Bump actions/setup-java from 3.3.0 to 3.4.0
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2022-03-25  Steve LawrenceUpdate copyright year to 2022
2021-12-07  Michael BeckerleAdded -Y warning check options
2021-09-02  Steve LawrenceResolve Apache Conscious Language Checker findings
2021-02-19  Steve LawrenceUpdates to make top level project
2021-02-05  Steve LawrenceBump copyright year to 2021
2020-06-18  John WassScalafix ProcedureSyntax
2020-05-20  John InterranteValidate pad char w/ pattern facet, tweak tests
2020-05-13  Michael BeckerleDon't suppress TDML load warnings.
2020-01-03  Steve LawrenceUpdate copyright year to 2020
2019-12-02  Michael BeckerleAdded test to tutorials module that runs a TDML test...
2019-11-07  Michael BeckerleImproved tutorials content.
2019-11-07  Michael BeckerleSetup so tutorials are deployed to daffodil-site.
2019-06-17  Steve LawrenceWarn when DFDL properties are ignored
2018-12-11  Steve LawrenceFix hexBinary with non-byte lengths or non-byte boundaries
2018-11-30  Josh AdamsRefactored TDML Runner for Cross Validation with IBM.
2018-10-18  Josh AdamsOnly output milliseconds in infoset when necessary
2018-07-13  Michael BeckerleTDMLRunner explicit roundTrip="twoPass" feature.
2018-02-16  Steve LawrenceAdd back deprecated support for built-in-formats.dfdl.xsd
2018-02-08  Steve LawrenceRelicense to Apache v2
2018-02-08  Steve LawrenceReplace instances of ncsa.illinois.edu with apache.org
2018-02-08  Steve LawrenceMove directory layout from edu/illinois/ncsa to org...
2018-02-07  Steve LawrenceUpdate wiki links to daffodil.apache.org
2017-12-07  Steve LawrenceFix invalid URLs in source files
2017-11-27  Steve LawrenceUpdates for Apache incubation
2017-07-21  Taylor WiseCorrect tutorials that were showing the wrong schema
2017-07-07  Mike BeckerleImprove stylesheet and add wiki's bug report template...
2017-06-06  Josh AdamsUpdated DFDL Schema projects to use standard layout
2017-04-20  Steve LawrenceMerge commit 'c2cf96053c6fe803e37ae09780055e4ec6b65262...
2017-03-27  Steve LawrenceAdd support for xs:hexBinary with bit lengths
2017-02-08  Mike BeckerleUpdate tresys logo on tutorial page.
2016-02-09  Mike BeckerleRename tutorial tdml to have ".xml" extension.
2016-02-05  Mike BeckerleFixed tests in tutorials so they actually run.
2016-02-05  Mike BeckerleAdded support for X-DFDL-US-ASCII-7-BIT-PACKED name.
2016-01-14  Mike BeckerleXML Schema for TDML modified to accept tdml:tutorial...