2020-04-09  Steve LawrenceAdd LICENSE/NOTICE files to be included in jars v2.6.0 v2.6.0-rc2
2020-04-09  Steve LawrenceRequire grouping and decimal separators for non-integer...
2020-04-08  Steve LawrenceRemove SHA256 hash, SHA512 is sufficient
2020-04-08  Steve LawrenceAdd license header to .gitignore
2020-04-08  olabusayoTAdded licenses
2020-04-08  Steve LawrenceDefine sbt options required by the project
2020-04-08  Steve LawrenceInclude the DISCLAIMER in jars
2020-04-06  Steve LawrenceDisable Coursier for library management v2.6.0-rc1
2020-04-06  olabusayoTUpdate gpg-agent timeout
2020-04-06  Michael BeckerleUpgrades sbt to 1.3.9, scala to 2.12.11, genjavadoc...
2020-04-06  olabusayoTUpdate Container
2020-04-03  olabusayoTPrepare for 2.6.0 release
2020-04-02  olabusayoTAdds signing keys for release
2020-04-02  Michael BeckerleFix TDML runner losing external var assignments in...
2020-04-01  Michael BeckerleChange API to have functional behavior.
2020-04-01  Steve LawrenceUse reference equality for dsom shared keys
2020-03-30  Kurt Baumann... DAFFODIL-2293
2020-03-27  Steve LawrenceSDE if the model group of group definition is a dfdl...
2020-03-26  Steve LawrenceSwitch completely to GitHub actions for CI
2020-03-26  Steve LawrenceSupport empty choice branches with direct dispatch
2020-03-26  olabusayoTRemove unused term methods
2020-03-25  olabusayoTRefactor isHidden
2020-03-25  Steve LawrenceFix performance regression related to alignment
2020-03-24  Steve LawrenceOnly run the SonarCloud action when triggered in the...
2020-03-24  Steve LawrenceUpdate github actions/checkout to use v2.0.0
2020-03-20  Steve LawrenceAdd a special unparser for empty choice branches
2020-03-20  Steve LawrenceEmbed a signature into release RPMs
2020-03-19  Michael BeckerleChanges to remove backpointers, cleanup factory cruft.
2020-03-09  Steve LawrenceFix deep stack sizes when serializing some schemas
2020-03-05  olabusayoTFixes typo in project key
2020-03-03  Steve LawrenceOptimize nil combinator parsers
2020-03-03  Steve LawrenceFix non-thread safe code in checking for local delimiters
2020-03-02  Gezapeti CsehDAFFODIL-2288 bump jackson version to 2.10.2
2020-02-28  Michael Beckerleupdated dependency to 2.9.8 for jackson-core.
2020-02-27  olabusayoTConfigure Sonarcloud.io
2020-02-18  Michael BeckerleIntroduce sharing into schema compiler to improve speed...
2020-02-12  Steve LawrenceDo not convert data values in postProcess after evaluat...
2020-02-05  Michael BeckerleAdded test for poor-diagnostic bug with SSP="never".
2020-02-05  olabusayoTFixes bugs, vulnerabilities and securityhotspots
2020-02-03  Steve LawrenceAdd new TimeTracker for more advanced performance analysis
2020-01-28  olabusayoTFixes format string
2020-01-28  Steve LawrenceAssortment of changes to improve performance
2020-01-22  Steve LawrenceAdd support for textStandardBase
2020-01-14  Steve LawrencePrepare for 2.6.0 development
2020-01-13  Steve LawrenceRefactor text numbers and related primitives/parsers
2020-01-03  Steve LawrenceFix unparsing nested arrays when separatorSuppressionPo... v2.5.0 v2.5.0-rc2
2020-01-03  Steve LawrenceUpdate copyright year to 2020
2020-01-02  Steve LawrenceAdd more automation to release candidate container
2020-01-02  Josh AdamsFixed incorrect separator suppression with ock=expression
2019-12-30  Josh AdamsFixed issue unparsing optional unordered elements
2019-12-26  Michael BeckerleFix choice bug DAFFODIL-2259
2019-12-23  Steve LawrencePrepare for 2.5.0 release v2.5.0-rc1
2019-12-23  Steve LawrenceSwitch to scala-xml EncodingHeuristics to determine...
2019-12-19  Brandon SloanePurge scala.math.{BigInt BigDecimal}
2019-12-19  Brandon SloaneRefactor type calculator to take advantage of DataValue...
2019-12-18  Brandon SloaneAdd typesafty to our handling of infoset data values.
2019-12-16  Steve LawrenceUse a container for building release candidates
2019-12-16  Michael BeckerleChanges to eliminate need for ERD/TRD at Expression...
2019-12-13  Steve LawrenceRemove GitHub Actions linux dependency step
2019-12-11  Michael BeckerleRemoved DaffodilTunables object from the Infoset entirely.
2019-12-09  Josh AdamsSwitch to file output stream for large data
2019-12-06  Michael BeckerleAdded TakTimer to Timer.scala
2019-12-02  Michael BeckerleAdded test to tutorials module that runs a TDML test...
2019-12-02  Michael BeckerleCode improvements to restrict scoped property lookup...
2019-11-22  Michael BeckerleMany changes to algorithm for how streaming unparser...
2019-11-22  olabusayoTAdds serializability checks for UDFs
2019-11-18  Michael BeckerleCleanup: create runtime1 package and mixins for Term...
2019-11-11  Steve LawrenceRemove the 2GB limit when unparsing BLOBs
2019-11-08  Michael BeckerleFix eclipse classpaths. Insure generated correctly...
2019-11-08  Michael BeckerleFix incorrect comment about queue depth. Whitespace...
2019-11-08  Michael BeckerleTypo fixes and whitespace standardization.
2019-11-08  Michael BeckerleRename Siblings to UnparserInfo. Prior name was misleading.
2019-11-08  Michael BeckerleDelete ChoOrd dead code file.
2019-11-08  Michael BeckerleAdded clarifying comments about ResolvesProperties...
2019-11-08  olabusayoTFixes javadoc error of UDFProvider
2019-11-07  Michael BeckerleImproved tutorials content.
2019-11-07  olabusayoTAdds 2 arg constructor for TDML Runner
2019-11-07  Michael BeckerleSetup so tutorials are deployed to daffodil-site.
2019-11-06  Josh AdamsRemove heap sized limit for parsing
2019-11-05  Steve LawrenceSpecify the appropriate shell for installing GitHub...
2019-11-01  olabusayoTAdd User Defined Functions feature
2019-10-21  Michael BeckerleAdd tests for recent bugs found. Improve a trailingEmpt...
2019-10-17  Steve LawrenceRemove continue-on-error from github actions
2019-10-15  Josh AdamsUpdated Unordered Sequence code to better support vCard
2019-10-11  Michael BeckerleAdded AlignedMixin tweak to allow enabling the test.
2019-10-11  Michael BeckerleAdded smaller test to reproduce vCard failure.
2019-10-03  olabusayoTFixes and tests twoPass Mac LE bug
2019-10-03  Josh AdamsEnabled tests that were blocked by UO seqs
2019-10-02  Josh AdamsImplemented unordered sequences
2019-09-27  Michael BeckerleAdded tests that illustrate nested choice technique.
2019-09-27  dchitlangiaDAFFODIL-2200. xs:import problems with xsd files provid...
2019-09-23  Michael BeckerleImprove diagnostic with more hex output.
2019-09-09  Michael BeckerleAllow globals with no referringComponents
2019-09-05  Steve LawrenceAdd blob support
2019-08-27  Steve LawrenceAdd Github Actions continuous integration configuration
2019-08-09  Michael BeckerleAdd more obscure charsets needed for some mil formats.
2019-07-16  Olabusayo KiloUpdates code for clarity
2019-07-16  Olabusayo KiloAdds support for non-spacing and combining chars
2019-07-16  Michael BeckerleIncremental progress on schema compilation space/speed...
2019-07-15  Steve LawrenceBump to 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT for development