2021-06-17  David CrombergeAdd support for Java 11
2021-06-17  David CrombergeUse dynamic profiles when testing the assembled JAR
2021-06-17  David CrombergeAdd datasketches-memory-tests maven module
2021-06-17  David CrombergeAdd support for Java Platform Module System
2021-06-17  David CrombergeAdd support for Java 9 and Java 10
2021-06-17  David CrombergeAdd support for Multi-Release JAR assembly
2021-06-17  David CrombergeAdd java9 module scaffolding
2021-06-16  David CrombergeAdd datasketches-memory module
2021-06-14  David CrombergeSplit java8 maven module
2021-06-14  David CrombergeIntroduce maven multi-module configuration
2021-06-11  David CrombergeSet version to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-06-09  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #130 from apache/AddExceptions
2021-06-09  Lee RhodesUpdate javadoc for WritableDirectHandleImpl. 130/head
2021-06-09  Lee RhodesMinor fixes to checkstyle
2021-06-07  Lee RhodesMore Exceptions cleanup.
2021-06-07  Lee RhodesInterim, fixed java version check.
2021-06-05  Lee RhodesInterim Code cleanup around exception handling.
2021-06-03  Lee Rhodesinterim
2021-05-28  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #129 from apache/CreateInternal2
2021-05-25  Lee RhodesSome changes as a result of the PR Review. 129/head
2021-05-18  Lee RhodesRefactoring complete.
2021-05-18  Lee RhodesFinished refactoring Buffer tree, which completes main.
2021-05-17  Lee RhodesInterim commit. Completed refactoring of Memory hierarchy.
2021-05-17  Lee RhodesInterim. Completed refactoring of Memory Hierarch.
2021-05-17  Lee RhodesRefactored BaseState to BaseStateImpl, created interfac...
2021-05-16  Lee RhodesInterim commit. All tests pass.
2021-05-15  Lee RhodesInterim changes
2021-05-14  Lee RhodesInitial rename of ../memory to ../memory/internal
2021-05-12  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #128 from apache/noSplitPackage
2021-05-11  Lee RhodesCorrected methods that were being accessed via reflecti... 128/head
2021-05-11  Lee RhodesConsolidation of all the Reflection boilerplate into...
2021-05-11  Lee RhodesInterim 3, almost done.
2021-05-11  Lee Rhodesinterim commit, not done.
2021-05-07  Lee Rhodesinterim update
2021-05-04  Lee RhodesInitial move of all test classes to memory.test.
2021-04-14  Lee Rhodesinterim - try to fix missing coveralls token
2021-04-14  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #127 from gianm/clear-via-put-bytes
2021-04-14  Gian MerlinoClear memory using putByteArray instead of fill. 127/head
2021-03-29  Lee RhodesCleanup comments that reflect differences in JDK 9...
2021-03-23  Lee RhodesPom update.
2021-03-23  Lee RhodesUpdate GitHub Actions toolchains.
2021-03-22  Lee RhodesFix some problems in POM
2021-03-22  Lee RhodesTrying to eliminate plugin not found warnings.
2021-03-22  Lee RhodesUpdate POM.xml
2021-03-10  Lee Rhodesspelling error
2021-03-04  Lee RhodesMatch it close to java pom.xml
2021-03-03  David CrombergeMerge pull request #126 from apache/Move_to_GitHubActions
2021-03-03  Lee RhodesMerge branch 'master' into Move_to_GitHubActions 126/head
2021-03-03  Lee RhodesMove from travis-ci to GitHub Actions
2021-03-02  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #125 from apache/Minor_updates
2021-03-02  Lee RhodesAdd license to MemoryCheckstyle.xml 125/head
2021-03-02  Lee RhodesMinor changes.
2021-01-23  Lee RhodesUpdate Readme
2021-01-22  Lee RhodesUpdate Readme
2021-01-15  Lee RhodesRelease Process: Change pom.xml version to 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT.
2021-01-14  Lee RhodesUpdate pom to fix issue with plexus-compiler-javac...
2021-01-13  Lee RhodesUpdate gitignore
2021-01-08  Lee RhodesRemove incubat*
2021-01-06  Lee Rhodesminor changes for TLP
2021-01-06  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #124 from apache/Move_to_TLP
2021-01-06  Lee Rhodesupdate .asf.yaml, NOTICE, pom.xml, remove DISCLAIMER-WIP 124/head
2020-12-24  Lee Rhodestiny updates to POM.
2020-12-01  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #123 from apache/GetCapacityDirect
2020-12-01  Lee RhodesExtended the PR by Jihoonson to other places that could... 123/head
2020-12-01  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #122 from jihoonson/skip-get-capacity
2020-11-25  Jihoon Sonadd some comments 122/head
2020-11-25  Jihoon SonDon't call getCapacity() when asserting read and write
2020-10-23  Lee RhodesFix GitHub homepage reference.
2020-10-02  Lee Rhodesfix typo.
2020-07-16  Lee RhodesRemove sudo: false from .travis.yml it is obsolete.
2020-05-21  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #120 from apache/Readme
2020-05-21  Lee RhodesUpdate Readme 120/head
2020-05-09  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #119 from apache/UpdateNotice
2020-05-08  Lee RhodesUpdate NOTICE 119/head
2020-04-25  Lee Rhodesadd SuppressWarnings
2020-02-16  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #118 from apache/UpdateReadme
2020-02-15  Lee Rhodescorrect sentence 118/head
2020-02-15  Lee RhodesUpdate Readme
2020-01-14  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #117 from apache/misc
2020-01-14  Lee RhodesChanging to datasketches.apache... 117/head
2019-12-02  Lee RhodesUpdate Checkstyle config.
2019-11-25  Lee RhodesUpdate LICENSE, checkstyle, package-info
2019-11-12  Lee RhodesUpdate POM to version 1.3.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT
2019-10-19  Lee RhodesUpdate travis.yml
2019-10-18  Lee Rhodesmove to openjdk8
2019-10-17  Lee RhodesRemove JDK check.
2019-10-17  Lee Rhodesupdate license
2019-10-11  Lee RhodesRemove reference
2019-10-09  Lee Rhodesupdate Notice, pom
2019-09-28  Lee RhodesUpdate License, Notice files
2019-09-23  Lee RhodesUpdate Travis.yml and README
2019-09-20  Lee RhodesUpdate readme and checkstyle
2019-09-17  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #115 from apache/Resources
2019-09-16  Lee RhodesFix getResources in the case of file paths with spaces. 115/head
2019-09-04  Lee RhodesUpdate LICENSE, pom
2019-08-29  Lee RhodesPOM updates
2019-08-29  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #114 from apache/SupWarnJavadoc
2019-08-29  Lee Rhodesclarified slf4j simple version 114/head
2019-08-28  Lee RhodesLicense update
2019-08-27  Lee RhodesFix javadoc links to normally hidden Java classes.