2018-12-16  Hugo HirschINFRA-17453: Verify move to Gitbox asf-site
2018-11-28  Phil OttlingerFix download page as it remains in the sub directory
2018-11-27  Phil OttlingerAdapt download page to not link to MD5 and SHA1
2018-11-15  Phil OttlingerChange download page to point to SHA512 checksums inste...
2018-11-05  Phil OttlingerAdd base directory without download scripts
2018-11-05  Phil OttlingerAdd apache-rat-tasks subdir
2018-11-05  Phil OttlingerAdd apache-rat-core subdir
2018-11-05  Phil OttlingerAdd apache-rat-api subdir
2018-11-05  Phil OttlingerAdd apache-rat subdir.
2018-10-20  Phil OttlingerFix last http link
2018-10-13  Phil OttlingerAnnounce pre-RC0.13 in staging state
2018-04-28  Phil OttlingerAdd logo of ApacheCon
2018-04-10  Phil OttlingerMinor update of site
2018-04-09  Phil OttlingerFix copyright in footer.
2017-10-07  Phil OttlingerRAT-240: Update release notes while working on RAT
2016-11-21  Phil OttlingerRAT-222: Copy generated page to subdir rat
2016-11-21  Phil OttlingerRAT-222: Use generated download.html
2016-11-21  Phil OttlingerRAT-222: Fix generated site to link to 0.12
2016-11-20  Phil OttlingerRAT-224: Fixing the webpage directly
2016-09-10  Phil OttlingerFix order of releases in history
2016-09-10  Phil OttlingerFix broken link to ApacheCon
2016-09-10  Phil OttlingerFixing RAT webpage - broken 0.12 is 0.13-SNAPSHOT now.
2016-09-10  Phil OttlingerAdd release history section, add more SSL.
2016-09-10  Phil OttlingerFix broken markup/introduce SSL
2016-09-10  khmarbaiseTrigger site publishing.
2016-09-10  khmarbaiseRemoved RAT parts from root level.
2016-09-09  khmarbaiseUpgraded site remove apache-rat on root level
2016-09-09  khmarbaiseRemoved Apache RAT from root level.
2016-09-09  khmarbaiseTested a small change.
2016-09-09  khmarbaiseUpdated the whole site.
2016-09-09  Phil OttlingerInit with current RAT docs.