Removed NioBits and NioBitsFields. Plus improving some javadocs and a
[datasketches-memory.git] / tools /
2021-11-10  David CrombergeMaven scaffolding for Java17 module
2021-09-15  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #154 from apache/merge-2.0.X
2021-09-15  David CrombergeMerge branch 2.0.X 154/head
2021-09-08  David CrombergeMerge pull request #153 from apache/UpdateDocs
2021-09-08  David CrombergeUse the same output tmp location as assembly plugin 153/head
2021-09-07  David CrombergeRemove javadoc from custom build script
2021-09-07  David CrombergeUpdate compile script with instructions in README
2021-09-01  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #148 from apache/single-build-script
2021-09-01  David CrombergeRemove additional line endings 148/head
2021-09-01  David CrombergeAdd checks to verify script packaged JAR
2021-09-01  David CrombergeMinor cleanup
2021-09-01  David CrombergeAdd git properties to JAR Manifest.MF
2021-09-01  David CrombergeAdd attribution for version parsing
2021-09-01  David CrombergeRename JavaHome to JDKHome
2021-09-01  David CrombergeRename Version to GitTag
2021-09-01  David CrombergeMove scripts to tools directory
2021-07-16  David CrombergeMerge pull request #132 from apache/fix-build-errors
2021-07-11  David CrombergeFix build errors for multi-module build
2021-07-08  David CrombergeMerge pull request #131 from apache/support-newer-java...
2021-06-14  David CrombergeSplit java8 maven module
2021-06-09  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #130 from apache/AddExceptions
2021-06-09  Lee RhodesMinor fixes to checkstyle
2021-06-07  Lee RhodesMore Exceptions cleanup.
2021-06-07  Lee RhodesInterim, fixed java version check.
2021-03-29  Lee RhodesCleanup comments that reflect differences in JDK 9...
2021-03-02  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #125 from apache/Minor_updates
2021-03-02  Lee RhodesAdd license to MemoryCheckstyle.xml 125/head
2021-03-02  Lee RhodesMinor changes.
2019-12-02  Lee RhodesUpdate Checkstyle config.
2019-11-25  Lee RhodesUpdate LICENSE, checkstyle, package-info
2019-09-20  Lee RhodesUpdate readme and checkstyle
2019-07-04  Lee Rhodesupdate checkstyle, findbugs
2019-07-04  Lee RhodesMore license fixes
2019-07-04  Lee RhodesAdd missing license headers
2019-06-17  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #106 from apache/directoryMoves
2019-06-17  Lee RhodesUpdate FindBugs Exclude Filter in tools/ 106/head
2018-01-18  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #16 from DataSketches/utf8
2018-01-17  lrhodesAdded finals.
2017-05-25  saydakovMerge branch 'master' of
2017-05-08  lrhodesupdate comment in MemoryCheckstyle.xml
2017-03-31  lrhodesAdded Checkstyle & FindBugs in tools.
2017-03-16  lrhodesMoved experimental/memory4 to here.