2022-04-12  Eyal AllweilMerge pull request #20 from apache/dependabot/bundler... master
2022-04-12  dependabot... Bump nokogiri from 1.13.2 to 1.13.4 in /site dependabot/bundler/site/nokogiri-1.13.4 20/head
2022-03-01  Eyal AllweilMerge pull request #19 from apache/dependabot/bundler...
2022-03-01  dependabot... Bump nokogiri from 1.12.5 to 1.13.2 in /site 19/head
2021-11-18  Eyal AllweilIntroducing datafu-spark blog post
2021-11-06  Eyal AllweilMerge pull request #18 from eyala/codeql
2021-11-02  Eyal AllweilUpdate instructions for preparing releases
2021-10-27  Eyal AllweilFix java compilation in codeql workflow and update... 18/head
2021-10-19  Eyal AllweilPost release site/scaladoc update
2021-10-19  Eyal AllweilCreate codeql-analysis.yml
2021-10-11  Eyal AllweilUpdate website for 1.6.1 release
2021-10-07  Eyal AllweilPrepare for 1.6.1 release 1.6.1
2021-10-07  Eyal AllweilAdd eyal's gpg key for signing releases
2021-10-03  efrotenbergDATAFU-158 Document explodeArray function
2021-01-15  Venkatasubrahmanian... DATAFU-157 Add support for newer versions of Gradle
2020-12-29  Ran YuchtmanDATAFU-154 explode array
2020-04-16  Matthew HayesRemove DISCLAIMER and update copyright dates
2020-03-31  Matthew HayesUpdate website instructions and update for 1.6.0 release
2020-03-31  Matthew HayesPrepare for website update
2020-03-27  oravivDATAFU-153 datafu-spark support for Python 3 1.6.0
2020-03-26  Matthew HayesDATAFU-136 Update release instructions for proper handl...
2020-03-26  Matthew HayesUpdate changes for 1.6.0
2020-02-06  Matthew HayesEnable logging in Pig tests
2020-01-16  Matthew HayesDATAFU-151 datafu-spark release preparation
2019-10-25  Matthew HayesBump version to 1.6.0
2019-10-25  Matthew HayesFix small typo in spark guide
2019-10-25  Eyal AllweilDATAFU-128 Add documentation for macros (and Spark)
2019-07-17  Ohad Ravivdatafu-spark subproject
2019-06-03  matthew.hayesUpdate Ruby gems for static site generation
2019-06-02  Eyal AllweilMake http dependencies https
2019-01-29  Eyal AllweilBlog post - a look at PayPal's contributions to DataFu
2019-01-08  matthew.hayesWebsite update for 1.5.0 release
2019-01-07  matthew.hayesMerge branch 'DATAFU-130'
2019-01-03  Eyal AllweilDATAFU-130 Add three-way left outer join macro
2019-01-02  matthew.hayesUpdate exclusions when building source release 1.5.0 release-1.5.0-rc0
2019-01-02  matthew.hayesBump version to 1.5.0
2019-01-02  matthew.hayesUpdate
2018-10-11  Eyal AllweilDATAFU-129 - New macro - Dedup
2018-07-19  Matthew HayesDATAFU-100 Deprecate HyperLogLogPlusPlus
2018-07-09  Matthew HayesEnable test.single by disabling tests for buildSrc
2018-07-09  Eyal AllweilDATAFU-127 New macro - samply by keys
2018-07-08  Matthew HayesDATAFU-146 Upgrade to Gradle v4.8.1
2018-07-05  Matthew HayesMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-07-05  Matthew HayesDATAFU-147 Update Ruby gem for site generation
2018-07-04  Matthew HayesDATAFU-132 Make DataFu compile with Java 8
2018-03-23  Matthew HayesUpdate website for 1.4.0 release. Remove more incubato...
2018-03-22  Matthew HayesMerge branch '1.4.0'
2018-03-19  Matthew HayesDATAFU-145 Update release documentation
2018-03-19  Matthew HayesUpdate 1.4.0 14/head release-1.4.0-rc1
2018-03-19  Matthew HayesDATAFU-143 Update build to produce non-incubating artifacts release-1.4.0-rc0
2018-03-19  Matthew HayesBump next version to 1.4.0
2018-03-19  Matthew HayesDATAFU-140 Remove MD5 hash from release task
2018-03-17  Matthew HayesDATAFU-139 Update Apache DataFu website for TLP
2018-03-16  Matthew HayesUpdate with new website URL
2018-02-23  Matthew HayesDATAFU-137 KEYS sigs and hashes must be linked from...
2018-01-30  Matthew HayesUpdate Gemfile source to https
2018-01-30  Matthew HayesUpdate nokogiri to 1.8.2
2018-01-29  Matthew HayesMinor text fix in 1.3.3 blog post
2018-01-29  Matthew HayesMerge branch '1.3.3'
2018-01-29  Matthew HayesUpdate website for 1.3.3 release.
2018-01-18  Matthew HayesDATAFU-135 Remove website from source release 1.3.3 release-1.3.3-rc1
2018-01-18  Matthew HayesUpdate for more 1.3.3 changes
2018-01-18  Matthew HayesDATAFU-133 Remove json dependency.
2018-01-18  Matthew HayesFix minor indentation issues
2018-01-18  Eyal AllweilDATAFU-99 Fix build on Windows
2018-01-18  Matthew HayesDATAFU-134 Add bootstrap to LICENSE file
2018-01-12  Matthew HayesUpdate for 1.3.3 release release-1.3.3-rc0
2018-01-03  Matthew HayesSet proper file extension for MD5 and SHA-512 checksum...
2018-01-02  Matthew HayesFix typo in docs
2018-01-02  Philip (flip... DATAFU-47 UDF for Murmur3, SipHash-2-4 (and other)...
2018-01-02  Philip (flip... DATAFU-50 ContextualEvalFunc should have good lifecycle...
2018-01-02  Eyal AllweilDATAFU-119 New UDF - TupleDiff
2017-11-30  Piyush SharmaDATAFU-118 Edited rootproject's build.gradle to make...
2017-11-28  Eyal AllweilDATAFU-125 Update Gradle version to 3.5.1
2017-11-28  Matthew HayesFloat feather to left, adjust footer text
2017-11-28  Yuval AllweilDATAFU-131 updated required links, logo, and styled...
2017-10-29  Eyal AllweilDATAFU-48 Upgrade Guava to 20.0
2017-09-14  Russell JurneyDATAFU-61 Add TF-IDF Macro to DataFu
2017-09-11  Eyal AllweilDATAFU-126 Fix typo in guide
2017-08-03  Eyal AllweilDATAFU-123 Allow DataFu to include macros
2017-08-03  Matthew HayesBump next version to 1.3.3 since 1.3.2 was already...
2017-08-02  Matthew HayesUpdate website
2017-07-12  Jacob TolarDATAFU-124: Support millisecond duration in SessionCoun...
2017-02-25  Matthew HayesUpdate and CONTRIBUTORS 1.3.2 13/head release-1.3.2-rc0
2017-02-17  Matthew HayesDATAFU-121 Binary artifacts should include LICENSE...
2017-02-13  Matthew HayesMinor refactoring of user.dir usage for test file outpu...
2017-02-13  Piyush SharmaDATAFU-106 Test files should be created in a subfolder...
2016-10-26  eyalaDATAFU-25: AliasableEvalFunc should use getInputSchema
2016-10-12  eyalaDATAFU-122: Fix typo in documentation for Coalesce
2016-08-16  Matthew HayesBlog post update
2016-08-10  Matthew HayesUpdate website source given 1.3.1 release
2016-08-10  Matthew HayesMerge branch '1.3.1'
2016-07-26  Matthew HayesUpdate site footer year range
2016-07-21  Matthew HayesUpdate NOTICE year
2016-07-14  Matthew HayesUpdate contributors 1.3.1 release-1.3.1-rc1
2016-07-14  Matthew HayesUpdate estimation page
2016-07-08  Matthew HayesUpdate for 1.3.1 release
2016-07-08  Matthew HayesUpdate with corrected command to upload...
2016-07-07  Matthew HayesDATAFU-109 Recommend an ASF-related email address for... release-1.3.1-rc0
2016-07-07  Matthew HayesDATAFU-109: Update release instructions so that release...