2018-03-15  Colm O hEigeartaighMerge pull request #4 from hlavki/master
2018-03-13  Michal Hlavacupgrade to cxf 3.2.2 4/head
2017-09-23  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-09-23  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-dosgi-2.3.0 cxf-dosgi-2.3.0
2017-09-23  Christian SchneiderUpdate to jline 3.5.1
2017-09-23  Christian SchneiderRemove sample from distro bundles
2017-09-23  Christian SchneiderUse markdown in readme
2017-09-23  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-09-23  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-dosgi-2.3.0
2017-09-23  Christian SchneiderSwitch back to cxf 3.2.0 for redo of release
2017-09-23  Christian SchneiderAdd LICENSE and NOTICE to distro
2017-09-23  Christian SchneiderDocument swagger dependencies
2017-09-22  Christian SchneiderUpdate to CXF 3.2.1-SNAPSHOT
2017-09-21  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-09-21  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-dosgi-2.3.0
2017-09-21  Christian SchneiderFix git url
2017-09-21  Christian SchneiderFix git url
2017-09-21  Christian SchneiderUse github uri in pom
2017-09-21  Christian SchneiderAdd itest for swagger json
2017-09-21  Christian SchneiderAdd swagger UI bundle to distro
2017-09-20  Christian SchneiderMake sure we do not export the IntentsProvider interface
2017-09-20  Christian SchneiderFix rest example
2017-09-20  Christian Schneiderupdate release notes for 2.3.0
2017-09-18  Christian SchneiderRemove out dated release notes and include the current...
2017-09-18  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-275] Fix distro issue
2017-09-18  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-275] Simplify archive names
2017-09-18  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-275] Include felix and samples in multibundle...
2017-09-15  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-274] Upgrade to CXF 3.2.0
2017-09-15  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-273] Use bnd resolver to create the multi bundle...
2017-09-12  Christian SchneiderUse github md syntax
2017-07-13  Christian SchneiderUpdating release notes and NOTICE
2017-07-13  Christian SchneiderRemove source distro as it is provided by apache-releas...
2017-07-13  Christian SchneiderUpdate build dependencies
2017-07-13  Christian SchneiderFix duplicates
2017-07-13  Richard Begg[DOSGI-267] Treat all intents annotated with @Provider... 3/head
2017-07-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-254] Fix handling of inherited exceptions
2017-07-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-254] Refactor to extract exception mapping
2017-07-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-254] Make proxyfactory generic. Small fix in...
2017-07-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-254] Unit test to show the issue
2017-07-10  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-07-10  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-dosgi-2.2.0 cxf-dosgi-2.2.0
2017-07-10  Christian SchneiderUpdate javadoc for java 8
2017-07-10  Christian SchneiderUpdate apache parent, remove duplicates
2017-07-10  Christian SchneiderFix docs
2017-07-10  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-270] Add swagger documentation example
2017-07-10  Christian SchneiderUpdate Felix version
2017-07-07  Christian SchneiderFix checkstyle issues
2017-07-07  Christian SchneiderFix checkstyle issues
2017-07-07  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-269] Update to Aries RSA 1.11.0
2017-07-07  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-268] Update to CXF 3.1.12
2017-06-12  Christian SchneiderFix description
2017-06-12  Christian SchneiderFix typo
2017-06-12  Christian SchneiderFix provider-rs readme
2017-06-12  Christian SchneiderFix provider-ws readme
2017-06-12  Christian SchneiderFix readme links
2017-05-08  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-266] Support for ContextProvider
2017-04-12  Christian SchneiderFix ssl example
2017-04-11  Christian SchneiderAdd swagger config to rest example
2017-04-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-262] Allow to also publish external intents...
2017-04-11  Christian SchneiderUpgrade to official equinox 3.11.3
2017-04-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-265] Upgrade to Aries rsa 1.10.0
2017-04-11  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-263] Update to CXF 3.1.11
2017-04-10  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-262] Add support for Features annotation
2017-04-10  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-262] Switch jackson provider example to IntentsP...
2017-04-10  Christian SchneiderFix TestCustomIntent
2017-04-10  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-262] Fix unresolved package
2017-04-10  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-262] Adding IntentsProvider interface for inline...
2017-03-25  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-261] Adding Sample for Jackson provider
2017-02-20  Amichai RothmanUpdate documentation with 2.1.0 new features
2017-02-11  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-02-11  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-dosgi-2.1.0 cxf-dosgi-2.1.0
2017-02-10  Amichai RothmanExtract duplicate handler functionality into BaseDistri...
2017-02-10  Amichai Rothman[DOSGI-258] Made itests HTTP port configurable via...
2017-02-10  Amichai Rothman[DOSGI-257] Add ability to set bus properties via servi...
2017-01-31  Amichai RothmanAdd ContextResolver as valid provider class
2017-01-04  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-252] Simplify address handling
2017-01-03  Christian SchneiderCleanup util package
2016-11-07  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-251] Allow to export services with less service...
2016-11-04  Christian SchneiderFix CXF version
2016-11-04  Christian SchneiderDocument how to use the new logging intent
2016-09-14  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-09-14  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-dosgi-2.0.0 cxf-dosgi-2.0.0
2016-09-14  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-209] Copy SoapBindingConfig intents
2016-09-14  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-108] Throw exception if a service has multiple...
2016-09-14  Christian SchneiderMake sure we do not use any snapshot dependencies
2016-09-13  Christian SchneiderMore documentation
2016-09-13  Christian SchneiderDocumentation
2016-09-13  Christian SchneiderDocument and clean up decorator
2016-09-12  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-249] Adapt artifact ids
2016-08-16  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-249] Small fixes
2016-08-16  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-249] Change itests to use new examples
2016-08-12  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-249] Redesign examples
2016-08-11  Christian SchneiderAdd missing version
2016-08-10  Christian SchneiderAdd simpler key for intent services
2016-08-10  Christian SchneiderDocument common project
2016-08-01  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-248] Removing staging repo
2016-07-27  Christian Schneider[DOSGI-248] Update to cxf 3.1.7
2016-07-27  Christian SchneiderShortening project names
2016-07-25  Christian Schneider[CXF-5107] Remove old intentmanager methods
2016-07-25  Christian Schneider[CXF-5107] SSL example and support for Conduit features