2022-05-04  Jon Malkinspecify Python3 rather than Python in MSVC-specific... 272/head
2022-05-04  Jon Malkinrestore wheel matrix, remove verbosity, condition find_...
2022-05-04  Jon Malkintrace-expand cmake logs
2022-05-04  Jon Malkinhave cibuildwheel install cmake>=3.18 before build
2022-05-04  Jon Malkinmore debug messages
2022-05-04  Jon Malkinfix verbosity
2022-05-04  Jon Malkinfix sdist build
2022-05-04  Jon Malkindisble mac/windows and 32bit builds for speed, increase...
2022-05-03  Jon Malkintell pybind to use newer python-finding approach
2022-05-03  Jon Malkintry letting pybind11 find python on its own
2022-05-03  Jon Malkintry backing off to cmake 3.16 for greater compatibility
2022-05-03  Jon Malkinensure pyproject.toml has consistent cmake version
2022-05-03  Jonbump cmake version to specify development.module w...
2022-05-03  Joncombine a couple branches to address issues with python...
2022-05-02  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #269 from apache/serde_instance
2022-04-19  AlexanderSaydakovwrong offset 269/head
2022-03-28  AlexanderSaydakovno class-level serde, support serde instance
2022-03-28  AlexanderSaydakovno class-level serde, support serde instance
2022-03-25  AlexanderSaydakovsupport serde instance
2022-03-25  AlexanderSaydakovunnecessary
2022-03-25  AlexanderSaydakovsupport serde instance
2022-03-25  AlexanderSaydakovbetter for transition
2022-03-24  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #267 from apache/hll-deserialize...
2022-03-24  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #268 from apache/sorted_view_performance
2022-03-23  AlexanderSaydakovdocs
2022-03-23  AlexanderSaydakovsupport serde instance
2022-03-22  AlexanderSaydakovbetter name - not always a pointer 268/head
2022-03-17  AlexanderSaydakovfaster merge
2022-03-14  AlexanderSaydakovserialize-deserialize-serialize tests 267/head
2022-03-12  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #266 from etseidl/patch-1
2022-03-09  etseidlis CouponHashSet deserialization incorrect? 266/head
2022-03-08  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #264 from apache/kll_forwarding
2022-03-07  AlexanderSaydakovadded forwarding 264/head
2022-03-01  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #265 from aseure/fix-python-build
2022-02-28  Anthony Seurefix: add missing <stdexcept> includes 265/head
2022-02-25  AlexanderSaydakovadded necessary include
2022-02-25  AlexanderSaydakovfixed docs
2022-02-23  AlexanderSaydakovreduced code duplication
2022-02-23  AlexanderSaydakovreduced code duplication
2022-02-08  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #259 from apache/quantile_sketch_sor...
2022-02-07  AlexanderSaydakovuse the same type as in the sorted view 259/head
2022-02-05  AlexanderSaydakovreturn a value from get_quantile() for arithmetic types
2022-02-04  AlexanderSaydakovslightly larger margin
2022-02-04  AlexanderSaydakovinclude floating point types, simplify comparator
2022-02-04  AlexanderSaydakovsingular
2022-02-04  AlexanderSaydakovremoved some unnecessary complexity
2022-01-31  AlexanderSaydakovcopy items of integral types instead of using pointers
2022-01-26  AlexanderSaydakovinclude cmath for std::isnan
2022-01-26  AlexanderSaydakovadjusted python wrapper
2022-01-25  AlexanderSaydakovimplicit conversion
2022-01-25  AlexanderSaydakovquantile sketch sorted view
2022-01-13  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #258 from apache/kll_inclusive_rank
2022-01-11  AlexanderSaydakovtest inclusive PMF and CDF 258/head
2022-01-10  AlexanderSaydakovadjusted the python wrapper
2022-01-08  AlexanderSaydakovkll inclusive rank
2022-01-05  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #255 from apache/theta_common_readin...
2022-01-05  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #257 from apache/req_fix
2022-01-05  Jon MalkinAddresses segfault described in issue #256 257/head
2021-12-21  AlexanderSaydakovreuse parser in deserialize from bytes 255/head
2021-12-17  AlexanderSaydakovadded build target before test
2021-12-15  AlexanderSaydakov3.4.0.dev0
2021-12-15  AlexanderSaydakovfixed indentation
2021-12-13  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #254 from apache/test_deserialize_ex...
2021-12-10  AlexanderSaydakovadded missing test 254/head
2021-12-10  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #252 from apache/theta_setops_sync_java
2021-12-09  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #253 from will-lauer/oldSerialization
2021-12-08  Will LauerFixing is_ordered flag for v1 and v2 sketches and updat... 253/head
2021-12-07  AlexanderSaydakovadded union tests 252/head
2021-12-06  AlexanderSaydakovmade empty and single-item sketches ordered, added...
2021-12-01  AlexanderSaydakovported tests from Java, adjusted logic
2021-11-23  Will LauerAdding support for older serialization versions of...
2021-11-04  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #250 from apache/theta_reset
2021-11-02  AlexanderSaydakovsimplified slightly 250/head
2021-11-02  AlexanderSaydakovreset sketch and union
2021-11-01  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #249 from will-lauer/wrapped_theta_u...
2021-11-01  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #248 from will-lauer/install
2021-10-29  Will LauerRestructuring theta so that wrapped compact has standar... 249/head
2021-10-29  Will LauerUpdating documentation and fixing definition of exporte... 248/head
2021-10-28  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #245 from will-lauer/install
2021-10-26  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #247 from apache/tuple_serial_ver3
2021-10-25  Will LauerAdding instructions for including DataSketches as depen... 245/head
2021-10-21  AlexanderSaydakovtuple serial version 3 for compatibility with Java 247/head
2021-10-19  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #246 from apache/fix_allocation_in_t...
2021-10-18  Will LauerA little more cmake cleanup and a readme update.
2021-10-18  Will LauerIncluding missing files in python distribution
2021-10-13  AlexanderSaydakovfixed conversion 246/head
2021-10-13  AlexanderSaydakovuse default allocator for temporary ostringstream
2021-10-11  Will LauerAdding missing files from install
2021-10-11  Will LauerFixing exports and dependencies to build correct instal...
2021-10-09  Will LauerInstalling needed common files
2021-10-07  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #244 from apache/fix_cpc_union_alloc...
2021-10-06  AlexanderSaydakovuse provided allocator instance 244/head
2021-09-30  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #242 from apache/py_fixes
2021-09-29  Jon Malkinreturn unreleased python verison to 3.3.0.dev0 242/head
2021-09-29  Jon MalkinPull in changes to python files and license from 3...
2021-09-28  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #241 from apache/fix_hll_to_string
2021-09-27  AlexanderSaydakovfixed printing uint8_t values 241/head
2021-09-23  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #240 from apache/py_readme_cleanup 3.2.x 3.2.0 3.2.0-rc2
2021-09-23  Jon MalkinMerge branch '3.2.x' into py_readme_cleanup 240/head
2021-09-23  Jon Malkinclean up project metadata and dependencies for python