2018-12-13  Hugo HirschINFRA-17348: Move changes to the correct location trunk
2018-12-13  Hugo HirschFix error in generated release notes.
2018-12-12  Jochen Wiedmann... Start using .gitignore.
2018-12-12  Jochen Wiedmann... SCM has been moved to Gitbox.
2018-12-12  Jochen Wiedmann... SCM has been moved to Gitbox.
2018-11-14  Philipp OttlingerRemove links to MD5 as it is deprecated in favour of... trunk
2018-11-14  Philipp OttlingerRephrase link to KEYS file
2018-11-05  Philipp OttlingerReadd placeholder for site generation
2018-10-13  Philipp Ottlinger[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-10-13  Philipp Ottlinger[maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-rat-proje...
2018-10-10  Philipp OttlingerPlaceholder/proerties seem to be a problem for maven...
2018-10-10  Philipp OttlingerTry not to use a placeholder at all for dryRun.
2018-10-10  Philipp OttlingerAdapt changes from mavenreleaseplugin dryRun
2018-10-10  Philipp OttlingerDisable property placeholder for release
2018-10-10  Philipp OttlingerDisable apache-rat reportin to circumvent error
2018-10-10  Philipp OttlingerRollback disabling RAT in pom.xml
2018-10-08  Philipp OttlingerApply changes to pom from dryRun release plugin run
2018-10-08  Philipp OttlingerReenable RAT self-check with hard-coded release version
2018-10-08  Philipp OttlingerDisable RAT self-check
2018-10-08  Philipp OttlingerGenerate release notes for upcoming 0.13
2018-10-08  Philipp OttlingerTry to prepare a release
2018-10-03  Philipp OttlingerRAT-228: Fix broken Ant integration tests
2018-07-29  Philipp OttlingerRAT-228: Enable build failure if tests fail
2018-07-16  Philipp OttlingerRAT-245: Update to latest RAT 1.9.12
2018-03-29  Philipp OttlingerRAT-245: Update to latest Ant release
2018-02-07  Philipp OttlingerRAT-245: Add changelog
2018-02-07  Philipp OttlingerRAT-245: Update to latest ANT 1.9.10 to fix CVE
2018-01-21  Philipp OttlingerFix project title
2018-01-16  Philipp OttlingerINFRA-15891: Add badge to travis and a nice github...
2018-01-14  Philipp OttlingerRAT-242: Tweak configuration for ANT task itests
2018-01-14  Philipp OttlingerRAT-242: Add exclusions for RAT itests
2018-01-14  Philipp OttlingerRAT-242: Add exclusion of ITests to rat plugin pom
2018-01-14  Philipp OttlingerRAT-242: Adapt rat check configuration
2018-01-13  Philipp OttlingerRAT-262: Try to fix failing Jenkins build
2018-01-13  Philipp OttlingerRAT-242: Add tests and fixes for encoding
2018-01-07  Philipp OttlingerRemoving license from Travis file
2018-01-05  Jochen WiedmannAdding m2e configuration.
2018-01-05  Jochen WiedmannAdding license header ti travis build file.
2018-01-04  Philipp OttlingerRAT-242: Use UTF-8 as default encoding for written...
2018-01-04  Philipp OttlingerINFRA-15791: Add travis build file to RAT ignores
2018-01-04  Philipp OttlingerINFRA-15791: Add travis build file
2017-12-23  Philipp OttlingerRAT-234: Fix typo in constant name
2017-12-23  Philipp OttlingerRAT-234: Add changelog entry
2017-12-11  Philipp OttlingerRAT-234: Apply patch to disably binary classification...
2017-10-21  Philipp OttlingerRAT-243: Add .checkstyle to default exclusions
2017-10-19  Philipp OttlingerApply minor code refactorings/optimizations
2017-10-18  Philipp OttlingerRAT-241: Use lower log level
2017-10-13  Philipp OttlingerRAT-226: Use same ANT version
2017-10-09  Philipp OttlingerRAT-240: Add change documentation and update tests
2017-10-09  Philipp OttlingerRAT-240: Add comments in exclusion files/change parsing
2017-10-08  Philipp OttlingerRAT-240: Unify handling of exclusion parsing
2017-10-08  Philipp OttlingerRAT-240: prepare testing of extensions.
2017-10-07  Philipp OttlingerLHF: change typo
2017-10-07  Philipp OttlingerLHF: Fix typo
2017-10-07  Philipp OttlingerRAT-240: Do not stop execution if given pattern is...
2017-10-07  Philipp OttlingerRAT-240: Refactor parameter extraction
2017-10-07  Philipp OttlingerRAT-240: Update maven-compiler plugin.
2017-10-05  Philipp OttlingerRAT-240: Refactor CLI base class
2017-04-26  Philipp OttlingerRAT-228: Use same dependency versions as Maven
2017-04-26  Philipp OttlingerRAT-228: Update to latest maven antrun plugin
2017-04-26  Philipp OttlingerRAT-228: Use latest release version in example ANT...
2017-04-26  Philipp OttlingerRAT-233: Detect xproj files.
2017-03-17  Karl Heinz... [RAT-232] Removed prerequisites from pom use maven...
2017-03-17  Karl Heinz... [RAT-227] Change all links in maven-generated site...
2017-03-17  Karl Heinz... [RAT-230] Short Apache header is not accepted by apache...
2017-03-17  Karl Heinz... [RAT-231] Update URL's from http to https
2017-03-09  Karl Heinz... [RAT-229] Mp3 files are not treated as binary
2017-02-06  Philipp OttlingerRAT-226: Update to latest ANT 1.9.9.
2016-11-21  Philipp OttlingerRAT-222: Add SNAPSHOT handling in download section
2016-11-20  Philipp OttlingerRAT-224: Fix webpage example YAST
2016-11-08  Philipp OttlingerRAT-223: Add support for Golang and Perl modules
2016-09-24  Philipp OttlingerUnify SVN urls to have https only
2016-09-04  Philipp OttlingerAdd target folder.
2016-09-04  Philipp OttlingerAdd more details to site - thanks Karlheinz.
2016-09-03  Karl Heinz... Added index page to RAT API module.
2016-08-30  Karl Heinz... [RAT-218] Fix wrong License Header
2016-08-30  Karl Heinz... [RAT-217] maven-compiler-plugin configuration can be...
2016-08-29  Philipp OttlingerAdd site descriptor for api module.
2016-08-29  Philipp OttlingerTry to publish a webpage
2016-08-25  Philipp OttlingerRAT-216: Upgrading maven-enforcer-rules
2016-08-22  Jochen WiedmannPR: RAT-216
2016-08-16  Philipp OttlingerRAT-216: Update to new 0.13-SNAPSHOT
2016-06-08  Philipp OttlingerRemove gradle in documentation.
2016-05-11  Philipp OttlingerUpdate to latest mvn-rel plugin.
2016-04-29  Jochen WiedmannCreating a temporary branch for the 0.12 release.
2016-03-21  Philipp OttlingerRAT-215: Version info is not inherited into reporting...
2016-03-21  Philipp OttlingerRAT-215: Fix mvn warnings on CI.
2016-03-19  Philipp OttlingerRAT-215: Add fonts as binary by default based on file...
2016-03-14  Philipp OttlingerRAT-214: Update dependencies
2016-03-10  Philipp OttlingerRAT-213: Upgrade to commons-collections 3.2.2
2016-01-29  Philipp OttlingerRAT-210: Adapt to new CD/CI
2016-01-28  Philipp OttlingerReformat and change title of publish howto.
2015-09-30  Sebastian BazleySample 0.12 RN
2015-09-30  Sebastian BazleyOOps
2015-09-30  Sebastian BazleyUpdate rest of history
2015-09-30  Sebastian BazleyList issue, type before other attributes
2015-09-30  Sebastian BazleyAlignment
2015-09-30  Sebastian BazleyCopy changes from 0.12-branch
2015-09-30  Sebastian BazleyEnsure VM can get JIRA ID so it can calculate indents
2015-09-30  Sebastian BazleyAdd 0.8 changes