Remove SNAPSHOT version
[datasketches-memory.git] / datasketches-memory-resources /
2022-05-13  David CrombergeRemove SNAPSHOT version 2.1.X 2.1.0 2.1.0-RC1
2022-05-10  David CrombergeMerge pull request #160 from apache/remove-unsupported...
2022-05-04  David CrombergeRemove java9 module and project assembly
2021-09-15  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #154 from apache/merge-2.0.X
2021-09-15  David CrombergeMerge branch 2.0.X 154/head
2021-08-31  David CrombergeRestore memory dependency in resources module
2021-08-30  Lee RhodesChanges to fix circular jar dependencies.
2021-08-19  David CrombergeRelease Process: Change pom version to 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT.
2021-08-19  David CrombergeRemove SNAPSHOT version 2.0.0-RC1
2021-08-16  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #141 from apache/documentation-updates
2021-08-16  David CrombergeDocumentation updates 141/head
2021-07-19  David CrombergeMerge pull request #134 from apache/remove-matrix-profiles
2021-07-19  David CrombergeMerge pull request #133 from apache/fix-eclipse-warnings
2021-07-19  David CrombergeRemoves profile duplication in the memory-resources... 134/head
2021-07-17  David CrombergeUpdate pom to fix eclipse warnings 133/head
2021-07-16  David CrombergeMerge pull request #132 from apache/fix-build-errors
2021-07-15  Lee RhodesRevert "outputDirectory" changes to two POMs. It didn... 132/head
2021-07-14  Lee RhodesRe-applying @SuppressWarnings("restriction") where...
2021-07-14  David CrombergeUpdate documentation and rename memory-tests