Add support for comment syntax in BitDocumentPart/ByteDocumentPart
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2021-09-02  Steve LawrenceResolve Apache Conscious Language Checker findings
2021-07-26  Steve LawrenceCheck for single commit in pull requests
2021-05-02  John InterranteFix some runtime2 todos
2021-04-21  John InterranteAdd C code generator and runtime2 backend
2021-04-08  Scala StewardUpdate sbt to 1.5.0
2021-02-19  Steve LawrenceUpdates to make top level project
2020-04-27  Steve LawrenceUpdate build badge in README to GitHub Actions
2020-04-08  Steve LawrenceDefine sbt options required by the project
2020-03-26  Steve LawrenceSwitch completely to GitHub actions for CI
2019-03-18  Steve LawrenceUpdate the
2019-03-04  Steve LawrenceFix contact information in README
2019-02-15  Josh AdamsAdded sbt-scoverage code coverage reporting
2019-01-17  Steve LawrenceUpdate README to require Java 8+
2018-09-20  Steve LawrenceSupport more versions of Java
2018-09-20  Steve LawrenceUpdate the
2018-07-10  Nick SmithAllow Daffodil to build against Scala 2.12
2018-07-09  Steve LawrenceEnable the sbt-rat plugin to perform Apache Rat checks
2018-03-05  Steve LawrenceMove CLI tests to sbt integration
2018-02-08  Steve LawrenceRelicense to Apache v2
2018-02-07  Steve LawrenceUpdate wiki links to
2017-12-07  Steve LawrenceUpdate sbt to 1.x, simplifing build config and replacin...
2017-11-27  Steve LawrenceUpdates for Apache incubation
2017-07-26  Steve LawrenceSimplify README, BUILD, LICENSE