Merge pull request #288 from apache/cpc_check_pseudo_phase
[datasketches-cpp.git] / .github /
2022-05-05  Jon MalkinMerge branch 'master' into quantiles 271/head
2022-05-04  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #272 from apache/fix_wheels
2022-05-04  Jon Malkinrestore wheel matrix, remove verbosity, condition find_...
2022-05-04  Jon Malkinhave cibuildwheel install cmake>=3.18 before build
2022-05-04  Jon Malkinfix verbosity
2022-05-04  Jon Malkinfix sdist build
2022-05-04  Jon Malkindisble mac/windows and 32bit builds for speed, increase...
2022-05-03  Joncombine a couple branches to address issues with python...
2021-09-07  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #235 from apache/add_sdist_build
2021-09-03  Jon MalkinMerge branch 'pybind_build_dependency' of
2021-08-26  Jon Malkinadd wheel to sdist build since the log complains about...
2021-08-26  Jon Malkingrab dependencies in sdist build
2021-08-26  Jon Malkinadd sdist build to workflow
2021-08-26  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #233 from apache/pypi_prep
2021-08-25  Jon Malkintry slightly different structure 233/head
2021-08-25  Jon Malkinrun wheel creation when creating a release or when...
2021-08-25  Jon Malkinadd missing quotes
2021-08-25  Jon Malkinskip win32 builds
2021-08-25  Jon Malkinuse IDE to get formatting right
2021-08-25  Jon Malkinfollow cibuildwheel docs for building python wheels...
2021-03-16  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #204 from apache/unify_serialization
2021-03-11  AlexanderSaydakovtry lcov 1.15
2021-02-10  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #193 from apache/fix_ci
2021-02-10  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #186 from apache/hll_allocator
2021-02-02  Jon Malkinstop caching credentials in workflows, add pytest in... 186/head
2021-02-02  Jon MalkinMerge branch 'hll_allocator' of
2021-02-02  Jon MalkinMerge branch 'hll_allocator' of
2021-01-29  AlexanderSaydakovMerge branch 'theta_tuple_common_base' of git@github...
2021-01-29  Alexander SaydakovMerge branch 'master' into theta_tuple_common_base
2021-01-29  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #188 from apache/coverage_fix
2021-01-29  Jon Malkintry to get coveralls to have a useful badge 188/head
2020-10-30  Jon MalkinUpdate build_cmake.yml
2020-10-30  Jon MalkinUpdate build_cmake.yml
2020-10-30  Jon MalkinUpdate build_cmake.yml
2020-10-27  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #173 from apache/update_ci
2020-10-26  Jon MalkinUpdate build_cmake.yml 173/head
2020-10-26  Jon MalkinUpdate build_cmake.yml
2020-10-26  Jon MalkinUpdate build_cmake.yml
2020-08-14  AlexanderSaydakovMerge branch 'master' into tuple_sketch
2020-08-12  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #167 from apache/python_description
2020-08-11  Jon MalkinUpdate workflows to skip creating build/, add python... 167/head
2020-06-25  mdhimesMerge pull request #2 from apache/master
2020-06-18  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #159 from apache/workflow_update
2020-06-12  Jon MalkinSmall workflow change 159/head
2020-06-12  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #158 from apache/code_coverage
2020-06-12  Jon Malkindownload lcov for coverage tests 158/head
2020-06-12  Jon Malkinattempt to add code coverage workflow
2020-05-15  mdhimesMerge branch 'python_vector_kll' into master 143/head
2020-05-13  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #141 from apache/python_instructions
2020-05-13  Jon Malkinrewrite python instructions, fix python version baselin...
2020-05-08  Lee RhodesMerge branch 'master' into comment_changes 127/head
2020-04-28  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #114 from apache/cross_lang_compat
2020-04-22  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #112 from apache/windows_fixes
2020-04-22  Jon MalkinMerge branch 'master' of
2020-04-21  Jon MalkinMerge branch 'windows_fixes' of
2020-04-20  Jon Malkinspecify release config for windows
2020-04-18  Jon Malkinanother test of windows CI
2020-04-17  Jon Malkinrevert mingw change
2020-04-17  Jon MalkinEnable MinGW in CI
2020-04-16  Alexander SaydakovMerge branch 'master' into api_and_docs 109/head
2020-04-16  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #107 from apache/catch2_tests
2020-04-15  Jon Malkinuse tox for python tests and merge new kll changes... 107/head
2020-04-15  Jon MalkinMerge branch 'master' of
2020-04-14  Jon Malkinfix ubuntu compiler warnings in python wrapper
2020-04-14  Jon Malkinworkflow: typo fix
2020-04-14  Jon Malkinworkflow: disable windows builds, install python depend...
2020-04-14  Jon Malkinspecify python3 in workflow
2020-04-14  Jon Malkinsyntax fix in workflow file
2020-04-14  Jon Malkintry adding windows to CI matrix, enable python tests...
2020-04-14  Jon Malkinremove cppunit from CI workflow, fix missing include...
2020-04-13  Jon Malkinattempt at a CI build