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2021-11-10  David CrombergeMaven scaffolding for Java17 module
2021-09-15  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #154 from apache/merge-2.0.X
2021-09-15  David CrombergeMerge branch 2.0.X 154/head
2021-09-08  David CrombergeMerge pull request #153 from apache/UpdateDocs
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2021-09-07  David CrombergeUpdate compile script with instructions in README
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2021-09-02  David CrombergeMinor changes to README.md
2021-08-18  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #145 from apache/minor-doc-fixes
2021-08-18  Lee RhodesMinor doc fixes. 145/head
2021-08-16  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #141 from apache/documentation-updates
2021-08-16  David CrombergeDocumentation updates 141/head
2021-08-07  Lee RhodesAdd license headers.
2021-08-02  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #135 from apache/documentation-updates
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2021-07-26  David CrombergeMinor updates to documentation
2021-07-25  Lee RhodesMinor changes to Readme files.
2021-07-16  David CrombergeMerge pull request #132 from apache/fix-build-errors
2021-07-14  David CrombergeUpdate documentation and rename memory-tests
2021-07-13  Lee RhodesFix spelling error.
2021-07-12  David CrombergeRemove java9-tests module
2021-07-12  David CrombergeAddress review comments
2021-07-08  David CrombergeMerge pull request #131 from apache/support-newer-java...
2021-06-17  David CrombergeUpdate IDE documentation
2021-06-17  David CrombergeAdd support for Java 11
2021-06-17  David CrombergeAdd datasketches-memory-tests maven module
2021-06-17  David CrombergeAdd support for Java Platform Module System
2021-06-17  David CrombergeAdd support for Multi-Release JAR assembly
2021-06-17  David CrombergeAdd java9 module scaffolding
2021-06-16  David CrombergeAdd datasketches-memory module
2021-06-14  David CrombergeSplit java8 maven module
2021-06-14  David CrombergeIntroduce maven multi-module configuration
2017-03-27  lrhodesMoved javadocs to web site
2017-03-27  lrhodesRename api to docs