2020-08-05  Jon MalkinAdd empty build/ directory to repo, ensure it stays...
2020-07-22  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #166 from gaborkaszab/const_cast
2020-07-22  Gabor KaszabIssue-165: Remove c-style const casts from kll/ and... 166/head
2020-07-22  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #164 from apache/py_kll_array_input
2020-07-21  Jon Malkinadd array input to kll sketches in python 164/head
2020-07-07  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #163 from apache/msvc_compatibility
2020-07-06  AlexanderSaydakovsimplify and avoid iterating past the end 163/head
2020-07-02  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #162 from apache/msvc_compatibility
2020-07-01  AlexanderSaydakovbetter way to specify ranges 162/head
2020-06-30  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #161 from mdhimes/master
2020-06-30  Michael Himesvector_of_kll_sketches: fixed 2D updates. Added unit... 161/head
2020-06-25  Michael HimesFixed vector_of_kll_sketches check for number of elemen...
2020-06-25  mdhimesMerge pull request #2 from apache/master
2020-06-18  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #159 from apache/workflow_update
2020-06-12  Jon MalkinSmall workflow change 159/head
2020-06-12  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #158 from apache/code_coverage
2020-06-12  Jon Malkindownload lcov for coverage tests 158/head
2020-06-12  Jon Malkinattempt to add code coverage workflow
2020-06-12  Jon Malkincmake improvements: don't produce empty library artifac...
2020-06-09  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #156 from apache/python_vector_kll
2020-06-08  Jon Malkinsplit out vector_of_kll python class from kll_wrapper... 156/head
2020-06-08  Jon Malkinrename vector_of_kll_{floats,ints}_sketches, add merge...
2020-06-04  Jon Malkinadd merge, collapse, and rename c++ object to vector_of...
2020-06-02  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #154 from apache/add_conditional_bac...
2020-06-01  AlexanderSaydakovadded new header 154/head
2020-06-01  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #151 from apache/theta_empty_compact...
2020-06-01  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #153 from apache/issue_152
2020-06-01  AlexanderSaydakovanother attempt at MSVC compatibility 153/head
2020-05-30  AlexanderSaydakovone more attempt at MSVC compatibility
2020-05-30  AlexanderSaydakovMSVC compatibility
2020-05-30  AlexanderSaydakovlambda as rvalue
2020-05-29  AlexanderSaydakovreference member is problematic
2020-05-29  AlexanderSaydakovconditional back inserter
2020-05-29  AlexanderSaydakovfixed ordered a-not-b
2020-05-29  AlexanderSaydakovno hash seed checks for empty compact sketches 151/head
2020-05-28  AlexanderSaydakovdon't check seed hash of empty input sketch
2020-05-28  AlexanderSaydakovno checking of seed hash for empty compact sketches
2020-05-28  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #148 from apache/hash_fix
2020-05-28  Jon Malkinfix critical bug in murmur3 hash for keys > 256 bits 148/head
2020-05-27  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #147 from apache/fi_deleter_fix
2020-05-27  AlexanderSaydakovfixed deleter 147/head
2020-05-26  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #146 from mdhimes/master
2020-05-26  Michael HimesAdded unit tests for Python kll_sketches 146/head
2020-05-26  mdhimesMerge pull request #1 from apache/python_vector_kll
2020-05-26  Jon Malkinhandle single values and arrays
2020-05-22  Jon Malkindo bounds checks, then allow unchecked access. add...
2020-05-22  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #145 from apache/Readme
2020-05-22  Lee RhodesFix typo. 145/head
2020-05-21  Jon Malkinremove somne commented-out lines
2020-05-21  Lee Rhodesupdate Readme
2020-05-21  Jon Malkinrewrite numpy version of kll sketch to use c++ class...
2020-05-19  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #144 from apache/varopt_move
2020-05-19  Jon Malkinpull in latest changes to kll from master, initialize...
2020-05-19  Jon Malkinuse the right method in to query skethces in unit tests 144/head
2020-05-19  Jon Malkinpublic items_to_string() uses const_iterator
2020-05-19  Jon Malkinsimplify const_iterator internals a bit, add test asser...
2020-05-18  Jon Malkinvaropt rvalue udpate() for sketch and union
2020-05-16  Jon Malkinadd rvalue updates for varopt sketch and union
2020-05-15  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #143 from mdhimes/master
2020-05-15  mdhimesMerge branch 'python_vector_kll' into master 143/head
2020-05-15  Michael HimesAdded Python documentation for the kll_sketches class...
2020-05-14  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #142 from apache/include_sstream
2020-05-13  AlexanderSaydakovincludes 142/head
2020-05-13  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #141 from apache/python_instructions
2020-05-13  Jon Malkintypo fix 141/head
2020-05-13  Jon Malkinrewrite python instructions, fix python version baselin...
2020-05-13  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #140 from apache/ignore_python_temp_...
2020-05-13  Jon Malkinfix typo 140/head
2020-05-13  Jon Malkinadd output of python build processes to .gitignore
2020-05-13  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #139 from apache/rename_bin_files
2020-05-13  Jon Malkinrename .bin test files to .sk 139/head
2020-05-13  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #138 from apache/check_istream_befor...
2020-05-13  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #136 from apache/to_string
2020-05-13  Jon Malkincheck istream status before returning from deserialize 137/head 138/head
2020-05-13  Jon Malkinadd missing memory include in common_defs.hpp 136/head
2020-05-12  Jon Malkinupdate python wrapper to use to_string with all sketches
2020-05-12  Jon MalkinAdd note in kll about binary-compatibility w/ java...
2020-05-12  Jon Malkinswitch to to_string() for all sketches, removing to_str...
2020-05-12  AlexanderSaydakovto_string
2020-05-12  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #132 from apache/vo_convert_asserts
2020-05-12  Jon Malkintypo fix in comment 132/head
2020-05-12  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #134 from apache/kll_nan_bug
2020-05-12  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #135 from apache/hll_exception_safety
2020-05-12  AlexanderSaydakovfixed leaks due to exceptions in deserialize 135/head
2020-05-11  Jon Malkinkll: check for NaN on update with floating point types 134/head
2020-05-11  Michael HimesDatatype upgrade from 16 to 32bit, error for updates...
2020-05-11  Michael HimesAllow multiple sketches CDF/PMF at once, serialization...
2020-05-11  Jon Malkinconvert asserts to if/throw std::logic_error in varopt
2020-05-11  Michael HimesAdded functionality to update via 2D numpy array
2020-05-11  Michael HimesAdded assert.h library to kll_sketch_impl.hpp for gcc...
2020-05-11  Michael HimesRemoved unused parameter from helper function
2020-05-11  Michael HimesMoved sketches wrapper class to python/src/kll_wrapper.cpp
2020-05-10  Michael HimesPython interface updated to work with Numpy, and new...
2020-05-09  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #130 from apache/vo_exception_safety
2020-05-09  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #128 from apache/kll_asserts
2020-05-09  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #125 from apache/theta_exception_safety
2020-05-09  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #131 from apache/UpdateDisclaimer-wip
2020-05-09  AlexanderSaydakovfixed tests
2020-05-08  Lee RhodesUpdate Disclaimer-wip. 131/head
2020-05-08  AlexanderSaydakovuse test_allocator to check for leaks