Add support for comment syntax in BitDocumentPart/ByteDocumentPart
[daffodil.git] / daffodil-propgen /
10 days ago  Steve LawrenceFix deadlock issue with custom Enum implementation
2022-06-08  John InterranteRun TDML tests with user-chosen TDML implementation
2022-03-14  Michael BeckerleAdded dfdlx:alignmentKind automatic/manual property
2022-03-14  Michael BeckerleFix saveParser CLI with config having tunables.
2021-12-07  Michael BeckerleAdded -Y warning check options
2021-10-26  Michael BeckerleRemove dfdlx:choiceDispatchKeyKind and dfdlx:choiceBran...
2021-10-13  Michael BeckerleCreate daffodil-runtime1-layers module and dynamic...
2021-09-28  Michael BeckerleRemove deprecated layering properties in dfdl: namespace.
2021-09-09  Steve LawrenceAdd dfdlx:runtimeProperties extension
2021-08-16  Steve LawrenceReplace logging infrastructure with Log4j
2021-06-07  Steve LawrenceFix max length check for xs:hexBinary
2021-05-26  Michael BeckerleVerify that we get errors if the files contain a DOCTYPE
2021-04-21  John InterranteAdd C code generator and runtime2 backend
2021-03-15  Josh AdamsImplement variable direction property
2020-12-02  Steve LawrenceAdd validation support for tunables
2020-11-20  Steve LawrenceClean up .gitignore and ratCheck excludes list
2020-11-20  olabusayoTAdd SAX Unparse Event Batching
2020-10-27  Steve LawrenceFree infoset element during unparse
2020-10-14  Steve LawrenceEvaluate suspensions earlier
2020-10-05  John InterranteDrop support for Scala 2.11
2020-09-25  Ian CarlsonAdd warnings for properties which look like expressions
2020-09-11  SteinbergerAdded SDWs for discouraged assert and discriminator...
2020-08-27  SteinbergerAddressed DAFFODIL-2322 dfdl:textBidi property errors
2020-06-26  John WassAdd scalac warnings for unused imports
2020-06-23  Josh AdamsImplemented dfdl:assert failureType="recoverableError"
2020-06-18  John WassScalafix ProcedureSyntax
2020-05-20  John InterranteValidate pad char w/ pattern facet, tweak tests
2020-05-13  Michael BeckerleRemove eclipse-projects subdir.
2020-05-13  Michael BeckerleCorrect invalid tdml files that should be valid.
2020-05-13  Michael BeckerleDon't suppress TDML load warnings.
2020-04-24  olabusayoTRemoves comment out code
2020-04-06  Michael BeckerleUpgrades sbt to 1.3.9, scala to 2.12.11, genjavadoc...
2020-03-19  Michael BeckerleChanges to remove backpointers, cleanup factory cruft.
2020-01-22  Steve LawrenceAdd support for textStandardBase
2019-12-11  Michael BeckerleRemoved DaffodilTunables object from the Infoset entirely.
2019-12-09  Josh AdamsSwitch to file output stream for large data
2019-11-01  olabusayoTAdd User Defined Functions feature
2019-09-27  dchitlangiaDAFFODIL-2200. xs:import problems with xsd files provid...
2019-09-05  Steve LawrenceAdd blob support
2019-06-27  Brandon SloaneAdd dfdlx:choiceBranchKeyRanges
2019-06-19  Olabusayo KiloFixes silent ignoring of DFDL appinfo annotations in...
2019-06-17  Steve LawrenceWarn when DFDL properties are ignored
2019-06-17  Steve LawrenceAdd support for namespacing DFDL extension properties...
2019-06-10  Steve LawrenceEnable schema validation of attribute- and short-form...
2019-06-06  Brandon SloaneImplement daf:lookAhead
2019-06-04  Steve LawrenceGenerate DaffodilTunables and WarnID from dafext.xsd
2019-05-28  Michael BeckerleMissed one name change: warnID incorrect in dafext...
2019-05-22  Michael BeckerleSeparated Sequences and Separator Suppression - Major...
2019-05-21  Brandon SloaneAdded support for enumerations and TypeValueCalc
2019-01-17  Steve LawrenceChange expression result type coercion to be a warning
2018-12-12  Josh AdamsAdd tunables for textBidi and floating properties
2018-12-11  Steve LawrenceSupport dfdl:length="prefixed"
2018-11-30  Josh AdamsRefactored TDML Runner for Cross Validation with IBM.
2018-11-16  Beth FahlChanging to ignore attributeFormDefault
2018-08-13  Michael BeckerleFix eclipse paths.
2018-08-13  Michael BeckerleSubstantial refactoring to support sequence separators...
2018-07-17  Marshall MillerAdded a layer transform that swaps bytes within an...
2018-07-13  Steve LawrenceModifications to IO layer to support streaming input...
2018-07-10  Nick SmithAllow Daffodil to build against Scala 2.12
2018-07-09  Josh AdamsImplemented Zoned Decimal formats
2018-05-07  Michael BeckerleAdded AISPayloadArmoring layer with tests.
2018-05-03  Michael BeckerleAll properties for Base64/layering implemented.
2018-03-09  Michael BeckerleAdds missing properties to DFDLGeneralFormat.dfdl.xsd
2018-02-28  Michael BeckerleAdded WarnIDs for all warnings. Removed non-warnID...
2018-02-08  Steve LawrenceEnsure all sources are unix style line endings
2018-02-08  Steve LawrenceRelicense to Apache v2
2018-02-08  Steve LawrenceReplace instances of with
2018-02-08  Steve LawrenceMove directory layout from edu/illinois/ncsa to org...
2017-06-06  Josh AdamsUpdated DFDL Schema projects to use standard layout
2017-01-13  Beth FinneganAdding boolean type
2017-01-12  Steve LawrenceAdd choice direct dispatch support
2017-01-11  Mike BeckerleAdd feature so config can suppress warnings.
2016-09-02  Mike Beckerle Fixes for bad diagnostic messages.
2016-09-02  Mike BeckerlePCAP test_pcap_test_icmp_unparse1 passes round trip!
2016-07-21  Steve LawrenceAdd tunable to control how unqualified path steps are...
2016-07-18  Steve LawrenceAdd support for daf:parseUnparsePolicy
2016-06-29  Mike BeckerleFixes for eclipse user setup.
2016-05-03  Steve LawrenceUpdate sbt to use scala 2.11.8
2016-03-17  Mike BeckerleAdded Evaluatable[T], EvalCache, and DISequence, DIChoice.
2016-01-14  Mike BeckerleXML Schema for TDML modified to accept tdml:tutorial...
2015-11-23  Mike BeckerleFixed error message w.r.t. fillbyte value.
2015-10-21  Mike BeckerleAdded more 'final' keywords to enable inlining.
2015-10-06  Mike Beckerlescala 2.11-specific scalacheck version.
2015-04-24  Mike BeckerleCorrected tests that needed fillByte or textPadKind...
2015-04-10  Mike BeckerleChanged propgen so generated code contains only one...
2015-02-27  Beth FinneganMerge branch '1.0.0' into 1.1.0
2015-02-25  Beth FinneganMerge branch '1.0.0' into 1.1.0
2015-02-20  Beth FinneganMerge branch '1.0.0' into 1.1.0
2015-02-20  Beth FinneganMerge branch '1.0.0' into 1.1.0
2015-02-19  Beth FinneganMerge branch '1.0.0' into 1.1.0
2015-02-19  Jessie ChabMerge branch '1.0.0' into 1.1.0
2015-02-19  Jessie ChabMerge branch '1.0.0' into 1.1.0
2015-02-19  Beth FinneganMerge branch '1.0.0' into 1.1.0
2015-02-18  Beth FinneganMerge branch '1.0.0' into 1.1.0
2015-02-18  Jessie ChabMerge branch '1.0.0' into 1.1.0
2015-02-18  Jessie ChabMerge branch '1.0.0' into 1.1.0
2015-02-18  Beth FinneganMerge branch '1.0.0' into 1.1.0
2015-02-17  Beth FinneganMerge branch '1.0.0' into 1.1.0
2015-02-17  Jessie ChabMerge branch '1.0.0' into 1.1.0
2015-02-12  Beth FinneganMerge branch '1.0.0' into 1.1.0