Dependabot Updates:
[daffodil-vscode.git] / .vscode /
2022-01-15  Shane DellCI and Lint Updates:
2021-10-27  Shane DellAdd Apache Rat Check
2021-09-17  John WassLicense cleanup (#135)
2021-08-26  John WassPrettier (#103)
2021-08-20  Adam RosienMonorepo extension and backend. (#76)
2021-07-22  Shane Dellsetup basic unit testing. Will need to update unit...
2021-05-25  Shane DellDaffodil Packaging (#1)
2021-03-23  Andre WeinandMerge pull request #53 from microsoft/dependabot/npm_an...
2021-03-23  Andre WeinandMerge pull request #50 from Udith/master
2021-01-05  Andre Weinandrecommend required extensions; fixes microsoft/vscode...
2020-12-14  Udith GunaratnaAdded "compile" as a pre launch task for "Server" run...
2020-11-06  Andre WeinandMerge pull request #34 from itowlson/patch-1
2020-09-15  Andre Weinandmake desktop cersion watch the default
2020-09-15  Andre Weinandfix sourcemap issue in desktop version
2020-09-10  Andre Weinandalways webpack and keep vsix small
2020-09-09  Andre Weinandadd browser/webworker support
2020-08-19  Andre WeinandMerge pull request #46 from TylerLeonhardt/add-debug...
2020-08-13  Andre Weinandhygiene: get rid of all warnings...
2018-12-14  Andre WeinandMerge branch 'aweinand/newDAAPI'
2018-12-14  Andre WeinandUse new DebugAdapterDescriptorFactory API
2018-03-01  Andre Weinandupdate server launch config to new structure
2017-11-01  Andre Weinandmake "multi-root ready"
2017-09-21  Andre Weinandfix task
2017-09-14  Andre WeinandRevert "use DebugConfigurationProvider"
2017-09-08  Andre Weinanduse DebugConfigurationProvider
2017-09-08  Andre Weinandfix ${command.AskForProgramName}
2017-09-08  Andre Weinandupgrade tasks.json
2017-09-08  Andre Weinandupdate dependencies
2016-12-01  Andre Weinandlaunch config cosmetics
2016-10-19  Andre Weinandcleanup init config generation
2016-09-22  Andre Weinandupdate typescript to 2.0.2
2016-07-21  Andre Weinandmake use of 'AskForProgramName' variable in launch...
2016-06-16  Andre Weinandalways show debug console for tests
2016-05-20  Andre Weinandfirst cut of a process picker
2016-03-07  Andre Weinandconsolidate launch configs naming
2016-02-09  Andre Weinandadd breakpoint event test
2016-02-09  Andre Weinandadd Breakpoint events
2016-01-28  Andre Weinandđź’„whitespace
2016-01-25  Andre Weinandadopt test suite
2015-12-13  Andre Weinandusing npm modules
2015-11-29  Andre Weinandadd basic mocha test setup
2015-11-27  Andre Weinandsimplifying project structure
2015-11-19  Andre Weinandfix broken path in launch config
2015-11-17  Andre Weinandcleaning up for gallery
2015-11-10  Andre Weinandadd extension launch config
2015-11-10  isidorchange outDir to 'out'.
2015-11-10  isidorPolish vscode extension structure.
2015-11-09  Andre Weinandupdate common libs
2015-10-15  Andre Weinandadd request attribute to launch config
2015-10-14  Andre Weinandfix error in launch.json
2015-10-09  Andre Weinandfix terminology
2015-10-07  Andre Weinandfix launch config name
2015-10-07  Andre Weinandfix launch config
2015-09-23  Andre Weinandadd missing harmony flag
2015-09-23  Andre Weinandadapt to latest extension layout
2015-09-15  Andre Weinanddisable source maps for now
2015-09-07  Andre Weinandnew setup for debug adapter development
2015-09-06  Andre Weinandinitial commit