Warn when expression cannot be compiled because of no context
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72 min ago  Steve LawrenceWarn when expression cannot be compiled because of... main
12 days ago  Steve LawrenceFix deadlock issue with custom Enum implementation
2022-03-25  Steve LawrenceUpdate copyright year to 2022
2022-03-14  Michael BeckerleAdded dfdlx:alignmentKind automatic/manual property
2022-03-14  Michael BeckerleFix saveParser CLI with config having tunables.
2022-03-10  Michael BeckerleRevert "Update alignment to improve correctness and...
2022-02-18  Josh AdamsCheck for RepType when getting element length
2022-02-15  Michael Beckerledfdl:contentLength and valueLength for prefixed
2022-02-14  Steve LawrenceUpdate alignment to improve correctness and prevent...
2022-02-01  Michael BeckerleAdded test to confirm delimiter behavior.
2022-01-26  Steve LawrenceDisable capture value length parsers for all delimited...
2022-01-24  Steve LawrenceUse setVariable value expression to get referenced...
2021-12-15  Michael BeckerleChange layering to pass and use state.
2021-12-07  Michael BeckerleAdded -Y warning check options
2021-12-06  Michael BeckerleFix NVI and SetVar so expr has access to properties...
2021-12-01  Josh AdamsChange component count message from info to debug
2021-11-10  Min Phyo AungAdd dfdlx:doubleToRawLong and dfdlx:doubleFromRawLong...
2021-10-26  Michael BeckerleRemove dfdlx:choiceDispatchKeyKind and dfdlx:choiceBran...
2021-10-13  Michael BeckerleCreate daffodil-runtime1-layers module and dynamic...
2021-09-28  Michael BeckerleLayers with checksum/crc/parity capability.
2021-09-23  Steve LawrenceImprove validation and diagnostics when reloading saved...
2021-09-15  Steve LawrenceFix unique qname check in unordered sequences
2021-09-09  Steve LawrenceAdd dfdlx:runtimeProperties extension
2021-09-02  Steve LawrenceResolve Apache Conscious Language Checker findings
2021-08-25  Steve Lawrence Remove the outputValueCalc CompiledExpression from...
2021-08-23  Steve LawrenceImprove path expression error handling
2021-08-16  Steve LawrenceReplace logging infrastructure with Log4j
2021-08-09  s0s03c5Bit Not,Bit And,Bit Or added.Daffodil-2473
2021-07-28  Michael BeckerleRuntimeData objects simplified, compile-memory-leak...
2021-06-30  Steve LawrenceMove TDML processor cache from a global object to DFDLT...
2021-06-23  s0s03c5XOR Operator implemented.
2021-06-17  Michael BeckerleAdd testXMLToInfoset7
2021-06-07  Steve LawrenceImprove setting of external variables
2021-06-03  Josh AdamsAdd restrictions to delimiters for escapeCharacters
2021-06-02  Steve LawrenceFix unordered sequences with discriminated content
2021-05-26  Michael BeckerleVerify that we get errors if the files contain a DOCTYPE
2021-05-24  s0s03c5Left shift and right shift functionality.
2021-05-03  Scala StewardUpdate scala-library, scala-reflect to 2.12.13
2021-04-30  Michael BeckerleDeprecated isAtEnd. Added hasData() and test rig for...
2021-04-28  olabusayoTFeature Aware DaffodilParseXMLReader and Prefixes Fixes
2021-04-21  John InterranteAdd C code generator and runtime2 backend
2021-04-15  Steve LawrenceChanges to support Java 16
2021-04-09  Josh AdamsNew variable instances should inherit external values
2021-03-15  Josh AdamsImplement variable direction property
2021-03-05  Michael BeckerlePatterns to match strings with newlines.
2021-02-05  Steve LawrenceBump copyright year to 2021
2021-01-21  John WassSupport embedding Schematron rules in DFDL schemas.
2021-01-21  olabusayoTSAX API Refactoring
2020-12-09  Josh AdamsEnabled non-constant expressions in defineVariable
2020-12-09  Josh AdamsImprove newVariableInstace defaultValue expressions
2020-12-02  Steve LawrenceAdd validation support for tunables
2020-11-20  Steve LawrenceClean up .gitignore and ratCheck excludes list
2020-11-20  olabusayoTAdd SAX Unparse Event Batching
2020-10-27  Steve LawrenceFree infoset element during unparse
2020-10-27  olabusayoTSAX Unparse Implementation with some Parse Updates...
2020-10-26  Steve LawrenceUpdate all dependencies to latest versions
2020-10-23  Shashi RamakaMake FillByte a required property.
2020-10-22  Josh AdamsAdded warning when multiple choice branches are empty
2020-10-21  Michael BeckerleEnable pattern facet to use PUA characters
2020-10-15  --globalAdd expressionAllowed to a few more findPropertyOption...
2020-10-14  Steve LawrenceEvaluate suspensions earlier
2020-10-09  SteinbergerExpand the diagnostic message for dfdl:checkConstraints(.)
2020-09-30  IanCarlsonOwlReplace NoRep terminology with InputValueCalc
2020-09-25  Ian CarlsonAdd warnings for properties which look like expressions
2020-09-15  olabusayoTSupport for SAX Parsing
2020-09-14  SteinbergerThrow SDE in the case of a choice with no branches
2020-09-11  SteinbergerRemoved ExecutionMode.scala and all references
2020-09-11  SteinbergerAdded SDWs for discouraged assert and discriminator...
2020-09-04  Steve LawrenceStream infoset events while parsing and reduce memory...
2020-08-27  SteinbergerAddressed DAFFODIL-2210
2020-08-17  Steve LawrenceFix multiple discriminator behavior and free up marks...
2020-07-17  Andrew ChafosCreated an API for walking internal DSOM objects. ...
2020-06-26  John WassAdd scalac warnings for unused imports
2020-06-23  Josh AdamsImplemented dfdl:assert failureType="recoverableError"
2020-06-18  John WassScalafix ProcedureSyntax
2020-06-11  John InterranteFix initiatedContent="yes" with zero-length initiator
2020-05-20  John InterranteValidate pad char w/ pattern facet, tweak tests
2020-05-18  Josh AdamsDeep copy VariableMap when DataProcessor is copied
2020-05-14  Josh AdamsRestructured the validation of primitive types
2020-05-13  Michael BeckerleDon't suppress TDML load warnings.
2020-05-13  Michael BeckerleRemove excessive log messaging from CLI tests.
2020-05-05  Josh AdamsMoved VariableMap to runtime1/VariableMapFactory
2020-05-05  John InterranteFix missing argument for format specifier and ambiguous e1
2020-05-04  Josh AdamsFixed issues with resetting variables
2020-05-04  John InterranteImplement fn:namespace-uri function
2020-04-29  Josh AdamsRestructured the Variables API and implemented newVaria...
2020-04-27  olabusayoTRefactors duplicated blocks
2020-04-25  John InterranteRuntimeData objects should not carry namespaces
2020-04-24  Michael BeckerleConverted many pass-by-name into pass-by-value for...
2020-04-24  olabusayoTRemoves comment out code
2020-04-09  Steve LawrenceAdd LICENSE/NOTICE files to be included in jars v2.6.0 v2.6.0-rc2
2020-04-09  Steve LawrenceRequire grouping and decimal separators for non-integer...
2020-04-06  Michael BeckerleUpgrades sbt to 1.3.9, scala to 2.12.11, genjavadoc...
2020-04-01  Michael BeckerleChange API to have functional behavior.
2020-04-01  Steve LawrenceUse reference equality for dsom shared keys
2020-03-27  Steve LawrenceSDE if the model group of group definition is a dfdl...
2020-03-26  Steve LawrenceSupport empty choice branches with direct dispatch
2020-03-26  olabusayoTRemove unused term methods
2020-03-25  olabusayoTRefactor isHidden
2020-03-25  Steve LawrenceFix performance regression related to alignment