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5 days ago  Shane DellDependabot Updates: main
6 days ago  Shane DellAdd Scala Steward GitHub Action
6 days ago  Shane DellDependabot updates:
2022-06-16  Shane DellAdd dependabot.yml to call Dependabot
2022-06-15  Shane DellDFDL language. Initial omega-edit client integration:
2022-05-13  Michael HokeAddress CI issues
2022-01-15  Shane DellCI and Lint Updates:
2021-11-13  Shane DellFix license headers for 4 files.
2021-10-27  Shane DellAdd Apache Rat Check
2021-10-27  Shane DellCreate simple unit tests for most easily testable code...
2021-10-12  John WassUpdate old references and package.json
2021-09-17  John WassLicense cleanup (#135)
2021-09-16  John Wassheader on ci yaml
2021-09-16  Shane DellRemove test data and related files (#133)
2021-09-16  Adam RosienUse sbt-header to add Apache 2.0 licence to Scala files...
2021-08-27  Shane Delladd yarn compile to nightly action to fix issue (#110)
2021-08-27  Shane DellCheck for pre- or -pre in tag. Add GIT_ID to extension...
2021-08-26  John WassPrettier (#103)
2021-08-25  John WassUpdate package name (#100)
2021-08-20  Adam RosienMonorepo extension and backend. (#76)
2021-08-10  Shane DellUpdate Non-selection Actions (#70)
2021-07-22  Shane Dellsetup basic unit testing. Will need to update unit...
2021-06-24  Shane Delladd nightly build workflow (#32)