2021-12-24  P. OttlingerMerge pull request #5 from apache/dependabot/maven...
2021-12-23  P. OttlingerMerge pull request #1 from apache/feature/TENTACLES-12
2021-12-23  P. OttlingerTENTACLES-12: Fix fluido skin version 1/head
2021-12-23  P. OttlingerTENTACLES-12: Update fluido skin
2021-12-23  P. OttlingerUpdate to latest jackson-module-jaxb-annotations 2...
2021-12-23  P. OttlingerTENTACLES-12: Downgrade to JDK8 as enforcer problems...
2021-12-23  P. OttlingerTENTACLES-12: Update to latest log4j
2021-12-23  P. OttlingerTENTACLES-12: Update enforcer rules to fix existing...
2021-12-23  P. OttlingerMerge master into feature branch
2021-12-23  P. OttlingerRAT291: Fix Travis URL
2021-08-31  P. OttlingerFix copy/paste error
2021-08-31  P. OttlingerUpdate maven fluido skin to 1.9 and site-plugin to...
2021-08-31  P. OttlingerUpdate animal sniffer plugin to 1.20
2021-08-31  P. OttlingerUpdate parent pom and add property for reproducable...
2021-08-31  P. OttlingerFix typo
2021-08-31  P. OttlingerUpdate junit to latest 4.13.2
2021-08-31  dependabot... Bump animal-sniffer-maven-plugin from 1.19 to 1.20 5/head
2021-08-31  P. OttlingerRAT-289: Add dependabot integration
2021-06-08  P. OttlingerTENTACLES-13: Upgrade httpclient
2020-12-15  Hugo HirschTENTACLES-12: Use JDK9 to build
2020-12-15  Hugo HirschTENTACLES-12: Fix headline about min JDK9
2020-12-15  Hugo HirschTENTACLES-12: Update to latest jaxb
2020-12-15  Hugo HirschTENTACLES-12: Update fluido and fix site build
2020-12-15  Hugo HirschTENTACLES-12: Update fluido skin
2020-12-15  Hugo HirschTENTACLES-12: Update site plugin
2020-12-15  Hugo HirschTENTACLES-12: Update httpclient
2020-12-15  Hugo HirschTENTACLES-12: Change default JDK / guess
2020-12-15  Hugo HirschTENTACLES-12: Add enhanced defaultGoal
2020-12-15  Hugo HirschTENTACLES-12: Update to JDK9 and log4jx2
2020-12-15  Hugo HirschTENTACLES-12: Add log4j2 config
2020-12-15  Hugo HirschUpdate to JDK9 in order to work with new log4j2
2020-11-12  Hugo HirschRAT-279: Change badge to Travis
2020-10-18  Hugo HirschAdapt to new JDK name in Jenkins
2020-10-18  Hugo HirschAdapt to new Maven name in Jenkins
2020-10-14  Hugo HirschUpdate junit to fix CVE-2020-15250
2020-10-06  Hugo HirschAdd bage for ASF Jenkins
2020-08-27  Hugo HirschRAT-271: Update new Jenkins coordinates
2020-08-20  Hugo HirschRAT-271: Add Gitbox coordinates as SCM info
2020-08-14  Hugo HirschRAT-271: Upgrade animal sniffer to comply with JDK8 trunk
2020-08-14  Hugo HirschRAT-271: Add basic Jenkinsfile
2020-08-14  Hugo HirschRAT-271: Project is so old, build is not successful...
2019-06-05  Philipp OttlingerUse openJDK instead of OracleJDK trunk
2018-08-30  Philipp OttlingerFix build after ASF parent pom update
2018-08-22  Philipp OttlingerUpdate to latest ASF parent pom
2018-01-23  Philipp OttlingerINFRA-15791: Add link to travis
2018-01-22  Philipp OttlingerINFRA-15791: Move docs.
2018-01-14  Philipp OttlingerINFRA-15791: Readd travis config
2018-01-10  Philipp OttlingerUpdate to newer maven-site-plugin.
2018-01-10  Philipp OttlingerINFRA-15660: Update to latest parent
2018-01-09  Philipp OttlingerIgnore travis file during RAT scan
2016-09-11  Karl Heinz... [TENTACLES-11]¬†Upgrade to RAT version 0.12
2015-11-17  Philipp OttlingerTENTACLES-9: Add patch to have a retr strategy during...
2014-10-14  Philipp OttlingerLHF: Reducing Eclipse warnings.
2014-09-14  Philipp OttlingerTENTACLES-8 NexusClient not closing connections
2014-09-07  Philipp OttlingerTENTACLES-4 Build infra
2014-08-26  Philipp OttlingerTENTACLES-7
2014-08-26  Philipp OttlingerTENTACLES-7 Scan archives in EAR and RAR files.
2014-08-20  Philipp OttlingerTENTACLES-4: build infra
2014-08-19  Philipp OttlingerTENTACLES-4 Streamline Build Infrastructure
2014-08-19  Philipp OttlingerLocal development with git - more ignores.
2014-08-19  Philipp OttlingerAdding IntelliJ stuff to svn/gitignore.
2014-08-19  Philipp OttlingerAdding gitignore for local git development.
2014-08-12  Philipp OttlingerTENTACLES-3: Provde help text in case number of argumen...
2014-08-06  Philipp OttlingerUsing non-deprecated methods of httpClient.
2014-08-04  David Blevinsbarely started with writing json version of archive...
2014-08-03  Philipp Ottlingerpom.xml improvements
2014-07-30  Philipp OttlingerUpgraded to parent pom v14 and removed unnecessary...
2014-07-28  Philipp Ottlinger
2014-07-28  Philipp Ottlinger
2014-07-28  Philipp Ottlinger
2014-07-28  Philipp OttlingerFIxed typos and updated year to 2014.
2013-04-01  Robert Burrell... Improve fluency of interface
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Move nested type to top level
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Move nested type to top level
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Oops - added missing
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Move type to top level
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Introduce parameter object, consolidating directory...
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Preparing to push contents into archive
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Distinguish between the local root directory and the...
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Move towards moving Archive to top level
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... DRY up code
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Improve fluency
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Only create nexus client when needed
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Move toward more specific interface
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Consolidate file wrangling into FileSystem and delegate
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Improve names
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Repackage filters, introducing factory
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Enumerate licenses
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Push resource wrangling into responsible class
2013-03-31  Robert Burrell... Introduce parameter object to simplify constructors
2013-03-30  Robert Burrell... Move out nested type
2013-03-30  Robert Burrell... Start to clean up repository mirroring code
2013-03-30  Robert Burrell... Push logic out into enumeration
2013-03-30  Robert Burrell... Move nested class to top level
2013-03-30  Robert Burrell... Move nested classes to top level
2013-03-30  Robert Burrell... Pushing classpath resource loading code into separate...
2013-03-30  Robert Burrell... Tidy up: improving thread safety, names and field usage
2013-03-30  Robert Burrell... Inject templates
2013-03-30  Robert Burrell... Factor out nested type
2013-03-30  Robert Burrell... Inject IO object, hopefully more testable