Add support for comment syntax in BitDocumentPart/ByteDocumentPart
[daffodil.git] / build.sbt
2022-05-20  John InterranteExtend runtime2 to N-bit booleans and integers (1 ...
2022-03-22  John InterranteStart developing Daffodil 3.4.0
2022-03-17  John InterrantePrepare for Release 3.3.0 v3.3.0 v3.3.0-rc1
2022-02-01  Scala StewardUpdate sbt to 1.6.2
2021-12-23  Michael BeckerleSetup for 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT development on main branch
2021-12-16  Michael BeckerleChange version in build.sbt to 3.2.1 v3.2.1-rc1
2021-12-07  Michael BeckerleAdded -Y warning check options
2021-12-06  Michael Beckerlesetup for 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT development
2021-12-06  Steve LawrenceMove where runtime2 stores the daffodil version
2021-11-29  Michael BeckerleRemove SNAPSHOT to prepare for release 3.2.0
2021-11-29  Steve LawrenceAdd -release 8 to scalac and javac options
2021-11-24  John InterranteFix some code generation corner cases
2021-11-18  Steve LawrenceEnsure Daffodil compiles with Java 8 compatibility
2021-11-04  John InterranteRaise minimum C level to ISO C11 with GNU extensions
2021-10-29  Scala StewardUpdate junit-interface to 0.13.2
2021-10-13  Michael BeckerleCreate daffodil-runtime1-layers module and dynamic...
2021-09-17  Scala StewardUpdate scala-library, scala-reflect to 2.12.15
2021-06-01  Scala StewardUpdate scala-library, scala-reflect to 2.12.14
2021-05-18  Steve LawrencePrepare for 3.2.0 development
2021-05-12  Steve LawrencePrepare for 3.1.0 release v3.1.0-rc1
2021-05-05  John InterranteFix C portability problems
2021-05-03  Scala StewardUpdate scala-library, scala-reflect to 2.12.13
2021-04-30  Michael BeckerleDeprecated isAtEnd. Added hasData() and test rig for...
2021-04-21  John InterranteAdd C code generator and runtime2 backend
2021-04-08  Scala StewardUpdate sbt to 1.5.0
2021-02-19  Steve LawrenceUpdates to make top level project
2021-02-03  Steve LawrenceReplace updateEclipseClasspaths with sbt eclipse plugin...
2021-01-21  John WassSupport embedding Schematron rules in DFDL schemas.
2020-12-02  John WassSchematron implementation of the Validator API
2020-11-20  Steve LawrenceUpdate ratCheck to latest version, and check fail on...
2020-11-20  Steve LawrenceSupport all LTS and one non-LTS Java versions
2020-11-20  Steve LawrencePrepare for 3.1.0 development
2020-10-30  Steve LawrencePrepare for 3.0.0 release v3.0.0 v3.0.0-rc1
2020-10-26  Steve LawrenceUpdate all dependencies to latest versions
2020-10-14  John Wassremove 2.11 scalac options
2020-10-05  John InterranteDrop support for Scala 2.11
2020-08-17  Steve LawrenceFix multiple discriminator behavior and free up marks...
2020-07-17  Steve LawrenceBump version for 3.0.0 development
2020-07-15  Steve LawrenceUse sbt-unidoc plugin for generating public API documen...
2020-06-26  John WassAdd scalac warnings for unused imports
2020-06-23  Michael BeckerlePrepare for 2.7.0 Release v2.7.0-rc1
2020-06-23  Michael BeckerleSetup 2.7.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-06-23  Steve LawrenceUpdate license information for Scala dependencies to...
2020-06-18  John WassScalafix ProcedureSyntax
2020-05-13  Michael BeckerleRemove eclipse-projects subdir.
2020-04-24  Steve LawrencePrepare for 3.0.0 development
2020-04-09  Steve LawrenceAdd LICENSE/NOTICE files to be included in jars v2.6.0 v2.6.0-rc2
2020-04-08  Steve LawrenceInclude the DISCLAIMER in jars
2020-04-06  Steve LawrenceDisable Coursier for library management v2.6.0-rc1
2020-04-06  Michael BeckerleUpgrades sbt to 1.3.9, scala to 2.12.11, genjavadoc...
2020-04-03  olabusayoTPrepare for 2.6.0 release
2020-04-01  Michael BeckerleChange API to have functional behavior.
2020-01-14  Steve LawrencePrepare for 2.6.0 development
2019-12-23  Steve LawrencePrepare for 2.5.0 release v2.5.0-rc1
2019-11-01  olabusayoTAdd User Defined Functions feature
2019-07-15  Steve LawrenceBump to 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT for development
2019-07-03  Steve LawrenceBump version to 2.4.0 v2.4.0 v2.4.0-rc1
2019-03-15  Steve LawrenceChanges to support building in IntelliJ
2019-02-27  Steve LawrenceBump version number to 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT
2019-02-14  Steve LawrenceRemove JUnit4 compile dependency
2019-02-13  Steve LawrenceBump version to 2.3.0
2019-01-29  OttoFixed CLI integration tests so that they run properly...
2018-11-30  Josh AdamsRefactored TDML Runner for Cross Validation with IBM.
2018-09-20  Steve LawrenceSupport more versions of Java
2018-09-07  Michael BeckerleQuick fixes, and moving tests that work from scala...
2018-08-16  Michael BeckerleRemove SNAPSHOT suffix.
2018-07-13  Steve LawrenceModifications to IO layer to support streaming input...
2018-07-10  Nick SmithAllow Daffodil to build against Scala 2.12
2018-07-09  Steve LawrenceEnable the sbt-rat plugin to perform Apache Rat checks
2018-05-15  Steve LawrenceBump version to 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT for development
2018-03-05  Steve LawrenceMove CLI tests to sbt integration
2018-02-16  Steve LawrenceAdd back deprecated support for built-in-formats.dfdl.xsd
2018-02-12  Steve LawrenceMove built-in-formats.xsd to test and the backwards...
2018-02-08  Steve LawrencePrepare for 2.1.0 release v2.1.0-rc1
2018-02-08  Steve LawrenceRelicense to Apache v2
2018-02-08  Steve LawrenceReplace instances of with
2018-01-03  Steve LawrenceClean up SBT warnings
2017-12-07  Steve LawrenceFix invalid URLs in source files
2017-12-07  Steve LawrenceUpdate sbt to 1.x, simplifing build config and replacin...
2017-11-27  Steve LawrenceUpdates for Apache incubation
2017-04-27  Steve LawrenceAdd JsonInfosetOutputter
2017-02-08  Steve LawrenceRemove publishTo from build.sbt
2017-01-10  Steve LawrenceMerge commit '330a702f9b97a9eb3d2f13bc693ad3078af39d07...
2016-12-21  Steve LawrencePerformance improvements in the InfosetCursorFromXMLReader
2016-12-09  Mike Beckerlejline had 2 versions on classpath. Only jline 2.12...
2016-12-08  Steve LawrenceMerge commit '6ceec3897baae944025853fe8f7a309e994291bc...
2016-12-05  Mike BeckerleBacked out xerces to version 2.10
2016-12-02  Mike BeckerleUpdated versions of most libraries used by daffodil.
2016-05-03  Mike BeckerleEstablish the asymetry between DataInputStream and...
2016-05-03  Steve LawrenceUpdate sbt to use scala 2.11.8
2016-03-17  Mike BeckerleOutputNewLine converted to "Ev" idiom.
2015-10-29  Mike BeckerleEliminated DFAStatus structure.
2015-10-21  Mike BeckerleAdded more 'final' keywords to enable inlining.
2015-10-07  Mike BeckerleCreated macro-lib project/module, and converted Assert...
2015-10-06  Mike Beckerlescala 2.11-specific scalacheck version.
2015-10-02  Steve LawrenceUpdate to scala 2.11
2015-09-01  Mike BeckerleAdded MStack class which is @specialized for all our...
2015-08-11  Steve LawrenceRemove scalatest as a dependency
2015-07-28  Mike BeckerleEnabled parallel test execution, logBuffered=true to...
2015-07-24  Mike BeckerleNew DataInputStream layer