Merge pull request #288 from apache/cpc_check_pseudo_phase
[datasketches-cpp.git] / cpc /
2022-06-17  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #288 from apache/cpc_check_pseudo_phase master
2022-06-16  AlexanderSaydakovcheck pseudo phase 288/head
2022-05-05  Jon MalkinMerge branch 'master' into quantiles 271/head
2022-03-08  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #264 from apache/kll_forwarding
2022-03-01  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #265 from aseure/fix-python-build
2022-02-28  Anthony Seurefix: add missing <stdexcept> includes 265/head
2021-10-28  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #245 from will-lauer/install
2021-10-19  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #246 from apache/fix_allocation_in_t...
2021-10-13  AlexanderSaydakovfixed conversion 246/head
2021-10-13  AlexanderSaydakovuse default allocator for temporary ostringstream
2021-10-11  Will LauerFixing exports and dependencies to build correct instal...
2021-10-07  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #244 from apache/fix_cpc_union_alloc...
2021-10-06  AlexanderSaydakovuse provided allocator instance 244/head
2021-09-07  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #235 from apache/add_sdist_build
2021-09-07  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #234 from apache/pybind_build_dependency 235/head
2021-09-03  Jon MalkinMerge branch 'pybind_build_dependency' of
2021-08-30  Jon Malkinfix python compile issues on ubuntu+gcc10 docker by...
2021-06-22  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #222 from apache/cpc_max_serialized_size
2021-06-21  AlexanderSaydakovmeaningful constants 222/head
2021-06-16  AlexanderSaydakovfor consistency
2021-06-16  AlexanderSaydakovmoved array of constants out of class
2021-06-16  AlexanderSaydakovCPC max serialized size bytes
2021-04-19  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #209 from apache/cleanup_warnings
2021-04-19  AlexanderSaydakovminor adjustments after review 209/head
2021-04-01  Alexander SaydakovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into clean...
2021-03-29  Alexander Saydakovbetter types to avoid warnings
2021-03-23  AlexanderSaydakovtest with max lgk
2021-03-23  AlexanderSaydakovmore cleanup
2021-03-17  AlexanderSaydakovbetter type
2021-03-17  AlexanderSaydakovbetter types and casts
2021-03-16  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #204 from apache/unify_serialization
2021-03-12  AlexanderSaydakovmore cleanup
2021-03-10  AlexanderSaydakovsimplify and unify serialization and deserialization
2021-03-01  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #202 from apache/readme_update_compi...
2021-03-01  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #203 from apache/gcc_4_8_5_compat
2021-02-27  AlexanderSaydakovcompatibility with gcc 4.8.5 203/head
2021-02-26  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #201 from apache/add_guards
2021-02-26  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #200 from apache/seed_hash_collision
2021-02-19  Jon Malkinensure compute_seed_hash uses a common definition to...
2021-02-17  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #198 from chufucun/cpc_unused
2021-02-17  Fucun ChuFix unused function compile issues 198/head
2021-02-15  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #194 from apache/req_python
2021-02-12  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #195 from apache/allocation_tests
2021-02-12  AlexanderSaydakovtest that allocator default constructor is not called
2021-02-02  Jon MalkinMerge branch 'hll_allocator' of
2021-02-02  Jon MalkinMerge branch 'hll_allocator' of
2021-01-28  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #183 from apache/cpc_allocator
2021-01-25  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #176 from apache/req_sketch
2021-01-19  AlexanderSaydakovsupport allocator instance 183/head
2020-10-26  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #172 from chufucun/const_cast
2020-10-26  fucun chuRemove c-style const casts from cpc directories 172/head
2020-05-15  mdhimesMerge branch 'python_vector_kll' into master 143/head
2020-05-13  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #138 from apache/check_istream_befor...
2020-05-13  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #136 from apache/to_string
2020-05-13  Jon Malkincheck istream status before returning from deserialize 137/head 138/head
2020-05-12  AlexanderSaydakovto_string
2020-05-08  Lee RhodesMerge branch 'master' into comment_changes 127/head
2020-05-04  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #121 from apache/overrun_tests
2020-05-01  AlexanderSaydakovmore tests 121/head
2020-05-01  Jon Malkinfix incorrect memory size calculations causing test...
2020-05-01  AlexanderSaydakovdeserialize overrun tests
2020-04-29  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #118 from apache/sampling_vector_bytes
2020-04-29  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #117 from apache/hll_exceptions
2020-04-29  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #116 from apache/check_buffer_bounds
2020-04-28  Jon MalkinMerge branch 'master' of
2020-04-28  Jon Malkinadd new memory_operations.hpp for bounds checks, modify...
2020-04-28  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #114 from apache/cross_lang_compat
2020-04-23  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #113 from apache/memory_fixes
2020-04-22  Jon Malkinfix memory leak in test code for hll and cpc, fix throw...
2020-04-22  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #112 from apache/windows_fixes
2020-04-22  Jon MalkinMerge branch 'master' of
2020-04-17  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #109 from apache/api_and_docs
2020-04-17  Jon Malkinone more or to ||, cmake changes to help with windows...
2020-04-16  Alexander SaydakovMerge branch 'master' into api_and_docs 109/head
2020-04-16  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #108 from apache/common_cleanup
2020-04-16  Jon Malkinreplace and/or with &&/||, respectively, in a few spots 108/head
2020-04-16  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #107 from apache/catch2_tests
2020-04-16  Jon Malkindefine single DEFAULT_SEED and zero-counting class...
2020-04-16  AlexanderSaydakovindentation fix
2020-04-16  AlexanderSaydakovdoc
2020-04-15  Jon MalkinMerge branch 'master' of
2020-04-14  Jon Malkincleanup cmake interface definitions, fix more compariso...
2020-04-14  Jon Malkinremove cppunit from CI workflow, fix missing include...
2020-04-13  Jon Malkinmigrate hll, theta to catch2 for testing
2020-04-11  Jon Malkinconvert kll and cpc to catch2 tests
2020-04-08  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #105 from apache/evenly_spaced_quantiles
2020-04-06  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #104 from apache/standard_operators
2020-04-06  AlexanderSaydakovthis should not be needed anymore 104/head
2020-03-17  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #99 from apache/vo_weight_check
2020-02-29  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #97 from apache/standard_operators
2020-02-29  AlexanderSaydakovuse standard operators, some other minor cleanup 97/head
2020-02-26  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #96 from apache/moved_implementation
2020-02-25  AlexanderSaydakovcpc union moving update
2020-02-18  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #85 from apache/hll_performance
2020-02-18  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #87 from apache/sampling
2020-02-15  Lee RhodesMerge branch 'master' of
2020-02-12  AlexanderSaydakovHLL union speed improvement
2020-02-07  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #83 from apache/rm_unnecessary_methods
2020-02-06  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #84 from alexandre-p/cpc_missing_include
2020-02-06  Alexandre PonsAdd missing include in CPC compression test 84/head