2018-07-18  Joan Touzetbump hyper dependency, fix Windows build
2018-07-17  Nick VatamaniucSwitch fabric attachment receiver to use messages
2018-07-17  Joan TouzetAdd missing default case clause, fixes #1450
2018-07-17  Jan Lehnardtre-raise max_http_request_size to 4GB
2018-07-17  Jan Lehnardtadd retry to test_request:request()
2018-07-17  Joan TouzetImprove detection of git tags/dirty status
2018-07-17  Jan LehnardtReport git sha on welcome request
2018-07-16  rokekMake MD5 hash implementation configurable (#1171)
2018-07-16  Jan Lehnardtimprove ddoc test reliablilty by waiting for ddoc deletion
2018-07-15  Jan LehnardtOptionally prevent non-admins from accessing /_all_dbs
2018-07-15  Jan Lehnardtdemote notice to debug logs by @wyc
2018-07-15  Jan Lehnardtvalidate bind address by @wyc
2018-07-14  Brandon GottlobClarify bad index creation error messages
2018-07-14  Jan Lehnardtwait for db deletion before db re-creation. Closes...
2018-07-14  Jan Lehnardtraise timeouts in attachment tests
2018-07-14  Jan Lehnardtbump deps
2018-07-14  Jan Lehnardtstring:trim() compat for couch_util:trim()
2018-07-14  Robert NewsonUse couch_util:trim for greater erlang compatibility
2018-07-14  Dave Cottlehuberbuild: release candidate tarball should have -RCx
2018-07-14  Dave Cottlehuberbuild: ease pattern matching to be less pedantic about RC
2018-07-14  Dave Cottlehuberconfig: improve handling of admin-supplied changes
2018-07-13  Jan LehnardtDrop Erlang R16 support
2018-07-13  Joan TouzetReplace R16B03 with 17.5.3 for PR#1427
2018-07-13  Jan LehnardtViews now retain update_seq after compaction.
2018-07-13  Jan Lehnardthook up proxy auth handler to chttpd
2018-07-13  Jan LehnardtAdd tests for mango conflict finding
2018-07-13  Jan LehnardtAdd `conflicts: true` option to mango selectors
2018-07-13  jjrodrigAdjust deletion tests in different cluster quorum condi...
2018-07-13  jjrodrigDeletion responds 200 after a response from every node...
2018-07-13  jjrodrigFix for issue #1136 - Error 500 deleting DB without...
2018-07-11  Nick VatamaniucMake stem_interactive_updates option work again
2018-07-09  jjrodrigAdded tests for checking http status code depending...
2018-07-09  Jan Lehnardtfeat: remove duplicate authentication check
2018-07-09  Jan Lehnardtfeat: avoid double builds on PRs
2018-07-09  Jan Lehnardtallow socket server configuration for TLS httpd
2018-07-08  Jan Lehnardtremove mention of os daemons and externals in ini files
2018-06-29  Eric AvdeyDon't set context for compaction files during db delete...
2018-06-29  iilyakMerge pull request #1401 from Spotme/spotme/fix/couch...
2018-06-29  AlexanderKaraberovtests(couch_changes): add tests for changes feed filter... 1401/head
2018-06-29  AlexanderKaraberovfix(_view changes feed): fix function_clause crash...
2018-06-27  Joan TouzetAdd regression runs on new dedicated FreeBSD VM
2018-06-27  Joan TouzetUpdate build dependency docs for FreeBSD
2018-06-21  Nick VatamaniucUpdate snappy dep to CouchDB-1.0.1 with 21.0 support
2018-06-20  garren smithAdd constant index fields to sort based on the selector...
2018-06-20  Nick VatamaniucPrepare to fabric attachment receiver from a fun closur...
2018-06-19  Tony Sunrefactor process_request to not drop req (#1375)
2018-06-19  Paul J. DavisCall `set_mqd_off_heap` for critical processes
2018-06-19  Paul J. DavisAdd set_mqd_off_heap utility function
2018-06-16  Paul J. DavisFix couch_key_tree_tests.erl
2018-06-16  Paul J. DavisOptimize couch_key_tree:stem/2
2018-06-15  Paul J. DavisFix active size calculations for views
2018-06-15  Eric AvdeyMerge pull request #1387 from cloudant/make-bin_opt_inf...
2018-06-14  Eric AvdeyAllow custom compile options with env variable 1387/head
2018-06-14  Eric AvdeyMake bin_opt_info optional based on env variable
2018-06-14  Eric AvdeyRemove debug_info from compile options
2018-06-14  Eric AvdeyAdd compile's command line options
2018-06-14  Eric AvdeyRevert "Introduce bin_opt_info erl_opts compilation...
2018-06-14  Eric AvdeyUpdate skip_deps for 3rd parties eunit (#1386)
2018-06-11  Joan TouzetJenkinsfile: typo
2018-06-09  Joan TouzetFix container for package-building step
2018-06-08  Adam KocoloskiIgnore trailing characters in a builtin reduce
2018-06-08  Adam KocoloskiUse finalize operation to simplify _stats
2018-06-08  Adam KocoloskiFinalize in couch_mrview, but make it optional
2018-06-08  Nick VatamaniucAdd hyper app to dependencies
2018-06-06  Adam KocoloskiAdd _approx_count_distinct as a builtin reduce function...
2018-05-28  Joan TouzetUpdate Jenkins build process:
2018-05-23  Will HolleyMango: _id and _rev index selection
2018-05-10  Joan TouzetAdd SSL session_lifetime limit for ibrowse pids
2018-05-02  Joan TouzetBump fauxton to fix CI builds
2018-04-30  Joan TouzetForce use of SMP enabled BEAM VM, fixes #1296
2018-04-18  Nick VatamaniucFix length badarg error in mp parser
2018-04-17  Eric AvdeyFix mem3 tests (#1285)
2018-04-13  Joan TouzetDocument enable_database_recovery ini option
2018-04-13  Eric AvdeyMerge pull request #1273 from cloudant/adopt-fake_db...
2018-04-13  Eric AvdeyAdopt fake_db to PSE changes 1273/head
2018-04-12  Nick VatamaniucIn _scheduler/docs fix `crashing` state showing as...
2018-04-12  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #1281 from apache/commit_data_pse
2018-04-12  Robert Newsoncall commit_data where needed 1281/head
2018-04-10  Joan TouzetSet update_lru_on_read=false as default
2018-04-09  Kyle SnavelyMinor documentation cleanup for couch_replicator
2018-04-09  Nick VatamaniucSwitch to using a mirrored triq dependency
2018-04-06  Nick VatamaniucDo not drop updated httpdb record after auth headers...
2018-04-04  Nick VatamaniucKill fabric attachment receiver when middleman times out
2018-04-03  Nick VatamaniucKey tree property tests
2018-04-03  Nick VatamaniucFix typo in node local _replicate handler
2018-04-02  Serge A. Salamankafix file_compression value description
2018-03-29  Paul J. DavisTest compaction resumption after error
2018-03-29  Paul J. DavisFix compaction resumption for the BT engine
2018-03-29  Eric AvdeyMake loginUser wait for successful authentication
2018-03-29  Paul J. DavisFix killing of OS processes
2018-03-28  Paul J. DavisFix shard substitution in changes feeds
2018-03-28  Jan Lehnardtfeat: add debug log output for shard open errors
2018-03-28  Jan Lehnardtadd test covering loading admins from config
2018-03-28  Jan Lehnardtfix: more reliable password scheme tests
2018-03-28  Eric AvdeyFix couch peruser test suite (#1247)
2018-03-27  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #1240 from apache/cleanup
2018-03-27  Joan TouzetVarious top-level directory cleanups 1240/head
2018-03-27  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #1242 from apache/daemon-spaces
2018-03-27  Joan TouzetMerge branch 'master' into daemon-spaces 1242/head
2018-03-27  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #1243 from apache/import-setup-again