Bump actions/setup-java from 3.3.0 to 3.4.0
[daffodil.git] / daffodil-cli /
11 days ago  Steve LawrenceFix deadlock issue with custom Enum implementation
2022-06-08  John InterranteRun TDML tests with user-chosen TDML implementation
2022-04-08  Scala StewardUpdate icu4j to 71.1
2022-04-04  John InterranteStandardize licenses and notices
2022-03-28  John InterranteRefresh bin.NOTICE and improve bin.LICENSE
2022-03-25  Steve LawrenceUpdate copyright year to 2022
2022-03-15  Michael BeckerleCleanup solarcloud warning. Remove do-while(false)...
2022-03-14  Michael BeckerleCLI does not output diagnostics on restore parser
2022-03-14  Michael BeckerleFix saveParser CLI with config having tunables.
2022-03-10  Michael BeckerleRevert "Update alignment to improve correctness and...
2022-02-25  U-COLUMBIA\arevelloChange output of dfdlx:trace from stderr to the logger
2022-02-14  Steve LawrenceUpdate alignment to improve correctness and prevent...
2022-02-02  Scala StewardUpdate Saxon-HE to 11.1
2022-02-01  Brennan FoxUpdate daffodil-cli link syntax
2022-01-31  Scala StewardUpdate xercesImpl to 2.12.2
2022-01-14  Steve LawrenceAdd a "daffodil" alias to the RPM
2022-01-14  John InterranteFix C compilation errors due to name collisions
2022-01-07  Steve LawrenceSupport --infoset null for CLI unparsing
2021-12-07  Steve LawrenceEnsure we use UTF-8 when outputting and comparing SAX...
2021-11-11  Steve LawrenceAppend needed WiX options to default lightOptions rathe...
2021-10-19  Scala StewardUpdate jline to 3.21.0
2021-09-02  Steve LawrenceResolve Apache Conscious Language Checker findings
2021-08-23  Steve LawrenceEnsure newlines are output when debugger displays hidde...
2021-08-16  Steve LawrenceReplace logging infrastructure with Log4j
2021-08-13  Darryl J SmallwoodAdd distinct exit codes for daffodil cli
2021-07-28  Michael BeckerleRuntimeData objects simplified, compile-memory-leak...
2021-07-21  Steve LawrenceFix geny typo in bin.LICENSE file
2021-06-30  Steve LawrenceMove TDML processor cache from a global object to DFDLT...
2021-06-07  Steve LawrenceImprove setting of external variables
2021-06-03  Michael BeckerleAdds diagnostic capability to TDMLTestNotCompatibleExce...
2021-05-28  Scala StewardUpdate commons-io to 2.9.0
2021-05-26  Michael BeckerleVerify that we get errors if the files contain a DOCTYPE
2021-05-11  John InterranteUpdate CLI help information
2021-05-03  Scala StewardUpdate scala-library, scala-reflect to 2.12.13
2021-04-30  Michael BeckerleDeprecated isAtEnd. Added hasData() and test rig for...
2021-04-21  John InterranteAdd C code generator and runtime2 backend
2021-04-20  John WassOutput full SVRL from Schematron validation
2021-04-13  Steve LawrenceFix breakages due to JLine3 upgrade
2021-04-08  Scala StewardUpdate sbt to 1.5.0
2021-04-06  Scala StewardUpdate jansi to 2.3.2 and JLine to 3.19.0
2021-03-19  Scala StewardUpdate Saxon-HE to 10.3
2021-03-18  Scala StewardUpdate Saxon-HE to 9.9.1-8
2021-03-18  Scala StewardUpdate scallop to 4.0.2
2021-03-17  Scala StewardUpdate xercesImpl to 2.12.1
2021-03-16  Scala StewardUpdate icu4j to 68.2
2021-03-16  John InterranteUpdate Jackson JSON dependency in bin.LICENSE and bin...
2021-02-26  Steve LawrenceAdd debugger "info suspensions" and "set diffExcludes...
2021-02-19  Steve LawrenceUpdates to make top level project
2021-02-05  Steve LawrenceBump copyright year to 2021
2021-02-03  Steve LawrenceUpdate debugger support of found delimiters/fields...
2021-02-02  Steve LawrenceConfirm behavior when compiling schemas without global...
2021-01-22  John Wassfix random failures of cli parsing on windows by using...
2021-01-21  John WassSupport embedding Schematron rules in DFDL schemas.
2021-01-21  olabusayoTSAX API Refactoring
2021-01-14  Steve LawrenceAdd support for displaying variables in the debugger
2020-12-16  Steve LawrenceFix abort when viewing prefixed length elements in...
2020-12-02  John WassSchematron implementation of the Validator API
2020-11-20  Steve LawrenceClean up .gitignore and ratCheck excludes list
2020-11-20  John WassCustom Infoset Validator API with SPI support
2020-10-28  Steve LawrenceTweaks to release candidate script, mainly to fix build...
2020-10-27  olabusayoTSAX Unparse Implementation with some Parse Updates...
2020-10-26  Steve LawrenceUpdate all dependencies to latest versions
2020-10-16  Steve LawrenceAllow CLI unparse to unparse from a stream of data
2020-10-15  Steve LawrenceUpdate references to non-Apache licensed files in LICENSE
2020-09-15  olabusayoTSupport for SAX Parsing
2020-09-04  Steve LawrenceStream infoset events while parsing and reduce memory...
2020-09-03  Steve LawrenceVarious cleanups to sbt rpm configuration
2020-08-17  Steve LawrenceFix multiple discriminator behavior and free up marks...
2020-07-17  Steve LawrenceBump version for 3.0.0 development
2020-06-29  Steve LawrenceFix Scala license information bundled in daffodil-lib jar v2.7.0 v2.7.0-rc2
2020-06-26  John WassAdd scalac warnings for unused imports
2020-06-23  Michael BeckerleSetup 2.7.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-06-23  Steve LawrenceUpdate license information for Scala dependencies to...
2020-06-18  John WassScalafix ProcedureSyntax
2020-05-13  Michael BeckerleRemove excessive log messaging from CLI tests.
2020-04-27  olabusayoTRefactors duplicated blocks
2020-04-24  olabusayoTRemoves comment out code
2020-04-24  olabusayoTSonarcloud Updates
2020-04-24  Steve LawrencePrepare for 3.0.0 development
2020-04-09  Steve LawrenceAdd LICENSE/NOTICE files to be included in jars v2.6.0 v2.6.0-rc2
2020-04-06  Michael BeckerleUpgrades sbt to 1.3.9, scala to 2.12.11, genjavadoc...
2020-04-01  Michael BeckerleChange API to have functional behavior.
2020-03-25  olabusayoTRefactor isHidden
2020-03-02  Gezapeti CsehDAFFODIL-2288 bump jackson version to 2.10.2
2020-02-28  Michael Beckerleupdated dependency to 2.9.8 for jackson-core.
2020-01-14  Steve LawrencePrepare for 2.6.0 development
2020-01-03  Steve LawrenceUpdate copyright year to 2020
2019-12-11  Michael BeckerleRemoved DaffodilTunables object from the Infoset entirely.
2019-11-22  olabusayoTAdds serializability checks for UDFs
2019-11-11  Steve LawrenceRemove the 2GB limit when unparsing BLOBs
2019-11-07  olabusayoTAdds 2 arg constructor for TDML Runner
2019-11-06  Josh AdamsRemove heap sized limit for parsing
2019-11-05  Steve LawrenceSpecify the appropriate shell for installing GitHub...
2019-11-01  olabusayoTAdd User Defined Functions feature
2019-10-17  Steve LawrenceRemove continue-on-error from github actions
2019-09-05  Steve LawrenceAdd blob support
2019-07-16  Michael BeckerleIncremental progress on schema compilation space/speed...
2019-07-15  Steve LawrenceBump to 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT for development
2019-07-10  Olabusayo KiloAdds bitawareness to left over data dump
2019-07-03  Steve LawrenceBump version to 2.4.0 v2.4.0 v2.4.0-rc1