2012-07-12  Glen MazzaSwitched keys README to a more readable HTML format.
2012-07-11  Colm O HeigeartaighCorrecting STS config
2012-07-10  Colm O HeigeartaighMore STS updates
2012-07-10  Colm O HeigeartaighUpdating STS config
2012-07-09  Glen MazzaAdded specific keystores for each part of the Fediz...
2012-06-20  Colm O HeigeartaighMade Cache configuration configurable
2012-06-19  owulff[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2012-06-19  owulff[maven-release-plugin] prepare release fediz-1.0.0
2012-06-19  owulffretry release build
2012-06-19  owulff[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2012-06-19  owulfffixed release plugin config
2012-06-19  owulff[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2012-06-19  owulff[maven-release-plugin] prepare release fediz-1.0.0
2012-06-19  owulfffixed tagbase in release plugin
2012-06-19  owulfffixed scm config
2012-06-19  owulff[maven-release-plugin] prepare release fediz-1.0.0
2012-06-19  owulfffixed scm config
2012-06-19  owulff[maven-release-plugin] prepare release fediz-1.0.0
2012-06-15  Colm O HeigeartaighFixed a failing test
2012-06-14  owulffApplicationServiceURL config added
2012-06-14  owulffwct Parameter support and Lifetime element validation...
2012-06-12  owulffMetadata document support added for Tomcat plugin
2012-06-11  Colm O HeigeartaighMinor fix to remove a warning
2012-06-11  owulffmising file added
2012-06-11  owulff[FEDIZ-1] WS-Federation Metadata document published...
2012-06-08  owulfftestcase added for SAML 1.1 and WS-Fed 1.0, SLF4J 1.6.5
2012-06-07  owulffjavadoc warnings and testing message more clear
2012-06-06  owulffminor docu update
2012-06-06  owulffminor docu update
2012-06-06  owulffminor docu update
2012-06-06  owulffNPE fixed when roleURI not configured
2012-06-06  owulffrenamed beans.xml to applicationContext.xml
2012-06-06  owulffadded readme, building, release notes and removed fediz...
2012-06-06  Colm O HeigeartaighKeep ReplayCache instances per-context name instead...
2012-06-05  owulffException handling improved and new testcases added
2012-06-05  owulffCustomTokenValidator support added
2012-06-04  owulffCrypto initialization done once in FederationContext
2012-06-04  owulffRefactoring for pluggable TokenValidator processing
2012-06-04  owulffMigrated to CXF 2.6.1 for STS,IDP and examples
2012-06-04  owulffTestcase added for conditions check and maxclocksqew
2012-06-03  owulffgitignore added
2012-06-03  owulffSupport several trusted issuer, certstores, testcases...
2012-05-29  Colm O HeigeartaighChanging Calendar -> Date
2012-05-29  Colm O HeigeartaighWiring the schema max clock skew into the SAMLTokenVali...
2012-05-29  Colm O HeigeartaighMaking sure that the EhCache stuff gets shut down prope...
2012-05-28  owulffsample config updated
2012-05-28  owulffTokenReplayCacheInMemory renamed
2012-05-28  owulffNullPointerException in createSignInRequest fixed
2012-05-27  owulffCallbackHandler support added for wauth,whr and issuer
2012-05-27  owulffproject version changed to 1.0.0
2012-05-24  Colm O HeigeartaighOnly caching tokens until expiry
2012-05-23  Colm O HeigeartaighValidating Assertions against specs + checking conditio...
2012-05-23  Colm O HeigeartaighSwitch to using Date instead of Calendar
2012-05-23  Colm O Heigeartaigh[FEDIZ-13] - Add a new (default) TokenReplayCache imple...
2012-05-22  J. Daniel KulpPull in readme for the plugin
2012-05-22  owulffREADME added and synced url of the demos
2012-05-22  J. Daniel KulpAdd assembly to start working on a binary distribution
2012-05-19  owulff[FEDIZ-12] SAML 1.1 token validation fails
2012-05-18  J. Daniel KulpTomcat 7.0.21 is known to have issues with CXF, update...
2012-05-18  J. Daniel KulpUse apache parent which allows inheriting the apache...
2012-05-18  J. Daniel KulpRemove warning when using Maven3
2012-05-18  owulff[FEDIZ-11] Support for WS-Trust Namespace 2005/02
2012-05-17  Colm O HeigeartaighRemoving hard-coded versions in poms
2012-05-17  Colm O HeigeartaighRemove PMD plugin from plugins/tomcat as it's picked...
2012-05-16  owulffCheckstyle issues fixed
2012-05-16  owulffAudienceURI validation added and configuration of custo...
2012-05-16  Colm O HeigeartaighSome Fediz tidy-up
2012-05-15  owulffjetty module disabled
2012-05-15  owulff[FEDIZ-10] improved federation configuration
2012-05-11  Colm O HeigeartaighUpgrading to 2.6.1-SNAPSHOT + fixing faulty SecurityPol...
2012-05-11  Colm O HeigeartaighRemoved tabs from pom and re-indented.
2012-05-11  Colm O HeigeartaighAdding Apache license header to poms
2012-05-09  owulffadded missing fediz configuration file
2012-05-07  owulffadded project information like ci, issuesmgmt, ...
2012-05-01  J. Daniel KulpAdd distributionMangement section so deploy will work
2012-04-30  owulffMaven PMD plugin enabled and fixed PMD violations
2012-04-30  owulffpmd ruleset for eclipse plugin
2012-04-30  owulffMinor POM updates
2012-04-30  owulffIncorporate same maven plugins from CXF
2012-04-30  owulffdirectory renamed
2012-04-30  owulffgit-svn-id:
2012-04-30  owulffmissing pom added, minor changes
2012-04-28  owulffDirectory reorganized
2012-04-28  owulffgit-svn-id:
2012-04-28  owulffgit-svn-id:
2012-04-28  owulffgit-svn-id:
2012-04-28  owulffgit-svn-id:
2012-04-28  owulffgit-svn-id:
2012-04-28  owulffgit-svn-id:
2012-04-28  owulffgit-svn-id:
2012-04-28  owulffgit-svn-id:
2012-04-28  owulffgit-svn-id:
2012-04-28  owulffType of claim value changed to Object
2012-04-28  owulfffediz moved out of sandbox
2012-04-27  Colm O HeigeartaighMinor refactoring trunk@1331803
2012-04-24  owulffSupport to configure configFile relative to catalina...
2012-04-24  owulff[CXF-4264] Applied fix from Juerg. Thanks. Some minor...
2012-04-24  Colm O HeigeartaighUpdating to CXF 2.5.3 + WSS4J 1.6.5
2012-04-24  Colm O HeigeartaighReverting accidental port change
2012-04-24  Colm O HeigeartaighRemoving tabs from Fediz & reformatting