Update Pom files
[datasketches-memory.git] / datasketches-memory /
2022-05-03  Lee RhodesUpdate Pom files Jdk17_Panama_David
2021-12-20  David CrombergeFixes for script compile
2021-12-20  David CrombergeMore permissive range checking on enforcer plugin
2021-12-20  David CrombergeFix enforcer errors for toolchain=17
2021-12-20  David CrombergeUse correct dest name for output files
2021-12-20  David CrombergeRestructure module-info.java files to include as resour...
2021-11-10  David CrombergeMaven scaffolding for Java17 module
2021-09-15  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #154 from apache/merge-2.0.X
2021-09-15  David CrombergeMerge branch 2.0.X 154/head
2021-09-09  David CrombergeSkip git-commit-id maven plugin when no Git
2021-09-01  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #151 from apache/maven-jar-git-prope...
2021-09-01  David CrombergeAdd git properties to output JARs by default 150/head 151/head
2021-08-19  David CrombergeRelease Process: Change pom version to 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT.
2021-08-19  David CrombergeRemove SNAPSHOT version 2.0.0-RC1
2021-08-19  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #147 from apache/dependency-updates
2021-08-19  David CrombergePlugin dependency updates
2021-08-17  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #142 from apache/update-license
2021-08-17  David CrombergeInclude correct LICENSE and NOTICE in assemblies 142/head
2021-07-19  David CrombergeMerge pull request #134 from apache/remove-matrix-profiles
2021-07-19  David CrombergeMerge pull request #133 from apache/fix-eclipse-warnings
2021-07-17  David CrombergeUpdate pom to fix eclipse warnings 133/head
2021-07-16  David CrombergeMerge pull request #132 from apache/fix-build-errors
2021-07-13  Lee RhodesClean up SuppressWarnings of "static-access", "resource...
2021-07-12  David CrombergeRemove java9-tests module
2021-07-12  David CrombergeAddress review comments
2021-07-08  David CrombergeMerge pull request #131 from apache/support-newer-java...
2021-07-05  David CrombergeRemove maven help plugin and align poms 131/head
2021-06-30  David CrombergeInstructions for javadoc command
2021-06-24  David CrombergeUse maven aggregation over inheritance
2021-06-23  David CrombergeSupport maven nexus deployment
2021-06-22  David CrombergeIntroduce transient dependency scope
2021-06-17  David CrombergeUse aggregate test coverage report for coveralls
2021-06-17  David CrombergeAdd support for Java 11
2021-06-17  David CrombergeUse dynamic profiles when testing the assembled JAR
2021-06-17  David CrombergeAdd support for Multi-Release JAR assembly
2021-06-17  David CrombergeAdd java9 module scaffolding
2021-06-16  David CrombergeAdd datasketches-memory module