1.1.0-rc1 Updates:
[daffodil-vscode.git] / package.json
2022-07-27  Shane DellUpdate package.json version in preperation for 1.1... v1.1.0-rc1
2022-07-20  Shane DellCreate a new build script:
2022-07-18  Michael HokeAdd debug option that uses configuration from last...
2022-07-12  Shane DellMultiple Updates:
2022-06-29  Shane DellDependabot Updates:
2022-06-28  Shane DellDependabot updates:
2022-06-15  Shane DellDFDL language. Initial omega-edit client integration:
2022-03-31  Shane DellMultiple updates from rc2 release: v1.0.0 v1.0.0-rc3
2022-03-02  Shane DellUpdate version in package.json in preperation for 1... v1.0.0-rc1
2022-02-18  Shane DellMultiple Updates:
2022-02-02  Shane DellBump extension daffodilVersion to 3.2.1:
2022-01-15  Shane DellCI and Lint Updates:
2021-12-21  Shane DellDaffodil Debugger Classpaths:
2021-12-06  John WassUpdate license and notice files
2021-12-06  Shane DellCreate launch.json config wizard:
2021-11-04  Shane DellAdd details to README.md:
2021-11-04  Shane DellAdd launch options for the hex, infoset and infoset...
2021-10-27  Shane DellCreate simple unit tests for most easily testable code...
2021-10-21  Shane DellAdd toolbar icons for opening infoset, infoset-diff...
2021-10-18  Steve LawrenceChange build settings to ensure repeatable builds
2021-10-12  John WassUpdate old references and package.json
2021-09-16  Adam RosienUpdate version to 1.0.0.
2021-09-16  Shane DellRemove test data and related files (#133)
2021-08-31  Shane DellWindow Data Folder Fix (#117)
2021-08-27  John Wassfix version (#112)
2021-08-27  Shane DellCheck for pre- or -pre in tag. Add GIT_ID to extension...
2021-08-27  Shane DellOptions reordering (#107)
2021-08-26  Shane DellHexview Arrow Icon (#105)
2021-08-26  John WassAdd dfdl snippets (#104)
2021-08-26  John WassPrettier (#103)
2021-08-25  Shane DellLint Checking (#102)
2021-08-25  John WassUpdate package name (#100)
2021-08-24  Adam RosienMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jw3/example...
2021-08-24  Shane DellFix issue for killing java in windows (#96)
2021-08-20  Adam RosienMonorepo extension and backend. (#76)
2021-08-17  Shane DellUpdate version to 0.0.10 (#81)
2021-08-11  Shane DellSnippet placeholder (#75)
2021-08-09  John WassInfoset view (#66)
2021-08-09  Shane DellUpdates to Hex View (#68)
2021-08-06  Shane DellAdd titles to the file picker dialogs (#69)
2021-07-23  Shane DellCreate Hex View (#53)
2021-07-22  Shane Dellsetup basic unit testing. Will need to update unit...
2021-07-16  Shane Dellupdate the generate launch.json file to have other...
2021-06-28  Shane DellVarious updates (#28)
2021-06-24  Adam RosienImproved installation and debug launch instructions.
2021-06-18  John Wassupdate publishing info
2021-06-08  John Wasssend infoset output path
2021-06-04  Shane Dellupdate extension to download executable files to User_H...
2021-06-03  Shane DellMerge pull request #19 from jw3/dapodil/v0.0.5
2021-06-03  Shane Dellchange dapodilDebugVersion to dapodilVersion
2021-06-02  Shane Dellremove default value for the dapodilDebugVersion
2021-06-01  Shane Delladd flag "dapodilDebugVersion" to package.json so that...
2021-06-01  Shane DelluseExistingServer flag (#13)
2021-05-26  Shane DellGot the getDebugger method to be called everytime the...
2021-05-25  Shane DellMerge pull request #6 from jw3/fix/versionAndDownload
2021-05-25  Shane Dell* Updated package.json in some places to replace daffod...
2021-05-25  John Wasschange some daffodil references to dfdl
2021-05-25  Shane DellUpdated the debugger to ran via a task so that it will...
2021-05-25  Shane Dellrenamed all instances of mock to daffodil - keeping...
2021-05-25  Shane DellDaffodil Packaging (#1)
2021-05-14  John Wasspass schema and data through launch args
2021-05-07  isidormock debug should be default for markdown
2021-04-14  Andre Weinandmark as trusted
2021-04-07  Andre Weinandformat package.json
2021-04-06  Andre Weinandupdate dependencies
2021-04-06  Andre Weinandstop using proposed API
2021-03-23  Andre WeinandMerge pull request #50 from Udith/master
2021-03-17  Andre Weinandbump version
2021-03-01  Andre Weinandgroup run and debug commands in submenu
2021-02-25  Andre Weinanduse final version of DAP 1.45
2021-02-23  Andre Weinandmatches variables in a case-insensitive way
2021-02-22  Andre Weinandadd support for a custom inline value provider
2021-02-22  Andre Weinandproperly activate on debug; fixes #117260
2021-02-10  Andre WeinandProvide help texts for exception filters via DAP's...
2021-01-06  Andre WeinandAdd support for the `exceptionInfo` request
2020-12-03  Andre Weinandbump version
2020-12-03  Andre Weinandupgrade DAP to 1.43
2020-12-01  Andre Weinandbump version
2020-11-30  Andre WeinandIntroduce two "real" exception options
2020-11-24  Andre Weinandadd support for exception filter conditions
2020-11-10  Andre Weinanddon't activate on "onDebug"
2020-11-06  Andre WeinandMerge branch 'gjsjohnmurray-fix-#43'
2020-11-06  Andre Weinandmerge
2020-11-06  Andre WeinandMerge pull request #34 from itowlson/patch-1
2020-11-05  Andre Weinandfix formatting
2020-09-24  Andre Weinanduse debugType in when clause; fixes microsoft/vscode...
2020-09-23  Andre Weinandbump version
2020-09-23  Andre Weinanduse vscode-debugadapter@1.42.1
2020-09-23  Andre Weinandupgrade to DAP 1.42
2020-09-21  Andre Weinandadd support for "invalidated" event
2020-09-15  Andre Weinandbump version
2020-09-15  Andre Weinandmake dependent on latest stable VS Code 1.49
2020-09-10  Andre Weinandalways webpack and keep vsix small
2020-09-10  Andre Weinandrequire VS Code 1.48
2020-09-09  Andre Weinandadd browser/webworker support
2020-09-01  Andre Weinandcontribute a context action on integer Variables
2020-08-19  Andre Weinandcomment out named pipe support for now
2020-08-19  Andre WeinandMerge pull request #46 from TylerLeonhardt/add-debug...
2020-08-13  Andre Weinandhygiene: get rid of all warnings...
2020-06-26  isidorupdate group name to "1_run"