2018-04-12  Robert Newsoncall commit_data where needed 1281/head
2018-04-10  Joan TouzetSet update_lru_on_read=false as default
2018-04-09  Kyle SnavelyMinor documentation cleanup for couch_replicator
2018-04-09  Nick VatamaniucSwitch to using a mirrored triq dependency
2018-04-06  Nick VatamaniucDo not drop updated httpdb record after auth headers...
2018-04-04  Nick VatamaniucKill fabric attachment receiver when middleman times out
2018-04-03  Nick VatamaniucKey tree property tests
2018-04-03  Nick VatamaniucFix typo in node local _replicate handler
2018-04-02  Serge A. Salamankafix file_compression value description
2018-03-29  Paul J. DavisTest compaction resumption after error
2018-03-29  Paul J. DavisFix compaction resumption for the BT engine
2018-03-29  Eric AvdeyMake loginUser wait for successful authentication
2018-03-29  Paul J. DavisFix killing of OS processes
2018-03-28  Paul J. DavisFix shard substitution in changes feeds
2018-03-28  Jan Lehnardtfeat: add debug log output for shard open errors
2018-03-28  Jan Lehnardtadd test covering loading admins from config
2018-03-28  Jan Lehnardtfix: more reliable password scheme tests
2018-03-28  Eric AvdeyFix couch peruser test suite (#1247)
2018-03-27  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #1240 from apache/cleanup
2018-03-27  Joan TouzetVarious top-level directory cleanups 1240/head
2018-03-27  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #1242 from apache/daemon-spaces
2018-03-27  Joan TouzetMerge branch 'master' into daemon-spaces 1242/head
2018-03-27  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #1243 from apache/import-setup-again
2018-03-27  Joan TouzetUpdate rebar.config for local src/setup 1243/head
2018-03-27  Joan TouzetImport couchdb-setup
2018-03-27  Joan TouzetMerge branch 'master' into daemon-spaces
2018-03-27  Adam KocoloskiFix DB-specific compaction configuration (#1059)
2018-03-26  Joan TouzetAllow couch_os_daemons to live in directories with...
2018-03-26  Nick VatamaniucImprove 413 response handling
2018-03-26  Nick VatamaniucRevert "Revert "re-enable "flaky" test in quest to...
2018-03-23  Eric AvdeyValidate password_scheme in user doc
2018-03-23  Eric AvdeyReplace resource expensive bcrypt test with shorter...
2018-03-23  Peng Hui JiangMerge pull request #1130 from cloudant/issue-876-remove...
2018-03-22  jiangphcnRemove _config call in couch_peruser_test 1130/head
2018-03-22  Peng Hui JiangMerge pull request #1222 from cloudant/issue-820-add...
2018-03-22  jiangphcnSupport queries for endpoints 1222/head
2018-03-14  Nick VatamaniucBump config dependency to 1.0.3
2018-03-14  Nick VatamaniucImplement format_status/2 for replication worker gen_server
2018-03-09  Nick VatamaniucIncrease PSE test engine timeouts
2018-03-09  Jan Lehnardtstyle fixes as per @davisp
2018-03-09  Jan Lehnardtfix whitespace
2018-03-09  AlexanderKaraberovProper error handling for file:open() call
2018-03-09  Jan Lehnardtfix: compaction daemon symlink resolution and log level...
2018-03-09  Jan Lehnardtfeat: allow eunit to run without setup or make all
2018-03-09  ILYA KhlopotovFix dialyzer warning for couch_att:from_disk_term
2018-03-09  Jay DoaneIntroduce bin_opt_info erl_opts compilation option
2018-03-08  Jan LehnardtAdd bcrypt hashing option
2018-03-08  Nick VatamaniucRevert "re-enable "flaky" test in quest to nail down...
2018-03-07  Jay DoaneAdd error tuple return type to replicator auth spec... 1160/head
2018-03-06  iilyakMerge pull request #1193 from cloudant/fix-error-report...
2018-03-06  ILYA KhlopotovUse `chttpd:send_error/2` in mango_httpd 1193/head
2018-03-06  gesbergerSwitching `couch_stats_process_tracker:track/2` argumen...
2018-03-06  AlexanderKaraberovUse precise term comparison
2018-03-06  AlexanderKaraberovFix validate_doc_update for Erlang functions
2018-03-06  ILYA KhlopotovFix dialyzer warning on `couch_key_tree:merge/2`
2018-03-06  Joan TouzetPrevent access to Fauxton on node-local port (5986)
2018-03-06  Jan Lehnardtfeat: demote view index opening/closing to log level...
2018-03-06  Jan Lehnardtdoc: add snooze_period doc to default.ini
2018-03-06  Jan Lehnardtfeat: bump the compaction daemon check_interval to...
2018-03-06  Jan Lehnardtfix: simplify config integer get
2018-03-06  Jan Lehnardtfeat: introduce snooze_period to reduce compaction_daem...
2018-03-05  Paul J. DavisThis fixes couch_bt_engine:fold_local_docs/4
2018-03-05  Nick VatamaniucImplement pluggable authentication and session support...
2018-03-05  Jan Lehnardtre-enable "flaky" test in quest to nail down #745
2018-03-05  Paul J. DavisRemove unused code for starting compactions
2018-03-02  Joan TouzetEliminate "default" Erlang platform from Jenkins CI
2018-03-01  Paul J. DavisIncrease timeout for storage engine tests
2018-02-28  Paul J. DavisEnsure deterministic revisions for attachments
2018-02-28  Paul J. DavisAdd storage engine test suite
2018-02-28  Paul J. DavisImplement pluggable storage engines
2018-02-28  Paul J. DavisAdd legacy storage engine implementation
2018-02-28  Paul J. DavisAdd couch_db_engine module
2018-02-28  Paul J. DavisRemove old rolling reboot upgrade code
2018-02-23  Jan LehnardtPrevent chttpd multipart zombie processes
2018-02-22  Nick VatamaniucAvoid unconditional retries in replicator's http client
2018-02-20  Jan Lehnardtfeat: update mochiweb to 2.17.0
2018-02-15  Nick VatamaniucUse callbacks for couch_event_listener behavior
2018-02-15  Nick VatamaniucBump config to 1.0.2 for dialyzer related fixes
2018-02-15  Nick VatamaniucAdd config app to couch_replicator app dependencies
2018-02-14  Jan Lehnardtfeat: add ./configure --dev as alias for -c --disable...
2018-02-13  Joan TouzetSimplify make dist approach
2018-02-06  iilyakMerge pull request #1143 from cloudant/issue-820-remove...
2018-02-06  jiangphcnRemove queries for _all_docs 1143/head
2018-01-31  Juanjo RodriguezFix for issue #1134 clean up dev/lib before run mango...
2018-01-31  Jan Lehnardtfeat: add quorum tests to make check
2018-01-31  JuanjoFix for issue #603 - Error 500 when creating a db below...
2018-01-29  iilyakMerge pull request #1082 from cloudant/issue-822-all...
2018-01-29  jiangphcnIntroduce new _dbs_info endpoint to get info of a list... 1082/head
2018-01-26  jiangphcnMake _design_docs to respect query parameters
2018-01-26  Joan TouzetRemove 'smartquote' from default.ini, broke the build
2018-01-26  jiangphcnDecode destination header for doc copy
2018-01-26  jiangphcnHide Auth information in replication document for reader
2018-01-24  Adam KocoloskiRemove outdated docker targets and docs (#1109)
2018-01-23  jiangphcnMake peruser database prefix configurable
2018-01-23  Eric AvdeyMerge pull request #1123 from apache/fix-create_delete_...
2018-01-22  Eric AvdeySet eunit timeout on a whole test object 1123/head
2018-01-18  jiangphcnAdd support for queries in /{db}/_all_docs POST
2018-01-17  Adam KocoloskiCreate all needed directories to build docs (#1115)
2018-01-16  Eric AvdeyMerge pull request #1085 from cloudant/issue-969-update...
2018-01-16  jiangphcnReturn null for update_seq and offset if update_seq... 1085/head