Updating Spring and Tomcat
[cxf-fediz.git] / systests /
2022-02-08  Colm O hEigeartaigh[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2022-02-08  Colm O hEigeartaigh[maven-release-plugin] prepare release fediz-1.6.0 fediz-1.6.0
2022-01-24  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-255 - Switch to Log4J2 for the webapps
2021-11-25  Alexey Markevichrevert intermediate test changes
2021-11-25  Alexey Markevichupdate spring security to 5.6.0
2021-11-25  Alexey Markevichfediz-systests-samlsso: minor
2021-11-04  Alexey Markevichfediz-systests-oidc: fix pmd warning
2021-08-18  Colm O hEigeartaighMerge pull request #59 from amarkevich/FEDIZ-250
2021-07-07  Alexey MarkevichMerge remote-tracking branch 'cxf-fediz/master' into...
2021-07-07  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating to Jetty 9.4.43.v20210629
2021-05-17  Alexey MarkevichMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into FEDIZ-250
2021-04-15  Alexey MarkevichMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into FEDIZ-250
2021-04-01  Alexey Markevichupdate checkstyle & pmd plugins
2021-03-29  Alexey MarkevichMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into FEDIZ-250
2021-03-29  Alexey Markevichupgrade to CXF 3.4.3 & WSS4J 2.3.1 (#62)
2021-02-19  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating fix version to 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-11-24  Colm O hEigeartaigh[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2020-11-24  Colm O hEigeartaigh[maven-release-plugin] prepare release fediz-1.5.1 fediz-1.5.1
2020-11-24  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating keys
2020-11-05  Alexey Markevichsystests: throw exception on server starup failure
2020-10-08  Alexey MarkevichMerge remote-tracking branch 'cxf-fediz/master' into...
2020-09-03  Alexey MarkevichMigrate to Spring Security 5
2020-08-26  Alexey MarkevichReplace deprecated api usage
2020-08-24  Alexey MarkevichMerge remote-tracking branch 'cxf-fediz/master' into...
2020-07-24  Alexey MarkevichFEDIZ-250 Migrate to Spring 5
2020-06-19  Colm O hEigeartaigh[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2020-06-19  Colm O hEigeartaigh[maven-release-plugin] prepare release fediz-1.5.0 fediz-1.5.0
2020-06-18  Colm O hEigeartaighMerge pull request #57 from amergey/sign-algorithm...
2020-06-17  Colm O hEigeartaighMerge pull request #54 from amergey/unsigned-tokens
2020-06-16  Colm O hEigeartaighMerge pull request #55 from amergey/encrypted-tokens
2020-06-15  Alexey MarkevichFEDIZ-245 OIDC: Client Update (#52)
2020-06-11  Colm O hEigeartaighMerge pull request #40 from amarkevich/spring-security-4
2020-05-21  Colm O hEigeartaighMerge pull request #49 from amergey/master
2020-04-01  Alexey Markevichfediz-systests-federation-wsfed: minor formatting
2020-04-01  Alexey Markevichfediz-systests-federation-wsfed: remove duplicate resource
2020-03-12  Alexey Markevichfediz-oidc: include key id
2020-02-27  Alexey Markevichfediz-systests-oidc: select realm using "login_hint"
2020-02-21  Alexey Markevichfediz-systests-oidc: testOIDCLoginForPublicClientWithRe...
2020-02-20  Alexey Markevichfediz-systests-oidc: enable logout address validation
2020-02-19  Alexey Markevichfediz-systests-oidc: sync idp configuration
2020-02-19  Alexey Markevichfediz-systests-oidc: test public client
2020-02-18  Alexey Markevichfediz-systests-oidc: validate jwt using jwks
2020-02-17  Alexey Markevichfediz-systests-oidc: testLogoutWrongPostLogoutRedirectUri
2020-02-14  Alexey Markevichcleanup after CXF upgrade
2019-12-25  Alexey Markevichsystests: close stream
2019-12-20  Alexey MarkevichRemove commons-lang3
2019-12-20  Alexey MarkevichUpdate commons-text
2019-11-14  Colm O hEigeartaighRemoving println
2019-11-14  Colm O hEigeartaighPorting CXF JWK changes
2019-11-06  Colm O hEigeartaighPorting Token Revocation changes to Fediz
2019-11-03  Alexey MarkevichBuild with Java 11
2019-10-23  Colm O hEigeartaighFixing OIDC system tests
2019-09-23  Alexey Markevichfediz-oidc: sync resources with systests; register...
2019-09-16  Alexey Markevichfix deprecation warnings after Jetty update
2019-09-16  Alexey MarkevichUpdate Jetty
2019-09-16  Alexey Markevichfediz-idp: adopt to Spring Security 4.x 40/head
2019-09-16  Alexey MarkevichUpdate Commons DBCP; cleanup
2019-09-11  Alexey MarkevichSystests for Jetty 9: switch to Tomcat 9
2019-09-11  Alexey MarkevichUpdate Tomcat & Servlet API to 3.1.0
2019-08-14  Colm O hEigeartaighReplacing some deprecated STS calls in CXF
2019-08-13  Alexey MarkevichUpdate CXF to 3.3.3; update maven-jar-plugin
2019-07-03  Colm O hEigeartaighRemoving hard-coded password
2019-06-26  Alexey MarkevichUpdate maven-checkstyle-plugin and maven-pmd-plugin
2019-06-20  Alexey MarkevichUpdate Spring & Spring Security, maven-war-plugin
2019-06-17  Alexey MarkevichSwitch to StringEscapeUtils from commons-text
2019-06-14  Alexey MarkevichUpgrade CXF to 3.3.x
2019-05-24  Colm O hEigeartaighAdding swagger test
2019-05-16  amarkevichfediz-systests-federation-wsfed: refactoring
2019-05-16  Alexey Markevichfediz-systests-oidc: refactoring (#44)
2019-05-16  Alexey Markevichfediz-systests-tomcat: extract TomcatLauncher (#43)
2019-05-14  amarkevichclientAuth for IDP 44/head
2019-05-14  amarkevichremove fail for some tests
2019-05-14  amarkevichfediz-systests-oidc: refactoring
2019-04-30  Colm O hEigeartaighFixing springWebapp demo
2019-04-01  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-239 - Add an underscore prefix to the SAML Ids...
2019-02-20  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-204 - Removing spring 3 plugin as well
2019-02-20  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-232 - Adding WS-Fed tests for Spring + CXF
2019-02-19  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-232 - Adding a configuration option to disable...
2019-01-03  Colm O hEigeartaighRemoving unused assertion
2018-10-31  Colm O hEigeartaighRemoving commons io
2018-10-04  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-231 - Upgrade to Tomcat 9
2018-09-22  Colm O hEigeartaighChanging version to 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT
2018-09-21  Jan BernhardtRefactoring and fix custom claims processing support...
2018-09-21  Juerg PortmannAdding custom claim transformation support to fediz...
2018-09-05  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-229 - Provide a way to map JWT claims into SAML...
2018-08-27  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-227 - Support SAML SSO in the Jetty plugin
2018-08-27  Colm O hEigeartaighAdding SAML SSO system tests for CXF
2018-08-27  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-224 - Adding SAML SSO Spring system tests
2018-07-24  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-222 - Enabling system tests
2018-07-16  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-221 - Sign the LogoutResponses from the IdP
2018-07-16  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-221 - Allow the user to cancel logout
2018-07-13  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-221 - Return errors in a LogoutResponse as well
2018-07-13  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-221 - Add destination to LogoutResponse
2018-07-13  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-221 - Check NonOnOrAfter with LogoutRequests
2018-07-13  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-221 - Redirecting back to RP logout endpoint
2018-07-12  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-221 - Sending back LogoutResponse from the IdP
2018-07-11  Colm O hEigeartaighFEDIZ-221 - Got basic logout functionality working...
2018-06-20  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating the (expired) certs
2018-05-31  Colm O hEigeartaighAdding Spring Security OIDC systests
2018-05-30  Colm O hEigeartaighRefactoring OIDC tests to make it easier to subclass...