Add support for comment syntax in BitDocumentPart/ByteDocumentPart
[daffodil.git] / daffodil-macro-lib /
2021-09-02  Steve LawrenceResolve Apache Conscious Language Checker findings
2021-08-16  Steve LawrenceReplace logging infrastructure with Log4j
2020-10-14  Steve LawrenceEvaluate suspensions earlier
2020-08-17  Steve LawrenceFix multiple discriminator behavior and free up marks...
2020-04-24  olabusayoTRemoves comment out code
2020-02-03  Steve LawrenceAdd new TimeTracker for more advanced performance analysis
2018-02-08  Steve LawrenceRelicense to Apache v2
2018-02-08  Steve LawrenceReplace instances of with
2018-02-08  Steve LawrenceMove directory layout from edu/illinois/ncsa to org...
2017-06-29  Josh AdamsConverted SD(E/W)Unless/When to macros
2016-09-14  Mike BeckerleStringOfSpecifiedLengthUnparser renamed.
2016-09-02  Mike BeckerleReview-related changes.
2016-09-02  Mike BeckerleImproved data grammar to eliminate some asymmetries...
2016-08-01  Steve LawrenceAdd missing copyrights
2016-05-03  Mike BeckerleEstablish the asymetry between DataInputStream and...
2016-01-26  Mike BeckerleFixed macro to remove need for redundant self argument.
2016-01-25  Mike BeckerleFirst tests of outputValueCalc with real forward refere...
2015-10-29  Mike BeckerleEliminated DFAStatus structure.
2015-10-21  Mike BeckerleAdded more 'final' keywords to enable inlining.
2015-10-07  Mike BeckerleCreated macro-lib project/module, and converted Assert...