2017-04-11  Christian SchneiderUpgrade to official equinox 3.11.3
2017-04-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-265] Upgrade to Aries rsa 1.10.0
2017-04-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-263] Update to CXF 3.1.11
2017-04-10  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-262] Add support for Features annotation
2017-04-10  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-262] Switch jackson provider example to IntentsP...
2017-04-10  Christian SchneiderFix TestCustomIntent
2017-04-10  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-262] Fix unresolved package
2017-04-10  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-262] Adding IntentsProvider interface for inline...
2017-03-25  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-261] Adding Sample for Jackson provider
2017-02-20  Amichai RothmanUpdate documentation with 2.1.0 new features
2017-02-11  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-02-11  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-dosgi-2.1.0 cxf-dosgi-2.1.0
2017-02-10  Amichai RothmanExtract duplicate handler functionality into BaseDistri...
2017-02-10  Amichai Rothman[DOSGI-258] Made itests HTTP port configurable via...
2017-02-10  Amichai Rothman[DOSGI-257] Add ability to set bus properties via servi...
2017-01-31  Amichai RothmanAdd ContextResolver as valid provider class
2017-01-04  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-252] Simplify address handling
2017-01-03  Christian SchneiderCleanup util package
2016-11-07  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-251] Allow to export services with less service...
2016-11-04  Christian SchneiderFix CXF version
2016-11-04  Christian SchneiderDocument how to use the new logging intent
2016-09-14  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-09-14  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-dosgi-2.0.0 cxf-dosgi-2.0.0
2016-09-14  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-209] Copy SoapBindingConfig intents
2016-09-14  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-108] Throw exception if a service has multiple...
2016-09-14  Christian SchneiderMake sure we do not use any snapshot dependencies
2016-09-13  Christian SchneiderMore documentation
2016-09-13  Christian SchneiderDocumentation
2016-09-13  Christian SchneiderDocument and clean up decorator
2016-09-12  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-249] Adapt artifact ids
2016-08-16  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-249] Small fixes
2016-08-16  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-249] Change itests to use new examples
2016-08-12  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-249] Redesign examples
2016-08-11  Christian SchneiderAdd missing version
2016-08-10  Christian SchneiderAdd simpler key for intent services
2016-08-10  Christian SchneiderDocument common project
2016-08-01  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-248] Removing staging repo
2016-07-27  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-248] Update to cxf 3.1.7
2016-07-27  Christian SchneiderShortening project names
2016-07-25  Christian Schneider[CXF-5107] Remove old intentmanager methods
2016-07-25  Christian Schneider[CXF-5107] SSL example and support for Conduit features
2016-07-13  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-245] Merge IntentHelper with IntentManager to...
2016-07-12  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-245] Remove thread context classloader as it...
2016-07-12  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-245] Fix intents not found when published interf...
2016-07-12  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-246] Update to Aries RSA 1.9.0
2016-07-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-245] Add provider handling for JAXRS
2016-07-07  Christian SchneiderSmall refactoring
2016-07-06  Christian SchneiderCleanups in constants and adding documentation
2016-07-06  Christian SchneiderRename systests2 to itests to make it more similar...
2016-07-06  Christian SchneiderSome more cleanups
2016-07-06  Christian SchneiderRemoving local ip guessing as it is too unreliable
2016-07-05  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-245] Split cxf provider into rs and ws provider
2016-07-04  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-242] Prepare split of jaxws and jaxrs support
2016-07-02  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-242] Switch IntentManager to DS
2016-07-02  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-243] Update to OSGi spec 5.0.0
2016-07-01  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-242] Extract common module, use DS
2016-07-01  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-242] Refactor provider, Cleanup
2016-07-01  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-241] Simplify Tests
2016-07-01  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-241] Simplify Tests
2016-07-01  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-241] Remove systest2.common
2016-06-30  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-241] Simplify examples
2016-06-30  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-241] Simplify examples
2016-06-28  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-240] Fix checkstyle in eclipse
2016-06-28  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-239] Extract decorator xml support into separate...
2016-05-04  Christian SchneiderRemove staging of aries-rsa
2016-03-31  Christian SchneiderAdd rsa staging repo
2016-03-31  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-03-31  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-dosgi-ri... cxf-dosgi-ri-1.8.0
2016-03-31  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-235] Switch to Aries RSA 1.8.0
2016-03-14  Christian SchneiderAdapting to changes in Aries RSA
2016-03-13  Christian SchneiderFix pids of zookeeper modules
2016-03-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-232] Remove code that moved to Aries-rsa and...
2016-03-11  Christian SchneiderAdd test for DistributionProviderTracker
2016-03-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-231] Create ExportPolicy SPI
2016-03-10  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-229] Improve test coverage
2016-03-10  Christian SchneiderFurther refactoring TopologyManager
2016-03-09  Christian SchneiderFix warnings
2016-03-09  Christian SchneiderSkip repo
2016-03-09  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-229] Simplify TopologyManager
2016-03-09  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-229] Optimize packaging
2016-03-09  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-229] Easier to use interface
2016-03-08  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-230] Make threads configurable, add logging
2016-03-08  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-230] Fixes in tcp provider
2016-03-08  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-230] Add tcp provider
2016-03-08  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-229] Move some property handling to RSA
2016-03-08  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-229] Fixes
2016-03-07  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-229] Use separate bundles for API and RSA impl...
2016-03-07  Christian SchneiderAllow multiple interfaces
2016-03-07  Christian SchneiderRemove unnecessary elements
2016-03-07  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-229] Allow to use more than one interface for...
2016-03-04  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-229] Remove wrongly added method from API again
2016-03-04  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-229] Make CXF handlers only depend on API
2016-03-03  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-229] Refactor api and fix some issues
2016-03-03  Christian SchneiderIgnoring unresolveable bundle in distro
2016-03-01  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating XML Security version
2016-02-26  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-229] Fix checkstyle warnings
2016-02-26  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-229] Refactor to make Remote Service Admin core...
2016-02-26  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-228] Upgrade to CXF 3.1.5
2016-02-22  Christian SchneiderFix checkstyle issues
2016-02-21  Amichai RothmanUpgrade Karaf to 3.0.6