFix user-specified ddoc name in Mango (#961)
2017-11-02  Eric AvdeyAdd tests for error on invalid `docs` attribute
2017-11-02  Eric AvdeyReturn error 400 on invalid new_edits value
2017-11-01  garren smithDo not always return partial_filter_selector (#951)
2017-11-01  Tony Sunfix external size bug when seq btree exists (#849)
2017-10-31  Jan Lehnardtre-add query
2017-10-31  Jan LehnardtUpdate NOTICE: remove autoconf/m4 references and revert...
2017-10-31  Jan LehnardtRevert "faet: reject user docs with duplicate keys"
2017-10-31  Nick VatamaniucConfigurable delay before retrying on missing_doc error
2017-10-31  Paul J. DavisUpdate jiffy to use dedupe_keys
2017-10-30  Eric AvdeyReturn error 410 on temporary view request
2017-10-29  Jan Lehnardtfix(peruser_test): on slow CI vms, we can get Cluster...
2017-10-29  Muaaz SaleemUpdating verifyinstall URL
2017-10-29  Tony Sunwhitespace
2017-10-29  Tony Sunadd delay for bulk_delete and create
2017-10-29  Tony Sunup delay
2017-10-29  Tony Sunuse delay instead
2017-10-29  Tony Sunuse string for w value
2017-10-29  Tony SunUpdate w value for deletion since n=1
2017-10-29  Jan Lehnardtfeat: port time funs, as per #883
2017-10-27  Jan Lehnardtfix: peruser tests: use spinlocks instead of timer...
2017-10-27  Jan Lehnardtfaet: reject user docs with duplicate keys
2017-10-27  Jan Lehnardtwhitespace
2017-10-26  Joan TouzetCleanups for 2.1.1 proper version tagging
2017-10-26  Joan TouzetAlias /_node/_local/... to /_node/<nodename>@<hostname...
2017-10-26  Joan TouzetTravis: s/20.0/20.1 for build
2017-10-26  Joan TouzetDisable eval() and Function() constructor in JS by...
2017-10-25  Joan TouzetBlacklist some config sections from HTTP PUT/DELETE...