2020-09-15  Andre Weinandfix sourcemap issue in desktop version
2020-09-10  Andre Weinandalways webpack and keep vsix small
2020-09-10  Andre Weinandrequire VS Code 1.48
2020-09-09  Andre Weinandadd browser/webworker support
2020-09-07  Andre Weinanddisable nodebug for now
2020-09-07  Andre Weinandupdate changelog
2020-09-01  Andre Weinandcontribute a context action on integer Variables
2020-08-19  Andre Weinandcomment out named pipe support for now
2020-08-19  Andre WeinandMerge pull request #46 from TylerLeonhardt/add-debug...
2020-08-13  Andre Weinandhygiene: get rid of all warnings...
2020-08-11  Andre WeinandMerge pull request #45 from microsoft/dependabot/npm_an...
2020-07-26  Tyler LeonhardtAdd DebugAdapterNamedPipeServer factory
2020-07-17  dependabot... Bump lodash from 4.17.15 to 4.17.19
2020-06-26  isidorupdate group name to "1_run"
2020-06-25  isidorupdate action titles
2020-06-25  isidorcontribute to run group
2020-06-24  Andre Weinandmove debug actions to the left
2020-06-24  Andre WeinandImplement "Run without debugging"
2020-06-23  Andre Weinandadd "run" and "debug" actions to editor title
2020-05-14  Andre WeinandRevert "use correct debug type in activation event"
2020-05-14  Andre Weinanduse correct debug type in activation event
2020-05-14  Andre Weinandmake StepIn label longer
2020-05-13  Andre Weinandadd support for stepIn, stepOut, and stepInTarget;...
2020-05-04  Andre Weinanduse qualified activation event
2020-04-27  Andre Weinandrename "Trigger" to "TriggerKind"
2020-04-26  Andre Weinandupdate to new proposed API for dynamic launch configs
2020-04-21  Andre Weinandadd two more dynamic launches
2020-04-20  Andre Weinandimprove dynamic debug config example
2020-04-20  Andre Weinandactivate on "onDebugDynamicConfigurations"
2020-04-20  Andre Weinanduse dynamic debug config provider
2020-04-01  Andre Weinandbump version
2020-04-01  Andre Weinandupdate npm modules
2020-03-25  Andre Weinandexersise new completion item attributes for changing...
2020-03-18  Andre Weinandlog progress events to output
2020-03-18  Andre Weinandtoggle cancellability of every progress sequence
2020-03-18  isidormock debug: break on canceled progress
2020-03-13  Andre Weinandadding progress support
2020-03-04  Andre Weinanduse vscode from @types
2020-03-03  Andre Weinandadd missing ';'
2020-02-26  Andre WeinandSimplify EvaluatableExpressionProvider; fixes microsoft...
2020-02-19  Andre Weinandexercise the group feature of output events
2020-02-19  Andre Weinandnow use offical debug hover API (require VS Code 1.43)
2020-02-17  Andre Weinandadd a EvaluatableExpressionProvider sample
2020-02-05  Andre Weinandupgrade to version 1.38 of debugadapter library
2019-12-17  Andre Weinandbump version
2019-12-17  Andre Weinandstop using proposed API for inline DAs
2019-12-12  Andre Weinandadd 'inline' run mode
2019-12-12  Andre Weinandmake VS Code persist data breakpoints
2019-12-02  Andre Weinandsupport "inline" mode of operation
2019-09-19  Andre Weinanduse version 1.37 of DAP library
2019-09-18  Andre Weinandreleased new version 0.35
2019-09-18  Andre WeinandMerge branch 'aweinand/cancelation'
2019-09-17  Andre Weinanddo proper line/column conversion
2019-09-17  Andre Weinandmerge cancellation
2019-09-17  Andre Weinandimplement breakpointLocationsRequest
2019-09-06  Andre Weinandadd cancelation to variablesRequest
2019-09-05  Andre Weinandprepare version 0.34
2019-09-05  Andre Weinandsupport persistable data breakpoints
2019-08-20  Andre Weinandadd support for (sorted) REPL completions
2019-08-20  Andre Weinandbump version
2019-08-20  Andre WeinandMerge branch 'aweinand/databreakpoints'
2019-08-20  Andre Weinandupdate change log
2019-08-16  Andre Weinandset canPersist to true
2019-08-16  Andre Weinandadd data breakpoints
2019-08-14  Andre Weinandshow how to control what DA is used
2019-08-08  Andre Weinandbump version
2019-08-08  Andre Weinandupdate dependencies
2018-12-14  Andre Weinandbump version to 1.29
2018-12-14  Andre WeinandMerge branch 'aweinand/newDAAPI'
2018-12-14  Andre WeinandUse new DebugAdapterDescriptorFactory API
2018-12-14  Andre WeinandMerge branch 'master' into aweinand/newDAAPI
2018-11-27  Andre Weinandupdate dependencies
2018-11-26  Andre Weinandstop using proposed API
2018-11-25  Andre Weinanduse new DA API for embedded mode
2018-11-15  Andre Weinandswitch to yarn
2018-11-07  Andre Weinandbump version
2018-11-07  Andre Weinandupdate DAP modules
2018-05-03  Andre Weinanduse latest vscode module
2018-03-01  Andre Weinandupdate DAP modules
2018-03-01  Andre Weinandupdate server launch config to new structure
2018-02-13  Andre Weinandbump version to 1.26.0
2018-02-06  Andre Weinanddelay 'launch' until configuration is done; address...
2018-02-06  Andre Weinandadd comment for EMBED_DEBUG_ADAPTER
2018-02-02  Andre Weinandadd some comments
2018-02-02  Andre Weinandadd embedded DA as compile time option
2017-12-27  Andre Weinandupdate DAP and other node modules
2017-12-27  Andre Weinandbumped version to 1.26.0
2017-12-27  Andre Weinandimprove snippet; fixes #15
2017-11-22  Andre Weinandupgrade to npm 5.x
2017-11-01  Andre Weinandupdate vsce
2017-11-01  Andre Weinandmake "multi-root ready"
2017-10-30  Andre Weinandfix test
2017-10-30  Andre Weinandupdate npm modules
2017-10-29  Andre Weinandupdate for DebugConfigurationProvider
2017-09-27  isidorsend adapter data always
2017-09-26  Andre Weinandadd support for BreakPoint events
2017-09-21  Andre Weinandremove dead wood
2017-09-21  Andre Weinandrefactor the 'Mock Debugger' into a separate class
2017-09-21  Andre Weinandsupport log source location
2017-09-21  Andre Weinandask for file name in initial config