Merge pull request #7 from JLLeitschuh/fix/JLL/use_https_to_resolve_dependencies
[cxf-dosgi.git] / common / src /
2019-12-13  Colm O hEigeartaighFixing javadoc parameter
2019-05-28  Amichai RothmanRemove trailing whitespace
2019-05-28  Amichai RothmanUpgrade tests to junit 4
2019-05-28  Amichai RothmanTiny simplifications
2019-05-28  Amichai RothmanMigrate to diamond operator
2019-05-28  Amichai RothmanAdd missing @Override annotations
2019-05-28  Amichai RothmanFix skipped tests
2019-05-28  Amichai RothmanSimplify array initialization
2019-05-28  Amichai RothmanDelete unused empty test class
2019-05-28  Amichai RothmanRemove redundant throws clause
2019-05-28  Amichai RothmanRemove leading whitespace
2019-05-28  Amichai RothmanRemove extra blank lines
2017-07-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-254] Fix handling of inherited exceptions
2017-07-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-254] Refactor to extract exception mapping
2017-07-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-254] Make proxyfactory generic. Small fix in...
2017-07-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-254] Unit test to show the issue
2017-07-07  Christian SchneiderFix checkstyle issues
2017-04-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-262] Allow to also publish external intents...
2017-04-10  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-262] Add support for Features annotation
2017-04-10  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-262] Adding IntentsProvider interface for inline...
2017-02-10  Amichai RothmanExtract duplicate handler functionality into BaseDistri...
2017-01-03  Christian SchneiderCleanup util package
2016-11-07  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-251] Allow to export services with less service...
2016-08-10  Christian SchneiderAdd simpler key for intent services
2016-07-25  Christian Schneider[CXF-5107] Remove old intentmanager methods
2016-07-25  Christian Schneider[CXF-5107] SSL example and support for Conduit features
2016-07-13  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-245] Merge IntentHelper with IntentManager to...
2016-07-12  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-245] Fix intents not found when published interf...
2016-07-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-245] Add provider handling for JAXRS
2016-07-07  Christian SchneiderSmall refactoring
2016-07-06  Christian SchneiderSome more cleanups
2016-07-06  Christian SchneiderRemoving local ip guessing as it is too unreliable
2016-07-05  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-245] Split cxf provider into rs and ws provider
2016-07-04  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-242] Prepare split of jaxws and jaxrs support
2016-07-02  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-242] Switch IntentManager to DS
2016-07-01  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-242] Extract common module, use DS