2016-08-01  Steve LawrenceAdd missing copyrights
2016-07-28  Steve LawrenceModify PCAP schema to unparse more correctly
2016-07-26  Mike BeckerleAdded infoset DIElement members for valueLength state.
2016-07-26  David ThompsonUpdated for tests section23/dfdl_expressions/TestDFDLEx...
2016-07-25  Beth FinneganAdding tests for unparsers for binary numbers with...
2016-07-22  Steve LawrenceDo not abort when dumping utf-16/32 data
2016-07-21  Steve LawrenceAdd tunable to control how unqualified path steps are...
2016-07-20  Steve LawrenceFix how dfdl:inputValueCalc elements are used in determ...
2016-07-20  David ThompsonMoved TestSequenceGroupUnparse from scala-new to scala.
2016-07-20  David ThompsonMoved test(s) from TestNillableNew.scala to TestNillabl...
2016-07-19  Steve LawrenceRemove MaxPermSize option in daffodil CLI script
2016-07-19  Steve LawrenceImprove unexpected event error messages
2016-07-18  Steve LawrenceThrow an exception rather than an SDE when the Java...
2016-07-18  Steve LawrenceImplement error message when a sibling element is found...
2016-07-18  Steve LawrenceAdd support for daf:parseUnparsePolicy
2016-07-08  Steve LawrenceAdd Scala and Java APIs for unparsing
2016-07-08  David ThompsonAfter verifying moved tests fillByte_01 - fillByte_06...
2016-07-05  David ThompsonMoved test AG000 - AG001 from daffodil-test-ibm1/src...
2016-07-01  Steve LawrenceFix unparsing complex elements in hidden groups
2016-07-01  Steve LawrenceWrite infosets with namespaces that the unparser expects
2016-06-30  Steve LawrencePreserve relative and absolute bit positions when conve...
2016-06-30  Steve LawrenceChange fillByte to an Evaluatable
2016-06-29  Mike BeckerleFixes for eclipse user setup.
2016-06-28  Steve LawrenceSupport roundtrip in sections 15, 16, 23, & Other
2016-06-28  Steve LawrenceRemove unused debug file that broke the build due to...
2016-06-28  Steve LawrenceSupport roundtrip in sections 13 & 14
2016-06-28  Steve LawrenceSupport roundtrip in sections 8, 10, 11, and 12
2016-06-27  Steve LawrenceSupport roundtripping for sections 6 & 7
2016-06-27  Steve LawrenceSupport round tripping for sections 2-5
2016-06-27  Steve LawrenceSupport unparsing choices inside hidden groups
2016-06-16  Steve LawrenceSet the current infoset node in the StatementElementUnp...
2016-06-15  Steve LawrenceEnsure encodings are correct
2016-06-14  Steve LawrenceFix CLI test regressions
2016-06-14  Mike BeckerleProgress toward dfdl:outputValueCalc and dfdl:contentLe...
2016-06-02  Mike BeckerleFixed compiler warning causing automated tests to fail.
2016-06-02  Mike BeckerleSimplified pretty printer so it does nothing to simple...
2016-05-30  Beth FinneganAdding example file for unparsing csv
2016-05-17  Steve LawrenceImprove USASCII 7-bit encoder and support unparsing
2016-05-16  Mike BeckerleMade test_timeZoneFormats7 be roundTrip="false"
2016-05-16  Mike BeckerleAdded LittleEndian Least and MostSignificantBitFirst.
2016-05-16  Mike BeckerleDataOutputStream putLong implementation and unit tests
2016-05-11  Steve LawrenceCleanup leaked threads
2016-05-09  Steve LawrenceImprove performance of Evaluatables
2016-05-04  Mike BeckerlePut back encoder and decoder cache on the PState/UState.
2016-05-04  Steve LawrenceEnsure all marks are discarded, even if exceptions...
2016-05-03  Mike BeckerleEstablish the asymetry between DataInputStream and...
2016-05-03  Taylor WiseThe test for DFDL-930 passes already. This contains
2016-05-03  Steve LawrenceRefactor delimiter scanning to improve performance
2016-05-03  Steve LawrenceChange Field DFA to use Evaluatables
2016-05-03  Steve LawrenceUse Evaluatables for escape scheme and related properties
2016-05-03  Steve LawrenceUpdate sbt to use scala 2.11.8
2016-04-28  Beth FinneganMoving extraEscapeCharacter tests from new to scala
2016-04-15  Taylor WiseFixes issue where unparser tests that
2016-04-15  Taylor WiseThis feature was already implemented.
2016-04-12  Beth FinneganAdding test for replacing delimiters with Evaluatables
2016-04-11  Taylor WiseImplements entities for nilValue LiteralCharacter.
2016-04-08  Steve LawrenceUse Evaluatables for delimiters
2016-04-06  Beth FinneganAdding tests for calendarLanguage at runtime.
2016-03-18  Mike BeckerleEvs are obtained by runtimeDependencies lists that...
2016-03-17  Mike BeckerleOutputNewLine converted to "Ev" idiom.
2016-03-17  Mike BeckerleAdded Evaluatable[T], EvalCache, and DISequence, DIChoice.
2016-02-16  Mike BeckerleFix to remove TypeConversions object. v1.2.0-alpha.1
2016-02-09  Mike BeckerleRename tutorial tdml to have ".xml" extension.
2016-02-05  Mike BeckerleFixed tests in tutorials so they actually run.
2016-02-05  Mike BeckerleAdded support for X-DFDL-US-ASCII-7-BIT-PACKED name.
2016-01-26  Mike BeckerleFixed macro to remove need for redundant self argument.
2016-01-25  Mike BeckerleFirst tests of outputValueCalc with real forward refere...
2016-01-20  Mike BeckerleRemoved all methods from Maybe[T] that pass functions.
2016-01-14  Mike BeckerleXML Schema for TDML modified to accept tdml:tutorial...
2016-01-14  Mike BeckerleRevised VariableMap to be more abstract.
2016-01-14  Mike BeckerleAdded NonAllocatingMap class.
2016-01-14  Steve LawrenceRemove mandatory marking in StatementElementCombinator
2016-01-14  Steve LawrenceReduce allocations of complex state
2016-01-14  Steve LawrenceReduce tuple and function allocations
2016-01-05  Steve LawrenceRe-enable asserts removed in 7df3b8e1
2016-01-04  Taylor WiseCorrects getFieldDFA methods to remove tuple allocation...
2016-01-04  Steve LawrenceMemory allocation removals
2016-01-04  Steve LawrenceRefactor binary number parsers
2015-12-22  Mike BeckerleLineCounter excludes a couple more giant TDML files.
2015-12-22  Mike BeckerleUpdate LineCounter to include more things, exclude...
2015-12-21  Mike BeckerleImprovements per review.
2015-12-18  Mike BeckerleRenaming and file removals per review.
2015-12-18  Mike BeckerleRemove target directory of cli from version control.
2015-12-18  Mike BeckerleIntroduced Cursor, XMLEventCursor
2015-12-16  Jessie ChabAdd more hexBinary unparsing tests, and set existing...
2015-12-03  Beth FinneganAdding stylesheet for DFDL tutorial
2015-11-23  Mike BeckerleFixed error message w.r.t. fillbyte value.
2015-10-30  Mike BeckerleRemoved spurious class
2015-10-29  Mike Beckerleadded convenient 1MByte CSV test file
2015-10-29  Mike BeckerleEliminated DFAStatus structure.
2015-10-21  Mike BeckerleAdded more 'final' keywords to enable inlining.
2015-10-20  Mike BeckerleRemoved nopub from macroLib.
2015-10-19  Steve LawrenceFix deprecation warnings in sbt configuration
2015-10-08  Mike BeckerleFix broken test. I removed the ability to setLoggingOff...
2015-10-07  Mike BeckerleCreated macro-lib project/module, and converted Assert...
2015-10-06  Mike BeckerleRefactored OnStack so we have LocalStack which avoids...
2015-10-06  Mike Beckerlescala 2.11-specific scalacheck version.
2015-10-06  Mike Beckerlescala 2.11-specific scalacheck version.
2015-10-02  Mike BeckerleClasspath changes to build in Eclipse with scala 2.11
2015-10-02  Steve LawrenceUpdate to scala 2.11