2 days ago  Joan TouzetRevert "Add bcrypt hashing option" master
2 days ago  Joan TouzetRevert "Replace resource expensive bcrypt test with...
2 days ago  Joan TouzetRevert "Make loginUser wait for successful authentication"
2 days ago  Joan Touzetbump hyper dependency, fix Windows build
2 days ago  Nick VatamaniucSwitch fabric attachment receiver to use messages
3 days ago  Joan TouzetAdd missing default case clause, fixes #1450
3 days ago  Jan Lehnardtre-raise max_http_request_size to 4GB
3 days ago  Jan Lehnardtadd retry to test_request:request()
3 days ago  Joan TouzetImprove detection of git tags/dirty status
3 days ago  Jan LehnardtReport git sha on welcome request
3 days ago  rokekMake MD5 hash implementation configurable (#1171)
4 days ago  Jan Lehnardtimprove ddoc test reliablilty by waiting for ddoc deletion
5 days ago  Jan LehnardtOptionally prevent non-admins from accessing /_all_dbs
5 days ago  Jan Lehnardtdemote notice to debug logs by @wyc
5 days ago  Jan Lehnardtvalidate bind address by @wyc
6 days ago  Brandon GottlobClarify bad index creation error messages
6 days ago  Jan Lehnardtwait for db deletion before db re-creation. Closes...
6 days ago  Jan Lehnardtraise timeouts in attachment tests
6 days ago  Jan Lehnardtbump deps
6 days ago  Jan Lehnardtstring:trim() compat for couch_util:trim()
6 days ago  Robert NewsonUse couch_util:trim for greater erlang compatibility
6 days ago  Dave Cottlehuberbuild: release candidate tarball should have -RCx
6 days ago  Dave Cottlehuberbuild: ease pattern matching to be less pedantic about RC
6 days ago  Dave Cottlehuberconfig: improve handling of admin-supplied changes
6 days ago  Jan LehnardtDrop Erlang R16 support
6 days ago  Joan TouzetReplace R16B03 with 17.5.3 for PR#1427
7 days ago  Jan LehnardtViews now retain update_seq after compaction.
7 days ago  Jan Lehnardthook up proxy auth handler to chttpd
7 days ago  Jan LehnardtAdd tests for mango conflict finding
7 days ago  Jan LehnardtAdd `conflicts: true` option to mango selectors
7 days ago  jjrodrigAdjust deletion tests in different cluster quorum condi...
7 days ago  jjrodrigDeletion responds 200 after a response from every node...
7 days ago  jjrodrigFix for issue #1136 - Error 500 deleting DB without...
9 days ago  Nick VatamaniucMake stem_interactive_updates option work again
11 days ago  jjrodrigAdded tests for checking http status code depending...
11 days ago  Jan Lehnardtfeat: remove duplicate authentication check
11 days ago  Jan Lehnardtfeat: avoid double builds on PRs
11 days ago  Jan Lehnardtallow socket server configuration for TLS httpd
12 days ago  Jan Lehnardtremove mention of os daemons and externals in ini files
2018-06-29  Eric AvdeyDon't set context for compaction files during db delete...
2018-06-29  iilyakMerge pull request #1401 from Spotme/spotme/fix/couch...
2018-06-29  AlexanderKaraberovtests(couch_changes): add tests for changes feed filter... 1401/head
2018-06-29  AlexanderKaraberovfix(_view changes feed): fix function_clause crash...
2018-06-27  Joan TouzetAdd regression runs on new dedicated FreeBSD VM
2018-06-27  Joan TouzetUpdate build dependency docs for FreeBSD
2018-06-21  Nick VatamaniucUpdate snappy dep to CouchDB-1.0.1 with 21.0 support
2018-06-20  garren smithAdd constant index fields to sort based on the selector...
2018-06-20  Nick VatamaniucPrepare to fabric attachment receiver from a fun closur...
2018-06-19  Tony Sunrefactor process_request to not drop req (#1375)
2018-06-19  Paul J. DavisCall `set_mqd_off_heap` for critical processes
2018-06-19  Paul J. DavisAdd set_mqd_off_heap utility function
2018-06-16  Paul J. DavisFix couch_key_tree_tests.erl
2018-06-16  Paul J. DavisOptimize couch_key_tree:stem/2
2018-06-15  Paul J. DavisFix active size calculations for views
2018-06-15  Eric AvdeyMerge pull request #1387 from cloudant/make-bin_opt_inf...
2018-06-14  Eric AvdeyAllow custom compile options with env variable 1387/head
2018-06-14  Eric AvdeyMake bin_opt_info optional based on env variable
2018-06-14  Eric AvdeyRemove debug_info from compile options
2018-06-14  Eric AvdeyAdd compile's command line options
2018-06-14  Eric AvdeyRevert "Introduce bin_opt_info erl_opts compilation...
2018-06-14  Eric AvdeyUpdate skip_deps for 3rd parties eunit (#1386)
2018-06-11  Joan TouzetJenkinsfile: typo
2018-06-09  Joan TouzetFix container for package-building step
2018-06-08  Adam KocoloskiIgnore trailing characters in a builtin reduce
2018-06-08  Adam KocoloskiUse finalize operation to simplify _stats
2018-06-08  Adam KocoloskiFinalize in couch_mrview, but make it optional
2018-06-08  Nick VatamaniucAdd hyper app to dependencies
2018-06-06  Adam KocoloskiAdd _approx_count_distinct as a builtin reduce function...
2018-05-28  Joan TouzetUpdate Jenkins build process:
2018-05-23  Will HolleyMango: _id and _rev index selection
2018-05-10  Joan TouzetAdd SSL session_lifetime limit for ibrowse pids
2018-05-02  Joan TouzetBump fauxton to fix CI builds
2018-04-30  Joan TouzetForce use of SMP enabled BEAM VM, fixes #1296
2018-04-18  Nick VatamaniucFix length badarg error in mp parser
2018-04-17  Eric AvdeyFix mem3 tests (#1285)
2018-04-13  Joan TouzetDocument enable_database_recovery ini option
2018-04-13  Eric AvdeyMerge pull request #1273 from cloudant/adopt-fake_db...
2018-04-13  Eric AvdeyAdopt fake_db to PSE changes 1273/head
2018-04-12  Nick VatamaniucIn _scheduler/docs fix `crashing` state showing as...
2018-04-12  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #1281 from apache/commit_data_pse
2018-04-12  Robert Newsoncall commit_data where needed 1281/head
2018-04-10  Joan TouzetSet update_lru_on_read=false as default
2018-04-09  Kyle SnavelyMinor documentation cleanup for couch_replicator
2018-04-09  Nick VatamaniucSwitch to using a mirrored triq dependency
2018-04-06  Nick VatamaniucDo not drop updated httpdb record after auth headers...
2018-04-04  Nick VatamaniucKill fabric attachment receiver when middleman times out
2018-04-03  Nick VatamaniucKey tree property tests
2018-04-03  Nick VatamaniucFix typo in node local _replicate handler
2018-04-02  Serge A. Salamankafix file_compression value description
2018-03-29  Paul J. DavisTest compaction resumption after error
2018-03-29  Paul J. DavisFix compaction resumption for the BT engine
2018-03-29  Eric AvdeyMake loginUser wait for successful authentication
2018-03-29  Paul J. DavisFix killing of OS processes
2018-03-28  Paul J. DavisFix shard substitution in changes feeds
2018-03-28  Jan Lehnardtfeat: add debug log output for shard open errors
2018-03-28  Jan Lehnardtadd test covering loading admins from config
2018-03-28  Jan Lehnardtfix: more reliable password scheme tests
2018-03-28  Eric AvdeyFix couch peruser test suite (#1247)
2018-03-27  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #1240 from apache/cleanup
2018-03-27  Joan TouzetVarious top-level directory cleanups 1240/head