3 days ago  Nick VatamaniucFix purge request timeouts main
5 days ago  RonnyFix proxyauth_test and remove it from skipping tests...
2022-07-29  iilyakMerge pull request #4133 from noahshaw11/add-editors...
2022-07-28  Noah ShawAdd editors magic lines 4133/head
2022-07-28  RonnyFix elixir :logger warnings
2022-07-27  Russell BrancaMerge pull request #4135 from apache/dedicated-ioq...
2022-07-26  Russell BrancaAdd ioq:call_search dedicated-ioq-search-function 4135/head
2022-07-25  Russell BrancaMerge pull request #4106 from apache/4101-add-io-priority
2022-07-25  Russell BrancaAdd ioq io_priority functions and system class 4101-add-io-priority 4106/head
2022-07-25  Sean HudgstonAdd io_priority classes
2022-07-25  iilyakMerge pull request #4033 from noahshaw11/implement...
2022-07-22  ncshawImplement view_report function 4033/head
2022-07-22  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #4128 from apache/revert-4094-for-now
2022-07-22  Robert NewsonRevert "Replace SHA-1 with SHA-256 for cookie authentic... 4128/head
2022-07-21  iilyakMerge pull request #4125 from jiahuili430/couch-tests
2022-07-21  jiahuiliRemove `couch_tests` 4125/head
2022-07-21  Nick VatamaniucReturn a 400 response for a single new_edits=false...
2022-07-20  Nick VatamaniucTurn document update mode atoms into defines
2022-07-20  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #4123 from apache/dev-run-fix-haprox...
2022-07-20  Robert Newsonmake haproxy config valid again 4123/head
2022-07-20  ncshawFix stats endpoint
2022-07-19  jiahuiliFix the flaky tests for `create_doc()`
2022-07-18  jiahuiliUpdate application description and dependencies
2022-07-18  jiahuiliUpdate elixir to 1.13
2022-07-18  RonnyTrim X-Auth-CouchDB-Roles header after reading
2022-07-18  RonnyReplace SHA-1 with SHA-256 for cookie authentication...
2022-07-18  Noah ShawAdd toggle for smoosh queue persistence
2022-07-15  Noah ShawFix not_found error smoosh
2022-07-14  Noah ShawFix not calling is_compacting test
2022-07-14  Noah ShawRemove view compaction jobs recovery
2022-07-14  Nick VatamaniucClean up unused code and invalid spec from replicator
2022-07-13  Nick VatamaniucRemove some left-over local endpoint clauses in replicator
2022-07-13  Noah ShawAdd filepath to is_compacting
2022-07-11  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #4093 from noahshaw11/fix-error...
2022-07-11  Noah ShawImprove error handling in smoosh_utils:write_to_file/3 4093/head
2022-07-10  Nick VatamaniucSkip nightly package uploads since nothing seems to...
2022-07-09  Nick VatamaniucSkip uploading build logs for now
2022-07-08  Nick VatamaniucFix flaky "validate doc update" elixir test
2022-07-08  Nick VatamaniucImplement winning_revs_only option for the replicator
2022-07-06  Nick VatamaniucOptimize couch_util:to_hex/1
2022-07-05  Nick VatamaniucAdd an option to let custodian always use [cluster...
2022-07-05  Nick VatamaniucAdd Erlang 25 to PR CI pipeline and Ubuntu Jammy to...
2022-07-01  Nick VatamaniucBring back POWER full builds
2022-07-01  Nick VatamaniucUpdate vm.args for Erlang 23+
2022-06-30  Nick VatamaniucFix Elixir 13 compatibility
2022-06-24  RonnyMerge pull request #4080 from apache/change-irc-url
2022-06-24  Ronny BerndtSmall url fixes change-irc-url 4080/head
2022-06-23  RonnyMerge pull request #4079 from apache/backport-from...
2022-06-23  Ronny BerndtBackport commits from fdbmain into main (old 3.x) 4079/head
2022-06-23  RonnyUse https as default protocol for links
2022-06-23  RonnyAdding commit message conventions and update links
2022-06-23  Ronny- rename master to main
2022-06-22  RonnyPrevent error:function_clause in check_security/3 if...
2022-06-20  Nick VatamaniucFix couch_debug:opened_files* functions
2022-06-20  Nick VatamaniucBypass macos builder for now while we sort the rebar...
2022-06-20  Nick VatamaniucFix full CI build
2022-06-18  Jay DoaneFix "variable bound multiple times" warning
2022-06-18  Jay DoaneReplace include with include_lib
2022-06-18  Jay DoaneDelete unused include_lib
2022-06-18  Jay DoaneFix deprecated function warning
2022-06-18  Nick VatamaniucErlang 25 compatibility - http_uri:parse -> uri_string...
2022-06-17  Nick VatamaniucLowest CI image version Erlang 23 doesn't have spidermo...
2022-06-17  Nick VatamaniucUpdate erlfmt formatting for smoosh_server
2022-06-17  Nick VatamaniucRemove Erlang < 23 ifdefs and other macros
2022-06-17  Nick VatamaniucSet low erlang version in to 23 instead...
2022-06-17  Nick VatamaniucSkip Erlang version != 20 in configure
2022-06-17  Nick VatamaniucUpdate rebar config to remove Erlang < 23 support
2022-06-17  Nick VatamaniucUpdate CI to remove Erlang < 23
2022-06-17  Nick VatamaniucIgnore repeated interactive purges
2022-06-17  Nick VatamaniucEnable replicating purge requests between nodes
2022-06-13  RonnyMerge pull request #4060 from apache/big-r81-add-erlang...
2022-06-13  Ronny BerndtAdd Erlang 25 support 4060/head
2022-06-12  RonnyMerge pull request #4063 from apache/big-r81-patch-1
2022-06-12  RonnyDisplay main build status in README 4063/head
2022-06-11  Nick VatamaniucReduce complexity of "possible_ancestors" from quadrati...
2022-06-11  Nick VatamaniucSkip PPC64 CI builds
2022-06-10  Nick VatamaniucAdd two larger couch_key_tree:find_missing/2 tests
2022-06-10  Nick VatamaniucOptimize couch_key_tree:find_missing/2
2022-06-08  Nick VatamaniucAvoid using length/1 guard for >0 or ==0 tests in couch...
2022-06-07  Nick VatamaniucRevert protection for main branch after 3.x -> main...
2022-06-07  Nick VatamaniucOptimize couch_util:reorder_results/2,3
2022-06-07  Nick VatamaniucRemove duplicate _revs_diff implementation
2022-06-06  Nick VatamaniucHandle all_dbs_active in fabric_doc_update
2022-06-02  ncshawAdd smoosh state diagram to directory and reference it
2022-05-27  Nick VatamaniucFreeBSD workers are offline
2022-05-26  Nick VatamaniucHandle exit(shutdown) error in chttpd
2022-05-25  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #4037 from apache/jwtf-es256-fail
2022-05-25  Robert NewsonFix ES{256,384,512} support 4037/head
2022-05-23  Nick VatamaniucRemove all of the experimental "schemas" functionality...
2022-05-23  Nick VatamaniucRemove unused include in fabric.erl
2022-05-19  Nick VatamaniucCleanup couch_file exports and unused code
2022-05-19  Nick VatamaniucRemove dead code from smoosh
2022-05-19  Nick VatamaniucRemoved unused include files
2022-05-19  iilyakMerge pull request #3985 from noahshaw11/implement...
2022-05-19  ncshawImplement resource hoggers 3985/head
2022-05-19  Nick VatamaniucDefault rexi use_kill_all to true
2022-05-19  RonnyMerge pull request #4027 from apache/big-r81-patch-1
2022-05-19  RonnyMerge branch '3.x' into big-r81-patch-1 4027/head
2022-05-18  Nick VatamaniucMake sure to wait for the attachments to uploaded befor...
2022-05-18  Nick VatamaniucMinor DRY-ing up of logic to handle hello_from_writer...