2015-10-29  Mike BeckerleEliminated DFAStatus structure.
2015-10-21  Mike BeckerleAdded more 'final' keywords to enable inlining.
2015-10-20  Mike BeckerleRemoved nopub from macroLib.
2015-10-19  Steve LawrenceFix deprecation warnings in sbt configuration
2015-10-08  Mike BeckerleFix broken test. I removed the ability to setLoggingOff...
2015-10-07  Mike BeckerleCreated macro-lib project/module, and converted Assert...
2015-10-06  Mike BeckerleRefactored OnStack so we have LocalStack which avoids...
2015-10-06  Mike Beckerlescala 2.11-specific scalacheck version.
2015-10-06  Mike Beckerlescala 2.11-specific scalacheck version.
2015-10-02  Mike BeckerleClasspath changes to build in Eclipse with scala 2.11
2015-10-02  Steve LawrenceUpdate to scala 2.11
2015-09-25  Jessie ChabAdd test to demonstrate that the value of dfdl:fillByte
2015-09-22  Steve LawrenceReduce memory allocations and improve performance
2015-09-09  Steve LawrenceOptimize enumeration value lookup
2015-09-03  Jessie ChabAdd test to demonstrate scala XMLEventReader bug, where...
2015-09-02  Jessie ChabVerify fix for unparsing arrays with occursCountKind...
2015-09-02  Mike BeckerleAdjusted test output for some tests of fixed array...
2015-09-02  Jessie ChabVerify fix for bad diagnostic message
2015-09-01  Mike BeckerleAdded missing gitignore file to daffodil-test so git...
2015-09-01  Mike BeckerleFix broken CLI test.
2015-09-01  Mike BeckerleAdded MStack class which is @specialized for all our...
2015-08-26  Steve LawrenceReplace mutable.Stack with mutable.ArrayStack
2015-08-24  Steve LawrenceFix minor issues with debugger data dumps
2015-08-14  Steve LawrenceReplace NS thread cache with UniquenessCache from scala
2015-08-12  Steve LawrenceInclude passera info in license configuration
2015-08-12  Steve LawrenceSupport unparsing hexBinary
2015-08-11  Steve LawrenceRemove scalatest as a dependency
2015-08-07  Mike BeckerleRemoved dependency on the ICU CharsetICU and related...
2015-08-03  Mike BeckerleRemoved stateful singletons for LongConverters. These...
2015-07-29  Jessie ChabModify test suites to use Runner object instead of...
2015-07-28  Mike BeckerleAdded ability to specify validateTDMLFile, validateDFDL...
2015-07-28  Jessie ChabVerify fix for escaping block end character during...
2015-07-28  Mike BeckerleEnabled parallel test execution, logBuffered=true to...
2015-07-27  Mike BeckerleVerified that the @AfterClass, even if put in the objec...
2015-07-27  Jessie ChabRemoved bug reference after verifying fix
2015-07-24  Mike BeckerleRevert timeout of test to default 30 seconds. Bamboo...
2015-07-24  Mike BeckerleThis bug is fixed. Test now passes.
2015-07-24  Mike BeckerleNew DataInputStream layer
2015-07-23  Mike BeckerleMoved passera-unsigned into daffodil-lib.
2015-07-23  Mike BeckerleEclipse projects - Remove excess "src" folders from...
2015-07-21  Steve LawrenceEnsure ElementRef always uses the ElementRuntimeData...
2015-07-21  Jessie ChabAdd tests to verify that PUA infoset characters
2015-07-16  Jessie ChabAdd tests to verify that scalar non-defaultable nillable
2015-07-06  Jessie ChabVerify unit tests and move from scala-new to scala
2015-07-03  Beth FinneganAdding tests for unparse with textNumberPattern
2015-07-02  Beth FinneganUpdating CLI listing test to include added test
2015-07-02  Beth FinneganAdding test to check encoding in error messages
2015-07-01  Jessie ChabMoving dev-created tests from scala-new to scala,
2015-06-30  Beth FinneganAdding tests for ignoring assertions and discriminators...
2015-06-30  Steve LawrenceFix issues with determining identifying branches
2015-06-30  Steve LawrenceComment out test until it can be fixed
2015-06-30  Steve LawrenceSupport end events for determine unparse choice branches
2015-06-25  Beth FinneganMoving working unparse choice test to scala
2015-06-25  Jessie ChabFix unparse padding test based on recent changes to...
2015-06-24  Beth FinneganMoving working unparse test to scala
2015-06-24  Jessie ChabAdd test to demonstrate that errors occurring in the...
2015-06-24  Beth FinneganUncommenting test for trace mode in CLI unparsing
2015-06-24  Jessie ChabAdd test to demonstrate poor diagnostic message
2015-06-24  Steve LawrenceDisable asserts and discriminators during unparse
2015-06-23  Beth FinneganAdding test for InitiatedContent unparser not implemented
2015-06-22  Steve LawrenceFix tests to specifcy that the functions throw a generi...
2015-06-22  Steve LawrenceUpdate java/scala docs
2015-06-19  Beth FinneganUpdating expected output and moving tests to scala
2015-06-19  Beth FinneganAdding tests for unparse with textNumberPattern
2015-06-17  Beth FinneganCommenting out failing CLI test
2015-06-16  Mike BeckerleCLI tests now run under eclipse.
2015-06-16  Mike BeckerleTrace and Interactive Debug for Unparsing.
2015-06-16  Mike BeckerleAdd tests of decoder that detect Java 7 decoder bug...
2015-06-12  Beth FinneganAdding test for unparsing with escape chars
2015-06-11  Beth FinneganMoving working encoding test from new to scala
2015-06-11  Steve LawrenceRemap PUA characters to original parsed data
2015-06-11  Steve LawrenceRemove AltComp for scalarNonDefaultableSimpleContent
2015-06-10  Beth FinneganAdding test for inputValueCalc on a choice branch
2015-06-10  Beth FinneganUpdating tests for optional choice branch
2015-06-10  Steve LawrenceAdd support for unparsing text numbers
2015-06-05  Beth FinneganAdding CLI tests for invalid schema path
2015-06-02  Mike BeckerleSDE now occurs when branch of a choice is optional.
2015-06-02  Beth FinneganMerge branch '1.1.0' into 1.2.0
2015-06-02  Beth FinneganFix line endings with dos2unix v1.1.0
2015-06-02  Beth FinneganAdding tests for StatementElementUnparser
2015-06-01  Steve LawrenceRelax restrictions on unbounded rep unparser
2015-05-30  Jessie ChabMerge branch '1.1.0' into 1.2.0
2015-05-30  Jessie ChabFix up tests that were using an optional choice branch...
2015-05-29  Beth FinneganMerge branch '1.1.0' into 1.2.0
2015-05-29  Beth FinneganMoving working test and adding tests for StatementEleme...
2015-05-29  Taylor WiseDetects if a delimiter is an escChar, if so escapes...
2015-05-28  Beth FinneganMerge branch '1.1.0' into 1.2.0
2015-05-28  Beth FinneganAdding Mike's test for infoset events with unparse
2015-05-28  Jessie ChabMerge branch '1.1.0' into 1.2.0
2015-05-28  Jessie ChabAdd test to demonstrate issue where second choice branch
2015-05-28  Jessie ChabChange line endings to Unix-style
2015-05-27  Beth FinneganMerge branch '1.1.0' into 1.2.0
2015-05-27  Beth FinneganAdding automated performance tests for unparsing with CLI
2015-05-25  Jessie ChabMerge branch '1.1.0' into 1.2.0
2015-05-25  Jessie ChabAdd unparsing tests for delimiter properties,
2015-05-25  Jessie ChabMerge branch '1.1.0' into 1.2.0
2015-05-25  Jessie ChabConvert Windows-style line endings to Unix
2015-05-25  Jessie ChabAdd test to demonstrate that a nilValue of %WSP*; is not
2015-05-22  Beth FinneganMerge branch '1.1.0' into 1.2.0
2015-05-22  Beth FinneganAdding test for CLI parsing with large infoset